Tips On Choosing A New Two Wheeler Battery

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An engine is undoubtedly the most critical part of a bike. But it is the battery that helps in its seamless functioning. By powering the electronic components, the battery is considered the soul of the vehicle. It releases energy to start a two-wheeler and recharges itself while you are riding the bike. So, knowing which battery is right for your bike is as important as exploring other bike features. But despite its crucial function, many people have little knowledge about a bike battery. Considering this fact and the difficulty in finding a suitable battery, here’s a detailed guide to help you find the best one for your two-wheeler.

Why Does Your Bike Need the Best Bike Battery in India?

As the battery plays a crucial role in a two-wheeler’s performance, you must choose the best one for your bike. The reasons to choose an efficient bike battery are as follows:

First of all, an efficient two-wheeler battery helps in the smooth functioning of the bike. The battery provides power to the bike’s starter, ignition, and fuel system and allows it to start smoothly. Once the bike starts, the alternator powers these parts. But when the alternator fails to supply enough energy, the battery maintains a seamless source of power for the bike. It also helps regulate the alternator’s supply of voltage. In the absence of a battery, the voltage spikes can harm the bike’s electrical components.

Secondly, a suitable two-wheeler battery allows you to ride your bike in all weather conditions. Starting a bike can be difficult in certain weather conditions, especially in winter. But a good quality battery allows you to ride your bike seamlessly in all weather conditions.

How to find the best two-wheeler battery?

The best two-wheeler battery is the one that ensures the proper functioning of your bike. So, you must make an informed decision while buying a new battery to avoid harm to your two-wheeler. Here are some steps that you can follow to find the right battery for your dream bike:

Examine the current battery

The first thing to consider before buying a new two-wheeler bike battery is the analysis of your current battery. You can find the battery details in the manual provided at the time of the bike’s purchase. Also, measure the dimensions of your current battery to ensure the new battery fits in your bike.

Compare CCA values

The Cold Cranking Amps (CAA) determines the power of the bike’s battery. It is the number of amperes a battery can deliver in 30 seconds. A high CAA value of the battery leads to a seamless starting of the engine. Thus, comparing the CAA values of different batteries is essential before buying one for your bike.

Select two-wheeler battery according to weather

The battery of a two-wheeler is impacted by certain weather conditions like cold winters. So, an AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) battery is suitable for colder places due to less requirement for frequent recharge. The battery can also endure bumpy and harsh roads. But if you stay in a hot region, a battery that has a long life should be considered.

Choose a prominent brand

Batteries are one of the most critical parts of your vehicle. If they are not of good quality, you may have to replace them soon, which means wasting your time and money. Generally, two-wheeler battery price in India is not exorbitant. However, many people do not consider the battery quality when buying one for their bike and focus more on the two-wheeler battery price. But you must purchase a battery of a prominent brand as it is crucial in determining your bike’s performance.

Pick a hassle-free battery

Batteries are permanently sealed after they are filled with acid. So, make sure the battery you are buying doesn’t have any defects and needs no maintenance. This helps save your money and time while ensuring your battery runs for a longer time.

Look for the terms and conditions

Checking the battery life, replacement, and warranty of different battery brands are essential for an informed choice. So, check the terms and conditions carefully before you buy a bike battery.

Evaluate your bike use

Before buying a bike battery, you must also consider your bike use. Short distances do not allow the alternator to charge. So, if you use your bike for shorter trips, choosing a battery that doesn’t need a regular recharge is a better choice.

Battery technology

There are multiple technologies of batteries available today. You can choose between lithium, factory-activated AGM, GEL, or conventional batteries. So, before buying a battery for your bike, ensure you know the features and benefits of different battery types to make the right choice.

How to Know Your Bike Needs a Battery Change?

Some signs indicate that your battery is giving out and needs to be replaced. They are as follows:

  • If your bike’s battery is unable to hold charge despite a recharge.
  • If your bike is using more fuel than normal, affecting its fuel economy.
  • If your bike accessories, like GPS, clock, etc., are not working properly.


Usually, batteries last for a couple of years. But if you witness any of the signs of battery issues, you must check and get it replaced at the earliest. While purchasing a battery, ensure you buy the best bike battery in India. The bike battery price for a premium quality battery may be slightly higher than the contemporaries, but it’s worth the spend. So, now that you know about choosing a suitable battery for your two-wheeler, you must also consider buying suitable two-wheeler insurance to give your bike a protective cover from several damages. With the free bike insurance calculator on Tata AIG, you can calculate the premium amount for your bike and buy cost-effective insurance for two-wheeler.

Tata AIG brings you multiple insurance policies for bikes. As third-party liability insurance doesn’t cover the injuries and damages to you and your bike, you must buy a comprehensive insurance policy. Also, for expensive or new bikes, comprehensive insurance is a must to ensure their maximum protection. With a range of add-on covers, you can also enhance your bike’s policy coverage at extra prices. So, buy online two-wheeler insurance with Tata AIG today and give your bike the care it needs.

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