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Process to Re-register a Two-Wheeler in India

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 27/05/2022

You will have to get your bike re-registered in two situations. First, the Indian Motor Vehicles Act mandates that all personal bikes must be registered again 15 years after their original registration date. After that, you can renew the registration every five years as long as the RTO considers it safe and fit to drive. If a motorcycle is transferred to another state in India and utilised for over a year in that state, it must be re-registered.

The re-registration of a vehicle after 15 years is done to ensure that it is still fit to be driven on the roads in India. It is a safety measure to make the country's roads safer and the driver. For example, if an old bike is left to be driven on the road without supervision, it could lead to a sudden breakdown causing accidents or other mishaps. During re-registration of a two-wheeler after 15 years, the bike is checked for several factors such as the pollution it is causing, if the parts are functional and if it is a safety hazard.

If everything is in place and your two-wheeler is passing the tests, you will be allowed to drive your bike without any problem. However, a re-registration of a bike after 15 years is not the only time you need to apply for a re-registration. You also need to re-register your bike if you move to a new state. Here, the re-registration is done to see if the bike meets the state's safety requirements.

Among the things that are checked during both a re-registration and an initial two-wheeler registration is your bike insurance policy. The government of India has become excessively strict about insurance for two-wheelers. Today, you must have a 5-year bike insurance policy if you want to get out on the road with your vehicle. If your insurance for 2 wheeler is not in place, you will have to face heavy fines and may even have your licence revoked. If you are thinking of re-registering or registering your vehicle and your insurance is not in place, you can always opt for two-wheeler insurance from Tata AIG. Moreover, you are mandated to buy a third-party bike insurance policy. Also, you should buy comprehensive insurance for two-wheelers to afford you total protection. You can also compare two-wheeler insurance policies online using the bike insurance calculator from the Tata AIG website, and then choose the one that is the right fit for you.

Now, let us understand the process of re-registration of a bike after 15 years. But before we can delve into that, let us briefly look at what two-wheeler registration is.

What is Two-Wheeler Registration?

It is known that every bike must be tied to its driver in some fashion for several reasons. First, due to this requirement, a two-wheeler bike registration is needed by a government agency to travel on Indian roadways lawfully. This completes the ownership of the bike by linking it to a specific owner, location, and financial backer. When a motorcycle is first bought, it needs to be registered. Because road safety is a major consideration in this process, guaranteeing that the bike is roadworthy is essential. The bike's number plate will be issued once the registration is completed.

Because a vehicle's lifespan is quite short, two-wheeler bike registration after 15 years is mandatory. The bike will only be road legal once it has been determined to be safe for the roads. All facts are verified before re-registration of a vehicle, including taxes, insurance, etc. As your two-wheeler is passing the 15-year mark, the re-registration process must be completed.

Two-Wheeler Re-Registration Process

Follow the steps given for the re-registration process for a bike. These steps include;

  • Getting A NOC

On ₹10 stamp paper, a self-declaration affidavit must be filed. It should be verified by a Notary who certifies that all vehicle-related paperwork is authentic and that the bike has no outstanding debts. The NCRB (National Crime Record Bureau) must provide a NOC certifying that the bike is not stolen. If the bike has an ongoing loan, a letter of authorisation from the bank has to be included in the given Form 35. To obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the nearest RTO, the candidate must provide three duly completed copies of Form 27 and 28 and No Objection Certificates from the NCRB, the Traffic Officers, and the financial backer. The following documents must be submitted: Address proof, Smart Card copy, bike insurance policy, identity evidence, Chassis imprint copy, and Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate. You must also submit the original payment receipt of your bike.

  • Re-registering your Bike and Settling the Road Tax

You can ask for a new certificate of registration and pay the necessary road tax when you have all of the required documentation and have moved your bike to a different state if you need to. The documentation listed below must be presented to the RTO.

  • The bike owner must first get Form 25 and properly fill out the application. It must then be submitted to your jurisdiction's Regional Transport Office (RTO).
  • When filing to the RTO in your area, including the documentation mentioned above and Form 25.
  • The RTO will inspect the Two-Wheeler.
  • If you have any outstanding road taxes, you must pay them right away.
  • The owner must pay the RTO the amount for re-registering their two-wheeler.
  • A new registration certificate will be provided if your two-wheeler satisfies the inspection test.
  • If you're relocating to a new location, you'll need to settle road tax per the new state's requirements before getting your registration or a refund if the tax is cheaper. You'll need the two-original wheeler's invoice for this. The tax will be determined by the current depreciation worth of your two-wheeler.
  • You can ask for a tax refund once the bike is registered.


If you wish to opt for re-registration of a vehicle after 15 years online, that may not be a possibility in your state. Most states ask the vehicle owner to physically visit the RTO office to present the necessary documents physically. If all your documents are in place, things should move smoothly in your favour. Remember, you cannot complete the process unless you have your bike insurance policy. So ensure you have active insurance for your bike when applying for re-registration of your bike.

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