Break-In Insurance in Two Wheeler Insurance

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Owning a vehicle is not only a matter of privilege and comfort but also one that carries a certain degree of responsibility. To this end, all two-wheeler owners in India are legally required to have at least a valid third-party two wheeler insurance policy. Failure to have an active bike insurance plan can lead to penalties and leave you susceptible to severe financial losses in the wake of an accident.

Therefore, it is critical to have the suitable insurance for your bike. With the digitalisation of the insurance sector, it has become easy to purchase and renew online insurance for two wheelers. You can check out Tata AIG's plans for bike insurance online and use our bike insurance calculator to swiftly check your bike insurance premium. If you happen to fail to renew your two wheeler insurance in time, you have to buy a break-in insurance policy.

Break-In Bike Insurance Policy

As its name suggests, break-in insurance refers to the period between the expiration of your old two wheeler insurance policy and the purchase of a new one. Also referred to as the break in period, this duration of time is highly risky for you and your bike, considering the fact that no insurance cover is available for you in the event of any adverse event involving the vehicle.

The break-in period of your two wheeler insurance policy can last a maximum of 90 days after the plan has expired. If you do not renew your bike insurance during this time, you shall lose benefits such as any No-claim Bonus (NCB) accumulated on your previous policy. Therefore, any NCB that you had earned during the preceding policy year shall no longer be of any value with regard to discounts on policy renewal.

Break-in Inspection

The renewal of a bike insurance policy during the break in period, that is, when it has no valid bike insurance policy, is called a break-in insurance renewal. Typically, this process requires an inspection of your bike, which is called a break-in inspection. This step has been designed to ensure that your bike has no serious damage. The cost of said inspection has to be borne by you since the bike is not insured at the time.

However, with an online Tata AIG break-in insurance policy, you do not need to go through the break-in inspection step to renew your two wheeler insurance policy. You can just visit our official Tata AIG website and go to the bike insurance page to renew your expired two wheeler insurance policy. It is advisable to always have a bike insurance plan that is active and renew an expired one as soon as possible.

Benefits of A Break-In Insurance Policy

A break-in insurance policy has several significant benefits, some of which have been discussed below.

1.No Need For a Break-in Inspection: If you opt for a break-in insurance policy, you are spared the need to have your bike inspected during the break in period. Such an inspection entails a cost both in terms of time and money. And this cost is not reimbursed by any insurer since your bike is not covered by an active insurance policy at the time. By buying a break-in insurance policy, you can easily renew your two wheeler insurance and save on time, money, and effort.

2.Swift Policy Purchase/Renewal Process: The process of purchasing a break-in insurance policy from Tata AIG is simple and straightforward. All you have to do is visit the bike insurance page on our official website and select the plan you wish to buy. What is more is that with the help of our bike insurance calculator, you can conveniently check the premium that is payable for the selected plan.

3.Retention of No-claim Bonus: If you renew your two wheeler insurance within 90 days of the expiration of your previous plan, you can retain the No-claim Bonus earned during the preceding policy year. This can help you claim a discount on the premium of your new bike insurance plan. Since an online break-in insurance policy does not necessitate a break-in inspection, you can purchase it even if you are very close to the end of the 90-day break in period of your two wheeler insurance policy.

4.Protection From Penalties: Driving without a valid two wheeler insurance policy is a crime in India, and it can attract heavy penalties, not to mention leave you substantially financially burdened should you be faced with any third-party liabilities and/or own damage to yourself or your bike during a bike accident in the break-in period. In order to prevent such a situation from transpiring, it is advisable to renew your bike insurance plan in time. And if you somehow fail to do so, you must opt for a break-in insurance policy at the earliest.

5.Discounts: If you purchase the Tata AIG break-in insurance policy online, you can benefit from up to 75 per cent savings on your two wheeler insurance premium. In addition to this, you can have access to the support of our knowledgeable team of motor insurance experts. Buying bike insurance online also entails zero paperwork and the instant delivery of your two wheeler insurance policy in your email and WhatsApp inboxes.

To Sum It Up

A break-in insurance policy is a product that enables you to bridge the gap between an expired two wheeler insurance policy and a new one without having to carry out a break-in inspection for your vehicle. Not only does such a plan help you save on the cost of bike inspection, but it also serves as a hassle-free route to renew an expired bike insurance policy.

You can check out our break-in insurance policy for two wheelers on our official website, select a suitable plan, use our bike insurance calculator to compute the premium, and purchase a plan in a few easy steps. Choose well and drive safely!

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