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Tyres are one of the most important parts of a motorbike. Faulty tyres have been known to cause accidents and mishaps. While you can purchase a bike insurance policy to get coverage for third-party liabilities and damages to your bike due to unexpected mishaps, you also need to take measures to keep your bike’s tyres in top shape.

In this blog, we will offer 9 important bike care tips to help you take care of your motorbike’s tyres.

Ensure Optimal Tyre Pressure

One of the first things that you should keep in mind to ensure high-performing motorcycle tyres is the air pressure inside them. Every bike has specific tyre pressure requirements. The two-wheeler’s user guide usually carries information about the range of pressure its tyres should have for efficient performance and durability.

Remember, if the pressure is too low or too high, the tyres can get damaged. Hence, make sure you read the user guide and maintain optimal tyre pressure. This can also help you save on tyre replacement costs or file a claim under your Insurance for 2 Wheeler policy.

Keep the Tyres Clean

Bike tyres have treads that allow them to grip the road and offer a steady ride. If you ride on muddy terrain, then small pebbles or mud can stick to the tyres and cause them to skid on concrete roads. This can result in accidents that can cause injuries or bike damage.

While a comprehensive bike insurance policy will cover these costs, you can avoid such mishaps by practising bike tyre care. Ensure your tyres are clean, especially after a ride through muddy terrain.

Repair Your Motorbike Tyres on Time

Many bikers tend to ignore small issues with the tyres like a puncture or leakage and don’t get them repaired until they cannot ride it at all. This should be avoided as delaying the repairs will only increase the problem and can also result in further damage to the bike or a tyre blowout. Hence, if your bike’s tyres are giving you problems, get them checked as soon as possible.

Assess the Grip on the Road

A good pair of motorbike tyres offer an optimum grip that allows you to steer and brake with ease. However, over time, tyres go through wear and tear and lose their grip. A poor grip can result in the bike slipping, especially on wet roads. Remember, tyres have a lifespan. If you think that your bike is not gripping the road as it used to, then get the tyres checked and replace them if needed.

Use the Right Tyres for the Bike

Using fancy bike tyres is a trend with youngsters. They tend to replace the original tyres with attractive ones to boost the bike’s visual appeal. While a good-looking bike is every biker’s dream, make sure that you do not compromise on the safety and performance of the two-wheeler as it can result in accidents and mishaps. Hence, make sure that you use tyres that are suitable for your bike. Also, ensure that you inform the insurer about the tyre change so that the bike insurance policy can be amended to offer optimum coverage.

Avoid Sudden Braking

A safe bike rider rarely applies brakes suddenly. A good biker is aware of the road and applies brakes gently, bringing the bike to a gradual halt. Sudden braking is risky as it can lift the rear tyre and topple the bike over. Also, the bike wheels can lock up and skid, resulting in an accident. It can not only damage the bike but also cause injuries to the rider. Sudden braking can reduce the lifespan of the tyres at a much faster rate.

Tyre Alignment

A bike’s tyres need to be aligned parallel to each other and perpendicular to the roads. When you ride your bike on roads, you navigate speed breakers, potholes, and various difficult driving conditions. This can result in the tyres losing their alignment. Unaligned tyres can impact the suspension of the two-wheeler and its tyres. Hence, make sure that you get your bike’s tyres checked for alignment regularly.

Rotate the Bike’s Tyres

In a motorcycle, the front tyre goes through more wear and tear compared to the rear tyre. If you are using the same type of tyre in the front and rear, then you can regularly rotate your tyres by replacing the front tyre with the rear one and vice versa.

Purchase a Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy

While third-party insurance for 2 wheelers is mandatory in India, it does not offer protection for damages to the insured bike. Hence, make sure that you opt for a Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy that protects your bike from damages due to accidents, collisions, natural disasters, man-made disasters, and fire. These policies also offer coverage for theft and bikes damaged beyond repair.

At Tata AIG, we offer online two wheeler insurance to help bike owners purchase policies from the comfort of their homes or offices. You can compare two wheeler insurance plans on our website and use our online bike insurance calculator to get an estimate of the premium before buying the best protection for your bike.


The 2-wheeler tyre care tips mentioned above can help increase the efficiency and reliability of your bike’s tyres. Make sure that you check the tyres regularly and be aware of any stability, alignment, or gripping issues while riding. It is prudent to keep the tyres in their best shape as they can help avoid accidents and mishaps and ensure a smooth ride. Also, don’t forget to buy a comprehensive bike insurance policy to manage unexpected bike repair costs.

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