Upcoming KTM Bikes in India

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Bikes are one of the preferred modes of transportation because they are easy to navigate in traffic and are easy to drive on the roads in the country. There are many different types of bikes being offered by different bike brands in the country. The wide range of choices offers the buyers a chance to understand what they need and the features that they require in the bikes.

One of the top bike brands in the country is the Austrian brand known as KTM. The brand is popular among all age groups and offers different types of bikes for people with varied needs. The brand is ready to launch some amazing bikes this year and the next year. With the launch of 390 Adventure this year, the brand is ready to launch more mid-sized sports bikes in the country. If you are ready to know all the upcoming KTM bikes, stay tuned!

Before we get into the list of upcoming KTM bikes in India, we must understand the importance of having a bike insurance plan. Insurance for your bike protects you financially if your bike is involved in an accident on the road. Multiple bike insurance plans are available in the market, and you can choose the one you think is suitable for you.

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Let us get into the list of upcoming KTM bikes.

KTM Bike New Models That You Must Know About

Here is the list of KTM bike new models that you must be aware of:

  • KTM 890 Adventure

This bike is built using a chromium steel frame and uses the engine like a stressed element which reduces the weight of this bike. Some of the other features of this bike include tail lamps, headlights, and indicators. One of the best things about the bike is an amazing digital console with a TFT display of 5 inches. It is one of the top KTM upcoming bikes in 2022.

  • KTM RC 390

The KTM RC 390 is also one of the top KTM upcoming bikes in 2022. The bike has awesome features like sleeker brakes, a WP front fork (inverted), and spoke alloy wheels. The engine displacement of the bike is 373.3cc. The bike's maximum power is approximately 43.5 PS, and the maximum mileage is 25 kmpl. It also has features like LED headlamps, indicators, and a TFT display. It is one of the top KTM RC upcoming bikes.

  • KTM RC 200

The KTM RC 200 is expected to feature comfortable seating for both the front and back riders. Although there is no apparent difference in the engine and chassis specifications, it will feature LED indicators and halogen headlamps. Another upgrade you might see in the bike is the five-spoke alloy wheels. The bike's maximum power is approximately 25 PS, and the maximum mileage is 35 kmpl. This is one of KTM’s new launch bikes that everyone eagerly awaits. It is one of the top KTM RC upcoming bikes.

  • KTM 790 Adventure

This bike will feature four different modes of rides, including rain, off-road, rally, and street. One of the top features of the bike is the anti-hopping or slipper clutch. You will also see the 21-inch front and 18-inch rear alloy wheels. The maximum power of the bike is approximately 95.17 PS. This is one of KTM’s new launch bikes that people are waiting for.

  • KTM 790 Duke

One of the KTM duke upcoming models is this one in which you might expect to see a longer wheelbase and upswept exhaust that has been side-mounted. The PASC anti-hopping clutch of the bike will be mechanically operated, and it also features an LED tail and headlamps. One of the top things in the model is the MTC(Motor Slip Regulation). It forms a part of the brake control in the engine. This bike will feature four different models of rides, including rain, track, sport, and street.

  • KTM 490 Duke

One of the KTM duke’s upcoming models, the KTM 490 Duke, is special in a lot of senses. One of the reasons is that this is one of the first twin-cylinder bikes of the brand to be manufactured in the country. The bike will be an upgraded version of the KTM 390 Duke that is already there in the market. This is one of the top KTM new models in 2022, with a maximum power of approximately 43.5 PS and maximum mileage of about 25 kmpl.

  • KTM 890 Duke

The KTM 890 Duke will be available in new colours that you are going to love. The bike's features, like the sharp tank extensions and the LED lighting, will be similar to the ones seen on the KTM 790 Duke. The bike will have a TFT screen that supports smartphone connectivity. The maximum power of the bike is approximately 115.5 PS, and the maximum mileage is not known yet. This is one of the best KTM new models in 2022.

Upcoming KTM Bikes: Prices at a Glance

Here are the tentative prices of the upcoming KTM new models in 2022:

Bike Model Ex-Showroom Price in Delhi
KTM 890 Adventure ₹11,50,000
KTM RC 390 ₹2,70,000
KTM RC 200 ₹2,15,000
KTM 790 Adventure ₹11,50,000
KTM 790 Duke ₹8,63,000
KTM 490 Duke ₹3,50,000
KTM 890 Duke ₹8,00,000


These are some of the top upcoming KTM bikes in India. The features of the bikes have been mentioned above. The bikes are sure to become a rage whenever they are launched, and people are going to appreciate the new features that enhance the safety and ease of driving. You can also choose one of these models if you are looking for a new bike. Also, while you buy a bike, do not forget to get a valid bike insurance plan so that you can drive stress-free on the roads. With Tata AIG, you can go online to the website, choose the plan that you think is right for you, and get it within a few simple steps.

Disclaimer: All the prices and other information listed above pertain to a specific city and vehicle model. Since this information is subject to change, it is advisable to check the latest information before purchasing a vehicle or an insurance policy.

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