Tips For Choosing The Right Pair of Motorcycle Boots

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Riding a motorcycle requires a great deal of skill, balance, and control. Since the rider is not secured by any enclosure, accidents can be fatal for them. Even in a less severe accident, most riders injure their foot, primarily the ankle and the toes. Therefore, having the best motorcycle riding shoes becomes a necessity.

Apart from that, it’s recommended to opt for a two-wheeler insurance policy that secures not only your life but also your motorcycle. As you buy an insurance policy for bikes, it will not only provide you financial assistance against the risks of theft or damage to your motorcycle but also covers your hospital expenditures and medical bills if you meet with an accident in the future.

When you ride a bike, your feet are at major risk as you have to place them next to the engine, which may lead to a substantial threat to your legs. Hence, it’s imperative to opt for a sturdy pair of riding boots that can withstand such threats and also prevent your feet from twisting or breaking even if you stumble while riding your bike at a fast speed. Moreover, bike riding boots also help you enjoy a stroll around comfortably while you make a fashion statement at the same time.

Now, if you have made up your mind to buy a good pair of boots for yourself, here are a few tips to bear in mind while deciding which boots are best for you:

How to Choose Riding Boots?

While shopping for bike riding boots, you have to keep certain things in mind. You just cannot pick up any boots. Take into account the type of motorcycle you own and also the type of riding you do. If you are a highway cruiser, your requirements for biker shoes should be different compared to someone who rides on dirt tracks. So, is it very hard to choose the best motorcycle boots? Not really, if you keep the following points in mind.

Here is a quick list of things that will answer your question — how to choose riding boots?

Purpose: Basis your riding style and weather conditions, try to figure out which type of bike riding boots will suit you the best. If you use your bike for your daily commute on the streets, you can get away with a basic pair of closed boots. While for an explorer- who frequently goes for rides on mountains and terrains, dirt rider boots can be the perfect pair as they provide rigidity, strength, and solid protection to your feet.

Maximum Security: Protection must be the most significant factor while selecting the right bike shoes for yourself. In fact, security must be prioritised over all the other factors. The best riding shoes are the ones that shield your feet from bruises or injury during an accident or even against extreme weather conditions.

Height: The height of the motorcycle boots is vital to consider from the comfort and safety aspects, for it protects you from injuries in case of a crash. It should come up over the ankle and have a sturdy structure at the top of the boot. A high-top boot can be less comfortable than an ankle boot, but it does a lot when it comes to providing you with extra safety.

Soles: A good sole provides adequate traction. Bear in mind that a softer sole might have a better grip, but it can wear out in no time. Before buying riding boots, do ensure the soles are oil-resistant, for they prevent you from falling in damp conditions.

Material: It is crucial to opt for boots that are made of quality material. Ordinary walking boots would not be robust enough when it comes to providing you with a shield from injury during an accident. Choose to buy boots that are both breathable and abrasion resistant (made of thicker leather), for they can be the best motorcycle riding shoes you could have ever come across. They come up with reinforcements in areas prone to wear and tear, like double layers of textile, leather, or plastic sliders, to provide you with extra safety features.

Size: Never neglect the size while buying your next riding shoes. For, opting for a small-sized boot can compress your feet and make you feel uncomfortable after a while. On the other hand, an oversized boot cannot help you feel the shifter correctly. Therefore, make sure your riding shoes are completely fit and comfortable before you get on your bike.

Waterproof vs. Vented motorcycle boots: Your riding boots must be a perfect blend of comfort and safety. There are a variety of boots available in the market that provide greater protection with comfort and convenience. Vented boots can be the best riding shoes for you, as they are popular amongst riders because they allow airflow through the moulded leather design.

As far as waterproof boots are concerned, they are equally popular. While not all waterproof boots are made with Gore-Tex, the best part is they keep your feet dry on a rainy day. Some waterproof riding boots come with a breathable membrane that protects your feet from water splashes and keeps them dry from sweat and moisture.

Closures: Opting for the closures for your boots, whether laces or velcro, is primarily a personal choice. Though most people choose laces over velcro due to their precise fit, they have a disadvantage. For, they often come undone while riding a bike or can snag you while you climb or dismount from your bike, and thus, can cause a problem. You may choose biker shoes that come with buckles to strap down laces. Or, you can go for other varieties of closures, such as velcro and buckles, that provide you with an excellent fit and less possibility of coming undone.


Do consider the aforementioned factors before you zero in on the best motorcycle riding shoes. Each type of boot has its unique specification with a different style quotient. Therefore, it’s imperative that you opt for shoes that match your requirements and style preferences. And, do not forget to follow the road safety rules while you are on your pillion rider to prevent it and yourself from accidents.

However, accidents can occur despite adhering to all the road safety rules and wearing the most protective riding shoes. And that’s why Tata AIG recommends you to opt for a third-party bike insurance policy that safeguards you and your pillion rider against any third-party liabilities due to an accident or a mishap. You can also choose to apply for 2-wheeler insurance online with a click of a button and secure your life and your bike from getting damaged.

Moreover, if you choose to buy bike insurance from Tata AIG, you can compare two-wheeler insurance policies on our website before choosing the right one.

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