Tips For Choosing The Right Pair of Motorcycle Boots

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If you are on this page, it is because you are either planning on biking in a cold place or will face your first winter after purchasing a bike. So obviously, you want to know what kind of winter riding clothes you may need. Where you're heading and what you require it for will dictate what kind of winter riding gear you will require.

For example, the more costly pro-laminate equipment might not be necessary for someone who uses winter riding gear for their work ride and can get by utilising a warm jacket rather than a lamination system. However, if you are travelling to a place where it gets very cold and where you will be exposed to the elements, you need to think about greater insulation.

Before we go into the details of winter riding gear, we should first talk about insurance for bikes. Anyone who wishes to drive a bike in India is required to have valid bike insurance. If a person is found without insurance for their bike, they have to pay large fines, could have their licence and registration cancelled and could also be imprisoned. If you want to drive your bike on the roads of India, especially if you are planning on riding somewhere where you may come across many checkpoints, having bike insurance in place is of utmost importance.

Tata AIG’s two-wheeler insurance policy can be the right fit for you if you are looking for a provider that puts you first. When you buy bike insurance from us, you become part of our family, and we take care of your needs in that way. We offer you roadside assistance, comprehensive plans, affordable prices, a large network of cashless garages and the option of buying and getting your bike insurance renewal online. Thus, Tata AIG is often the best option for you when it comes to insurance for bikes.

After talking about the importance of insurance, let us now go back to talking about winter riding clothes.

Getting the Right Winter Riding Gear

If you want to know what to wear when driving your bike in the winter, the answer is simple, wear things that keep you warm. When driving a bike, the cold wind can sweep your body, making you feel colder. However, if you have winter riding pants and winter riding jackets, you should be good for the greatest part. So, without wasting any more time, let us look into the right winter riding clothes one should wear before taking their bikes out for a winter drive.

Winter Riding Jacket

A winter riding jacket is a crucial piece of riding equipment. This is essential for keeping you warm throughout long winter trips or even on regular commutes. It protects you from slip-and-fall incidents and flying objects that might forcefully strike your body. Furthermore, your clothes won't get soiled or tangled up because of the jacket. Additionally, search for jackets that are suitable for all four seasons. These are made of a unique, ventilated mesh that will keep you cool during the summer. While winters do not get too cold in many parts of India, the right jacket can help keep the cold winds away, making you fall sick.

Insulated Riding Pants

Our legs can often get cold when we are riding in winter. And once the legs get cold, the rest of the body follows quickly. If you want to keep your legs warm, opt for insulated riding pants that do not let the cold seep through. The right pair of winter riding pants is thick but porous. It blocks the cold air from getting through but does not suffocate the person. Ensure that your winter riding pants are insulated if the area you are riding in is prone to snowfall.

The Right Base

Having comfortable base layers is a must when you are riding in the winter. If you live in a place that does not get too cold, you could always get rid of your jacket and outer pants if it is a pleasantly warm day. Instead, opt for breathable full-length cotton that is slightly thicker than what you would wear in the summer. However, if you are living in an area where it gets very cold, you should opt for woollen clothes or thermals that will keep your body warm, and you have that extra layer of protection so even if the cold air seeps in through the outer layers, you have inner protection.

Winter Gloves

Any rider who spends time on their bike outside in the cold has to wear winter gloves. To operate a bike, you need to have high hand dexterity. You won't only feel unpleasant if your hands are numb because of the cold, but you won't be as totally in charge of the motorcycle as you ought to be. Pulling the clutch lever and applying the front brakes become most difficult without winter gloves.

Winter gloves often feature waterproof layers on top of their heated liners. The waterproof coating will effectively block the air while also keeping the hands dry during cold weather, whereas the thermal lining will undoubtedly help with warmth. In cold weather, it's crucial to stay dry. Getting wet means allowing the cold to seep in and cause various problems.

Waterproof Riding Boots

The finest riding waterproof boots for travelling in cold weather are typically adventure-style boots, and if you want to know the reason, here it is. They are larger, provide better protection, have higher insulation, are typically warmer, and have better waterproofing.

Because your foot requires room to breathe, you'll need to fit a great pair of wool socks inside your bike boots. However, they shouldn't be too tight to cut off circulation. Additionally, it can be worthwhile to spend money on a pair of warming insoles if your feet tend to become cold easily.

Finally, choose a pair of riding waterproof boots, especially if you live in areas that get snowfall, and above all else, ensure they are comfortable.


To conclude, having the right winter riding gear can make all the difference in the world if you are going to be riding in the winter. You must remember that driving in winter also needs more care and attention than when driving in the summer. And before you can get to driving in the winter, do not forget your bike insurance from Tata AIG!

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