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Tips to Keep your Hands Stress Free While Riding a Bike

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 06/09/2023

Lakhs of people are commuting using a bike every day in India. Bikes are fast, easy and flexible as a means of transportation. But stress-free bike riding is not always an option. Bikes are hard on the back, especially on long rides. However, many people do not realise that long drives and driving during rush hour can also be hard on their hands. As a result, people can get severe cramps on their hands when driving a bike. But there is an answer to this. While riding a bike hands-free is not possible, there are other ways to relax your hands. You are in the right place if you want to know how to drive a bike while not pressurising your hands too much.

One of the things that can make driving uncomfortable is driving while being stressed. And nothing can stress a person out more than being vulnerable. You can be in a lot of trouble if you drive your bike without the necessary papers. For example, if you are driving your bike without a valid bike insurance policy, you are playing with fire. If you are caught while not having insurance for your 2-wheeler, the repercussions could lead from a fine of ₹2000 to losing your licence and even imprisonment for up to 3 months. Thus, the best you can do is keep the unnecessary stress away by getting the right bike insurance policy.

If you want to buy insurance for your 2-wheeler, you need not look beyond Tata AIG’s bike insurance policies. Our plans have been curated to be easy to buy and convenient to use. When you have comprehensive insurance for your 2-wheeler from us, you have very little to worry about where your bike is concerned. You can go through our plans, compare two-wheeler insurance policies and see which one you wish to purchase.

After learning how to keep the stress away with insurance for a 2-wheeler, let us learn more about stress-free bike riding.

What Causes Stress on The Hands While Driving a Bike

Nerves become numb as a consequence of too much strain or tension. For example, riding a bike impacts the median and ulnar nerves. A "tunnel" runs along the bottom of the wrist, passing through the central nerve and various tendons. The thumbs, pointer fingers, middle fingers, and part of the ring fingers can become numb, tingly, and weak if your hands are kept curled up and squeezed into the handlebars for a prolonged time. The underside of the wrists and hand houses the ulnar nerve. The third and fourth fingers get numb and tingly from the strain of grasping the handlebars in this region.

How to Keep Hands Stress Free While Bike Riding?

If you wish to learn how to drive a bike while not putting too much stress on your hands and pinching your nerves, you are in the right place. We will give you alternatives to help keep your hands stress-free while bike riding. As we mentioned, riding a bike hands-free may not be a solution, but there are ways in which you can release the pressure in your hands.

The best ways for stress-free bike riding are given below.

Relax Your Muscles

It's pretty typical to hold onto the bike's handles tightly. You might want to experiment with loosening your hold on the bike's handles whenever there is reduced traffic or a signal. Don't put too much pressure on your hands; keep them relaxed. Your muscles can unwind and relieve tension if you loosen your hold on the bike's handlebars. Your hands will be less stressed as a result. Additionally, the vibration that travels from the grips to your arms is lessened. If the roads are particularly empty, you may even try riding your bike hands-free for a moment to get in a good stretch. However, be completely sure that you completely control the bike.

Shake Out The Hands

Your arm and elbow can relax if you sometimes shake off your hand. Additionally, it improves blood circulation to the side and lessens numbness. If the roads are particularly empty, you may even try riding your bike hands-free for a moment to get in a good stretch. However, be sure that you control the bike, or you could stand to lose balance and fall.

Check The Handlebar Mechanics

The breadth of the handlebars should match the breadth of your shoulders. To achieve a smoother experience, adjust your handle or controls to fulfil the requirements. If the distance between your shoulders and handlebars is too great, your two-wheeler will feel overly heavy. On the other hand, excessively long or too short handlebars might bring on long-term shoulder pain.

Do Not Put The Total Pressure on Your Arms

Can you take your hands off from the handlebars while moving at a steady speed without slipping forward? If not, you might carry excessive weight on your wrists since your arms keep you upright rather than your back and centre. When you're riding, pay attention to how you're sitting overall and how much your back and stomach muscles are working.

Get The Right Gloves

Hand gloves and other riding accessories make the trip more comfortable. These dampen the shock and vibration that the bike handle transmits. You can keep your arms relaxed by doing this. In an accident, it also serves as a protective cover.

Do Not Lean Forward Too Much

The worst torment you can inflict on your body is to slump your shoulders while driving a bike. To reduce muscle aches and tiredness, arching your shoulders can have the opposite effect. Instead, drive your bike with the back upright and your shoulders in a relaxed stance. This will guarantee proper blood flow and reduce any significant pains and aches.

Before we conclude, if you are riding fast, don’t try to strengthen your grip on the bike. Rather, you grab the fuel tank with your thighs. If you notice, a curve is always made on the tank, which is precisely meant for grabbing the tank with your thighs.


By now, you may have received an idea of how to drive a bike while not putting excessive pressure on your arms. Being mindful while driving and focusing on the task instead of allowing your mind to wander can be a great way to keep your hands relaxed. Also, do not allow yourself to be stressed out while driving. Get Tata AIG’s bike insurance policy to keep your worries at bay.

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