What Is ABS?

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Be it the ease of navigating through the traffic, the thrill of experiencing fresh air, or saving precious money- there are 100 reasons, but the truth ultimately is that you adore your two-wheeler! However, no matter how great a driver you are, there are always some perils that come with riding a two-wheeler. Despite being extra careful, things can go wrong sometimes! In addition, any biker will tell you that riding a bike is not a child’s play and needs practice and learning.

One thing that everyone should know is that stopping a bike is quite different from stopping a car. In a bike, there are different brakes for stopping the front and rear wheels. If one of the wheels gets locked due to hard braking, stopping can become a hassle and may lead to an accident.

However, there is an effective solution to this problem. Fixing a technology can help you make your bikes safer. This humble and simple technology is called ABS. The ABS full form in bike riding is an anti-lock braking system. Getting an ABS installed on your bike reduces the chances of a fatal accident. Also, before you understand ABS and its workings, it is also essential to understand the importance of insurance for a 2 wheeler.

Now that you know what is ABS, let us understand how ABS works.

How Does ABS Work?

If there is an emergency situation that needs hard braking, the wheels can get locked, which might lead to falling over or skidding of the motorbike. However, ABS works in an anticipatory manner. The ABS has electronic sensors that help to detect the locking before it actually takes place in the bike. So, when the bike driver applies the brakes, the ABS can come into use and apply an accurate amount of pressure on the brakes.

The use of the ABS brake system in your two-wheelers helps you maximise the working of the braking system of your bike. Thus, you can slow your bike down without losing any traction, which is essential to avoid accidents. In addition, the ABS brake system can lessen the distance of stopping and also prevent any skidding, which is important to enhance protection.

Advantages of ABS

Here is the list of advantages of ABS:

  • Lessens the stopping distance

If you use the ABS brake system, you can reduce the stopping distance of your vehicle. For example, if the starting speed of your bike is 80km/hr, the stopping distance of the bike will be 30 metres after you apply the brakes, but if you have ABS installed in your bike, the stopping distance will lessen by 3 metres.

This happens because, with the ABS, the bike's tyres are constantly getting traction. Thus, the speed can be controlled better when it comes to vehicles that have ABS. However, without an ABS brake system, the wheels can get locked, and your bike might lose traction. This leads to skidding as the tyres try to grip the surface of the road.

As a rider, you must know that one metre can make a difference in avoiding accidents and a collision taking place. With the ABS, you can ride on the road without any stress.

  • Better Control

Every rider knows the importance of having control so that the bike can remain steady. In addition, ABS on a bike allows you to have better control over your vehicle in case there is an emergency braking situation.

With ABS in the bike, there is a high chance of the bike stopping in a straight line, and the speed will be shed in a controlled manner. Thus, the bike will remain controlled, and there are very low chances of skidding.

Without ABS, your bike can lose traction, which might lead to loss of control of the vehicle. During harsh weather conditions, this can lead to a crash or a tumble which may cause a lot of harm to you.

  • Prevent Stoppies

Whether you are a stuntman by profession or not, you would not like your bike to perform a stoppie without your permission. But, if you do not have an ABS brake system on your bike, this can happen.

Even when the roads are slippery and the weather is harsh, the bike will get a lot of traction if ABS is fitted to your bike. Also, with ABS, braking becomes more linear, which is essential. In contrast, without ABS, the braking becomes abrupt, which can lead to skidding or a stoppie.

In an ABS bike system, the hydraulics control the braking pressure, and the rider might only feel some minor pulsations on the lever of the bike. The hydraulic system, in combination with the ABS, gives you a warning at the right time, thus preventing accidents and mishaps.

Why Do You Need Insurance for 2 Wheeler?

Along with the ABS brake system fitted to your bike, it is important to understand the importance of insurance for 2 wheeler. However, always compare bike insurance policies online to find the best one suited for your bikes. The bike insurance policy will ensure that you can drive your bike on the road with ease.

At Tata AIG, we provide you comprehensive bike insurance policy, a standalone own damage bike insurance policy, and a standalone third-party bike insurance policy. The process of buying insurance for 2 wheeler is quick and hassle-free, and the bike insurance renewal online can be done with ease.


Now that you know the ABS full form in the bike and the advantages of ABS, it is essential to have it fitted in your bike to ensure that you are optimally protected when you are on the road. ABS brake system is important no matter if you are a veteran or a newbie. It is a beneficial addition to your bike and can help you avoid a lot of mishaps while you are on the road. However, while you get your bike fitted with ABS, it is also essential to have the right bike insurance policy to enjoy riding your two-wheeler on the road without any stress. With Tata AIG, you can purchase insurance for 2 wheeler within a few clicks and at affordable prices.

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