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Top 5 Cheapest Scooters to Buy in India Under ₹70000

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  • TATA AIG Team
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  • 06/09/2023

Having a budget and sticking to it can help make life easier for people. It helps you set goals and have enough money to follow them through. Take buying a vehicle, for example. Buying a vehicle is never cheap. If you wish to purchase a vehicle, you will need to modify your budget for other things to make a place for the vehicle you wish to purchase. Until a few years ago, people thought buying a vehicle was a luxury that could break the bank. However, today, you can buy budget scooties in India that perform well while not being unaffordable.

We need to acknowledge that having a vehicle is no longer a luxury. People no longer have time to wait on public transport. Everything news to be quick. Thus, access to affordable scooters in India has made consumers' lives easier. If you want to know about the cheapest scooties in India, you are in the right place.

However, before discussing the best budget scooters in India, you must understand the importance of a bike insurance policy.

You must know that insurance for a 2-wheeler is compulsory in India. If you want to drive your bike without repercussions, you must have a valid bike insurance policy. If you do not have insurance for your 2-wheeler, there will be an entire host of trouble you will have to face. You will have to buy your insurance before you can get your bike out for the first ride. When it comes to insurance for your 2-wheeler, you can choose between a third-party or comprehensive bike insurance policy. All you then need to do is find the right insurance provider.

When searching for the right insurance for your 2-wheeler, your search must end at Tata AIG’s insurance plans. Our plans are comprehensive, cost-effective and easy to buy. You also get to compare two-wheeler insurance plans and choose which plan you think is best for you from the multiple plans we offer. So when it comes to a bike insurance policy, always choose Tata AIG.

With this in mind, let us delve into scooters under 70000 in India.

Scooters Under 70000

If you wish to buy some of the best budget scooty in India, you will be happy to know you have several options today. Before, if you wanted to buy a scooter for under 70000, you would have slim pickings, but this is no longer the case today. Manufacturers today understand the demand for affordable scooters in India and have thus created some of the cheapest scooties in India. They also understand that people are no longer going to substitute quality for the price, so today, while these scooters are cheaper, they are also power-packed with features and provide unparalleled performance.

So, without further ado, let us look at some of India's best scooters under 70000.

TVS Scooty Pep Plus

The 87.8cc BS6 motor that powers TVS Scooty Pep Plus generates 5.36 horsepower and 6.5 Nm peak torque. The Scooty Pep Plus has a combined braking system for both wheels featuring front and back drum brakes. The fuel tank on this Scooty Pep Plus scooter can hold 4.2 litres and weighs 93 kg. In 2003, TVS unveiled the Scooty Pep, an entry-level scooter, and has since established itself as one of the best budget scooty in India. Later, the scooter had a significant makeover and was given its Scooty Pep Plus name. The bike is lightweight, and its smaller structure makes it simple to operate and manage.

Okinawa R30

The motor in the Okinawa R30 produces 250 W of power. The scooter is one of the cheapest scooty in India but is power packed in terms of features. The Okinawa R30 has a mechanically actuated braking mechanism, including front and back drum brakes. The Okinawa R30 is an electric scooter that comes in just one model and five different colour schemes. A 1.34KWH lithium-ion cell package and a 250watt BLDC engine provide the electric scooter's propulsion. A three-year/30,000-kilometre warranty is included with the engine. The Okinawa R30 has a mild aesthetic in terms of its design. The design features a flat footbed, an apron-mounted headlamp, a single-piece rider grip rail, an electronic speedometer, and a body-coloured front fender with a gloss-black lacquer to the apron. The carrying capacity is 150kg, and the saddle height is 735mm.

Benling Falcon

If you are looking for the best budget scooter in India, you need not look beyond the Benling Falcon. Benling India produces the Benling Falcon, a slow-moving electric scooter. A 250W, 60V electric engine powers it, and its top speed is 25kmph. The VRLA battery can require up to 8 hours to charge up compared to the lithium battery gear's four hours. According to the manufacturer, the range provided is 70–75 kilometres per charge. An electronic speedometer, daytime navigation lights, regenerating braking, keyless entry, anti-theft technology, and breakdown support are just a few features that the electric scooter is equipped with. Additionally, it has an LED taillight and turning indicators. Telescopic frontal forks and dual back springs make up the Falcon's suspension system components.

Hero Electric Flash

The motor in the Hero Electric Flash produces 250 W of electricity. Hero Electric Flash creates a synchronised braking system for both wheels, including front and back drum brakes. The Hero Electric Flash is available in 3 colours, an entry-level scooter aimed at first-time scooter consumers. The Flash's present aesthetic is pleasing to the masses — the big dominating headlamp on the front apron with indicators built into the handlebar. The scooter has a modern appearance thanks to the metal wheels and lustrous paint. The Flash receives a luggage box in addition to under-seat storage to increase its functionality. It is a good bike for those looking for the best budget scooty in India.

Hero Maestro Edge 110

The 110.9cc BS6 engine powers the Maestro Edge 110. Hero Maestro Edge 110 offers an integrated braking system for both wheels, including front and back drum brakes. The fuel tank on this scooter can hold 5 litres of fuel and weighs 112 kg. The Maestro Edge 110 is a typical family scooter that adds a dash of jazz and audacity to the mix. It primarily targets men due to its huge and aggressive body panels. Additionally, the newest model's beautiful graphics add to its visual attractiveness. Hero claims that despite having power figures identical to its BS4 cousin, the new model has improved acceleration and fuel efficiency, adding it to the best budget scooters in India.

Best Budget Scooters In India — Prices

If you wish to know the prices of the bikes above, you can access them below.

Model Ex-Showroom Price in New Delhi*
TVS Scooty Pep Plus ₹61,751
Okinawa R30 ₹61,420
Benling Falcon  ₹60,906
Hero Electric Flash ₹59,594
Hero Maestro Edge 110 ₹69,431


After getting a basic idea of how much the bikes cost and what features they include, you must have a clearer picture of which bike will be the right one for you. You can judge which scooty is at the right price point for you and which one has the features you are looking for. However, when buying your scooter, do not forget your bike insurance policy from Tata AIG to be on the right side of the law.

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