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What is Cubic Capacity (CC) in Bikes?

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 30/05/2022

Purchasing a two-wheeler can be confusing at times. There are so many things that you need to consider while you purchase the right two-wheeler for yourself. It can lead to a lot of dilemmas. Moreover, everyone does buy a two-wheeler for the same purposes. For example, some people buy two-wheelers for their daily commute, whereas others buy one to experience adventure. Design, performance, power, etc., are some of the major things that you need to consider.

One of the major things that one needs to consider when buying a two-wheeler is cc in bikes. CC in bikes is the cubic capacity of the bikes. If you are wondering what is cc in a bike, we have the answers for you. Bigger bikes usually have a bigger engine, so their capacity is bigger, which leads to the generation of power. You must remember that the more the capacity of the engine, the more your fuel bill will be. Generally, bikes with a smaller capacity engine are fuel-efficient and have more mileage.

Before we get into the details about what is cc in a bike, it is essential to understand that while you buy the right bike for yourself, getting bike insurance is very important. It will help you stay financially secure if you face an accident on the roads in India.

With Tata AIG, purchasing a bike insurance plan is easy, and you can get a two-wheeler insurance plan within a few minutes. Moreover, you can choose between different types of insurance, namely, comprehensive insurance for the bike, third-party insurance for the bike, or standalone own damage insurance for the bike. Moreover, you can do the bike insurance renewal online within a few minutes, which is great.

Let us get into the cc meaning in the engine, what is cc in a bike, and what is cc in the engine.

What is CC in the Engine?

CC, meaning in the engine, is the cubic capacity of the engine, which is the power output that the bike provides. The cubic capacity is the volume of the chamber of the engine that your bike has. If the capacity of the engine is higher, then a larger quantity of fuel and air mixture can be compressed, which causes more power to be released. Many different bikes in the market have capacities ranging from 50 engine cc to 1800 engine cc for some cruisers that are present in the market. The cubic capacity is a factor that determines things like torque, horsepower, etc., in the bike. Also, cc in bikes also affects the premiums.

Now that you know what is cc in the engine and cc full form in the bike, let us get ahead.

How Does the Cubic Capacity of the Bike Affect the Premium?

Now that you know the cc meaning in the bike, we should understand how the cubic capacity affects the bike insurance premium.

There are two types of bike insurance plans that you can buy. These are -

  • Third-party bike insurance plan

A third-party bike insurance policy is mandated by the law. It covers the injuries and damages caused to a third party by the insured vehicle when there is an accident on the roads. Thus, the premiums for a third-party insurance plan are determined by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI). The IRDAI determines the rates of third-party bike insurance plans as per the cc in bikes. These rates are:

Cubic Capacity (cc) in the bikes Third-party insurance rates for bikes
CC up to 75 ₹482
More than 75 cc up to 150 cc ₹752
More than 150 cc up to 350 cc ₹1193
More than 350 cc ₹2323
  • Comprehensive bike insurance plan

On the other hand, comprehensive insurance for bikes is not limited to just third-party related financial losses, but it also covers damages caused to the bike of the owner. But, the cc in bikes is not the only thing that affects the bike insurance premiums. There are other factors that affect the premiums as well.

Factors that Affect Comprehensive Bike Insurance Premium

Here is the list of factors that affect the comprehensive bike insurance premiums:

  • The model of the bike is one of the major things that affect the insurance premium of your bike insurance. Some insurers have different price tags for different models, so you can check the premium according to that.
  • Secondly, the higher the cubic capacity of the bike, the higher the premiums are. This is because if the bike is in an accident, the cost of repairs is more.
  • A voluntary deductible also affects the premium. There is some amount of deductible that you need to pay with every claim that you file, which is the standard deductible. But, apart from the standard deductible, you can opt for a voluntary deductible which will lower your premiums.
  • The add-ons that you include in your bike insurance plan also affect the premiums. The more the number of add-ons, the higher your bike insurance premium. So, it is essential to check which add-ons you actually need and then add them to your insurance for the bike so that you do not pay additional premiums unnecessarily.


Now that you know the cc full form in the bike and the cc meaning in the bike, you must understand that it affects the power of your bike and also the premiums of your bike insurance plan. Therefore, while buying a bike, it is essential to know the cc in the bike as it affects the expense of the fuel and premiums as well. Understand the reason for purchasing the bike, compare different bikes available in the market and then buy one for yourself.

But, remember, it is essential that you get the right bike insurance plan before you drive on the roads in India. You can also use the bike insurance premium calculator to know the amount of premium that you need to pay for the insurance plan that you have chosen.

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