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There are many benefits of driving a bike, but it comes with some cons as well. One of the major cons of driving a vehicle is pollution. Therefore, the government has come up with some ways to manage the amount of pollution created by vehicles on the roads. One of the ways to control pollution is issuing a fitness certificate to commercial vehicles on the road.

The vehicle fitness certificate is a document that states the roadworthiness of your commercial vehicle. It is mandatory for every commercial vehicle on the road to have a valid vehicle fitness certificate. If you want to know more about the vehicle fitness certificate, then we have mentioned all the details for you ahead. Before we get into the details of an RTO fitness certificate, it is essential to know another mandatory certificate which is an insurance certificate. Third-party insurance for the bike is compulsory to drive on the roads in the country.

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Let us get into the details of the RTO fitness certificate.

Importance of Fitness Certificate for the Bike

The importance of a fitness certificate for the bike is:

  • Since the pollution level is rising every day, it is necessary to know the amount of smoke that is emitted by vehicles on the road. One of the major reasons for issuing a vehicle fitness certificate is monitoring and checking the amount of pollution emitted by vehicles on the road.

  • An RTO fitness certificate ensures that you maintain the best health of your vehicle.

  • Also, the fitness certificate for the bike ensures that you do not face any accidents while driving due to the improper condition of your bike or car.

It is clear that every vehicle on the road needs to have a vehicle fitness certificate. Now, let us get into the details of the application for the fitness certificate.

Application for the Fitness Certificate

Here are the bike fitness certificate online and offline application processes:

Offline application for the fitness certificate

  • Visit the zonal Regional Transport Office and get form no. 38 and 20 for transport vehicles.

  • Fill up all the necessary information in these forms and submit these at the RTO counter along with all the required documents.

  • Now, pay the fee and get your vehicle for inspection as well.

Bike Fitness Certificate Online Application

  • Go to the Parivahan Sewa Portal for the fitness certificate.

  • Enter the registration number of your vehicle.

  • In the Online Services option available, choose the option for Application for a Fitness Certificate.

  • Now, provide the chassis number and the mobile number that has been registered.

  • You will receive an OTP on that mobile number.

  • Now, add all the details, including fee information, insurance details, etc.

  • Make the payment and download the payment receipt and the application.

  • Once you are done with the bike fitness certificate online application, go to the RTO and submit all the documents for getting the vehicle fitness certificate.

You will have to get your vehicle inspected, even in the case of an online application. If your bike has issues, the inspecting officer will ask you to get them repaired. Till you get all these things done, you will not be able to get the RTO fitness certificate.

Documents Needed for Fitness Certificate

Here is the list of documents needed for getting a fitness certificate:

  • Form 20

  • Form 21

  • Form 22

  • Insurance certificate

  • Road tax receipt

  • Valid PUC certificate

  • Original RC of your vehicle

  • Temporary registration(if applicable)

  • A pencil imprint of the vehicle’s chassis

  • Certificate of permit

  • Identity proof

  • Proof of address

  • Passport-size photos

Along with these you need to provide a slip for the fee payment and the application letter. Now let us understand the bike certificate fee.

Vehicle Fitness Certificate Fee

Here is the fee for getting a fitness certificate:

Type of Vehicles Fee Payable
Light/Three-wheeled Motor Vehicles Automated: ₹600, Manual: ₹400,
Heavy/Medium Motor Vehicles Automated: ₹1000, Manual: ₹600,
Bike Fitness Certificate Automated: ₹400, Manual: ₹200,
Granting/renewal of the authority ₹1500
Appeal under Rule 70 ₹3000
Granting/renewal of the FC ₹200(additional)
Copy of the original FC, if it is lost ₹7500

Thus, now you know the bike fitness certificate renewal price, let us get into the details of the process.

How to Renew the Vehicle Fitness Certificate?

You can either renew the certificate online or offline. For renewing the certificate offline, you can visit the RTO, fill up the forms, and submit the bike certificate renewal price. If you wish to renew your application online, you can fill in the application online and submit the bike certificate renewal price. You can then take your bike to the RTO for inspection.

Here are the documents that you need:

  • Registration Certificate
  • Pollution Under Control certificate
  • Bike insurance/car insurance
  • Permit for the vehicle
  • Token of road tax
  • Receipt of bike certificate renewal price and application letter(if the process was online)

There is an expiry date of the FC, thus, you must renew your certificate in advance so that there are no hassles at a later date.


Thus, this is the process of obtaining and renewing a vehicle fitness certificate. While driving your commercial vehicle on the road, it is mandatory to have a fitness certificate. For vehicles used for private purposes, a roadworthiness certificate is issued. You must gather all the documents beforehand so that you do not have any problems at the time of application. Do not forget to get a bike insurance plan before driving your vehicle on the roads in the country. If you have not bought the right bike insurance plan, get one from Tata AIG today!

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