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What is Automatic Headlight On

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 19/05/2023

The automatic headlamp-on feature will increase the safety of two-wheelers. Riding two-wheelers causes a high number of accidental deaths. There was a time when motorcycle safety was one of the most neglected aspects of the country. Nowadays, most cities require helmets as a matter of safety. Additionally, motorcycle riders are becoming more aware. To increase the security of riders, the Government of India is mandating this feature.

Accidents can sometimes happen even when your bike has an AHO and you wear a helmet. During these times, two-wheeler insurance gives you much-needed protection against unforeseen risks. Anyone who buys a two-wheeler should purchase a bike insurance policy to secure themselves and their bike against a range of losses and damages.

That being said, keep reading to learn more about the automatic headlight-on system on bikes.

What is Automatic Headlight On?

Since April 1, 2017, every new motorcycle and scooter on the market has had an AHO headlight feature.

Automatic headlight on is most commonly called All-time Headlight On or Automatic Headlight On by two-wheeler manufacturers. The headlights must always be on in the case of new motorcycles or scooters that are sold or registered after April 1, 2017. However, during the day, you may see many well-intentioned passers-by may wave out to alert you that the bike's headlight is on.

The Ministry of Roads and Transport in India has issued a notice on this subject and mandates this. Since the headlight will always be on, there will be no button for turning it on, just high-beam and low-beam buttons and a pass switch on all new bikes equipped with AHO.

Importance of AHO

  • During the day, most motorcycle riders ride their bikes as they travel to and from work. The speed of four-wheelers and cars is also increasing at the same time as roads widen. The position of motorcycles on the roads has become more and more challenging to determine.
  • Auto-on headlight assists in determining a two-wheeler's exact location. It allows the rider to identify the two-wheeler's current position, even at high speed. As visibility decreases in rainy, foggy, and dusty conditions, AHO has the same advantages.
  • While overtaking, the AHO on your bike helps other vehicles clear the lane for you. A motorcycle's headlights reflect in the rear-view mirror, allowing four-wheeler drivers to recognise it. It will give them a heads-up that your bike is coming from behind. AHO thus reduces motorcycle accidents and increases rider safety.

How Does AHO Automatic Headlight On Work?

Regardless of whether it is night or day, the motorcycle headlamp is always on. When the motorcycle engine starts, it starts, and when it stops, the headlights go off. The headlamp switch is also absent. The bulb and battery continue to perform as they did before. The bulb continues to operate for the same number of hours. Additionally, there is no need for additional service. To maintain the AHO, regular service interval checks are sufficient.

Consequently, the automatic headlight on system also increases the safety of riders. As a result, this will reduce highway accidents. Riders in India will be safer due to this new initiative taken by the government.

Is There Any Alternative To AHO?

  • As seen on the Bajaj Dominar or the 2017 KTM 390 Duke or RC 390, many bike manufacturers have also installed Day-time Running Lights (DRLs) on their motorcycle headlights.
  • It is a small but relatively bright strip of light integrated into the headlight console.
  • Even without a headlight, this strip remains illuminated so that oncoming traffic can see the motorcycle or scooter.

Impact of AHO On Battery

  • AHO may strain the battery of two-wheelers slightly more, but it will not affect them in any way.
  • The battery and alternator systems are advanced in modern motorcycles and scooters and can comfortably handle the extra load.
  • Neither will this affect the fuel economy of the vehicle. Therefore, you do not have to worry.
  • The new system is not available on older bikes; however, newer bikes will have these features.
  • It is recommended for all bikes and scooters with strong enough batteries and alternators also to keep their headlights on at all times since it is a safety feature.

Pros and Cons of AHO

Listed below are some advantages of AHO:

  • Despite the implementation of AHO, the price of the motorcycle will remain relatively unchanged.
  • In mountainous and hilly areas with foggy weather, the AHO feature will be helpful.
  • Despite the high risk of accidents on such roads, the gleaming headlights would enable one to see the approaching vehicle.

While the AHO can ensure almost 99% road safety for two-wheelers, there are also some cons. The following are some disadvantages of AHO:

  • As a result of AHO, battery performance will be affected to some extent; it puts pressure on the battery and reduces its ability to function at its best. The manufacturers of modern motorcycles and scooters use high-power batteries that can handle this pressure.
  • AHO technology may contribute to global warming. Living in an environment where thousands of bikers keep their headlights on during the day can be challenging.
  • Always keeping the headlamp on will lead to battery failure, extra load on the engine, and reduced mileage. Therefore, manufacturers should develop alternatives to save the engine before setting up AHO.
  • To use the AHO, motorcycle manufacturers must rethink the headlamp shape and system as a single piece of design. Several designs of AHO lamps can cause irritation in traffic and on busy roads, which can be a risk for the driver.

Lastly, remember that your bike insurance policy plays an important role in keeping you and your bike safe. Getting the right insurance for a 2-wheeler is easy with Tata AIG's simple and hassle-free online processes. You can also compare two-wheeler insurance online to get quick and reasonable premium quotes that make your policy purchase easier.


An AHO system is an additional safety feature. Despite AHO, it would be better to use DRL. In addition to improving road and highway conditions, we should focus on traffic rules and regulations. Riding is also about following the rules of the road and highway as a rider. In turn, that will result in safer roads and a reduction in the number of accidents.

Accidents may still occur occasionally despite these precautions. Two-wheeler insurance provided by Tata AIG covers you financially during these times. Two-wheeler owners should buy a bike insurance policy. Compare two-wheeler insurance online with Tata AIG to find the right insurance for your 2-wheeler.

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