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Vehicles are machines, so they require maintenance to keep them up and running smoothly for a long time. In addition to servicing their two-wheeler at regular intervals, riders must also make it a practice to check the health of their bike tyres from time to time. Not only is bike tyre maintenance an important element for extending the life of your vehicle, but not doing so can also lead to accidents.

Several riders have been neglecting their bike tyre care and got involved in accidents causing severe injuries. That is why every rider needs to be aware of the basics of motorcycle tyres, such as what is the life of a bike tyre and what are some of the best ways to maintain bike tyres. In addition to this, bike riders must also invest in comprehensive two-wheeler insurance to take care of themselves and their vehicle on the road.

Let’s explore some bike tyre maintenance tips that will help extend the life of two-wheeler tyres.

Tips to Take Care of Your Bike Tyres

Making the right efforts to maximise the bike tyre life will also minimise your vehicle-related troubles. Here are some basic guidelines recommended to improve your bike tyre mileage and ensure they stay in their optimal health for long:

  • Maintain the Right Tyre Pressure

The first indicator of the ill health of your tyres is low tyre pressure. If you experience a soft and “sponge-like” feel while riding your bike at low speeds, it is likely that the pressure in the tyres is low. As the pressure starts to lessen, the tyre starts to flatten. Riding on low-pressure tyres can cause punctures.

As an important side note, the recommended tyre pressure differs from bike to bike. Less than the recommended tyre pressure can deflate the tyre wearing out its sides, whereas too much pressure can be harmful. So, riders must take a look at their bike manual to know what is the optimal pressure for the tyres to enhance the performance of their bikes.

  • Regularly Clean Your Bike’s Tyres

It is a common sight (particularly in the monsoons) to see two-wheelers skid on the roads. This is because muddy tyres tend to skid faster. When the rider loses control of their two-wheeler, they can end up in a serious accident. To prevent this, it is important to regularly clean your tyres and not wait for the next scheduled servicing appointment. Regular tyre cleaning is indispensable for riders who frequent muddy terrains and undertake long journeys.

Additionally, riders can enhance their protection on the road by investing in comprehensive insurance for two-wheelers. Two-wheeler insurance takes care of the damages to the third party as well as the owner’s vehicle and person in the event of an unfortunate accident.

  • Be Prompt with Repairs and Replacements

Efficient bike tyre care means never neglecting any problems with your bike’s tyres. Unfortunately, bike tyres are highly susceptible to punctures, leakages, and blowouts. If this happens, riders must promptly get the tyres fixed in a garage. If the garage is far, consider towing your bike by raising a claim against your insurance for a two-wheeler with roadside assistance cover.

Additionally, riders must know the life of a bike tyre and replace the tyre once this time is up. This is because the regular wear and tear borne by the bike tyres lead to tyres losing their grip, which can be highly dangerous for riders. Generally, the average life of bike tyres in km is as follows:

  • SuperSport: 5,000 – 12,000kms
  • Sport/Naked: 10,000 – 18,000kms
  • Sport Touring: 15,000 – 25,000kms
  • Cruiser: 22,500 – 30,000kms
  • Commuter: 30,000 – 40,000kms.

You can refer to the above guide to determine the bike tyre mileage and undertake timely replacements. However, in addition to the category your bike belongs to, the average life of bike tyres in km is greatly influenced by two important factors — riding style and the compound from which the tyres have been made.

Bike Tyre Care Tips

  • Invest in the Right Tyres

Bike enthusiasts are often inclined to modify their bikes with fancy tyres. However, doing so can impair the performance of your bike. It is, therefore, advised to be mindful of the modifications to the two-wheeler.

Besides, modifying your bike would also mean paying a higher premium on your two-wheeler insurance. And so, before modifying their bike, riders can use the free bike insurance calculator by Tata AIG to check the premium payable. The best thing, however, would be to use the tyres that are most suited for your bike.

  • Ensure Tyre Alignment

When you continue to ride on roads that are afflicted with too many potholes, speed bumps, and tarmac, you can mess with the alignment of your bike’s tyres. If your bike tyres or rims are not aligned, they can negatively influence your bike’s suspension. Undertake timely checks to ensure your tyres are aligned parallel to one another and perpendicular to the ground.

  • Invest in Comprehensive Insurance for Two-Wheeler

Comprehensive two-wheeler insurance is essential for riders wishing to secure their bike and themselves from damage and danger on roads. Not only does bike insurance secure the rider, but it also secures your bike against damages. However, it is important to check the inclusions and exclusions in your bike insurance policy to avoid unpleasant surprises when raising a claim. For instance, most insurance providers don’t offer compensation for tyre replacement unless the policyholder has opted for a specific rider for the same.

The Bottom Line

To extend the life of two-wheeler tyres, bike owners need to make dedicated efforts. Maintaining your two-wheeler is the best way to add some more years to your bike tyre life. Ensuring timely repairs, servicing, and knowing the basics of tyres, such as the average life of bike tyres in km, can help you effectively look after the health of your tyres. And for the other bike requirements, you can always rely on your comprehensive two-wheeler insurance.

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