Why Young Riders Should Buy Two-Wheeler Insurance?

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Certain terms come to mind when one thinks of young riders on the roads: rash riders, speeding, jumping signals, inattentive, etc. While not all of them may apply to every young rider, it can’t be denied that the thrill of newly getting a two-wheeler can make them slightly negligent on the roads. As young riders lack experience in handling a bike and simultaneously being attentive to the traffic and the rules, there are several instances of young riders being involved in accidents. And in addition to safety gear such as the helmet, the next most important thing that can protect young riders on the road is comprehensive insurance for 2-wheeler. There are several reasons why bike insurance for young riders needs to be comprehensive – let’s explore them.

Importance of Two-Wheeler Insurance for Young Riders

Getting a new bike is a dream come true. You can now freely roam about with your friends wherever you please at your convenience. But amid the thrill and all the fun, young riders are known to be inattentive towards the traffic rules and riding etiquette. To ensure protection from road mishaps, it is important to buy motorbike insurance for young riders, not neglect traffic rules, and wear a helmet. Ensuring these three things promises a safe riding experience.

If you are looking for cheap bike insurance for young riders, you can only buy a third-party liability cover which is a mandatory requirement to legally ride on Indian roads. However, although a third-party bike insurance policy is cheap, it does not pay for any damages to own vehicle or person. These damages have to be borne out of your pocket. And so, for all-around protection, riders are always advised to invest in comprehensive insurance for 2-wheelers. A comprehensive bike insurance policy will compensate for the damages to the third party as well as own damages.

Now that we have understood some basics about a suitable bike insurance policy, let’s understand why comprehensive motorbike insurance for young riders is insisted upon. Usually, young riders make these rookie mistakes that emphasise the importance of having an active bike insurance policy.

Choosing the Wrong Bike

It is easy to gravitate towards speed and a powerful engine that a smart-looking sports bike promises. However, in the initial phase of your driving, it is best to choose a bike where you will be able to focus on how to ride and be attentive to others’ riding behaviour. Considering this, choosing a two-wheeler that can be managed easily to prevent an unfortunate road mishap is important.

Ensure your bike is appropriate for your height so you can comfortably straddle and steer the vehicle with your feet on the ground. New bike buyers must engage in thorough research to find a suitable two-wheeler by looking up vehicles online and test-riding the shortlisted variants. It is not prudent to compromise on convenience and ease of riding simply for speed and a powerful engine.

Not Knowing How to Ride

One of the most common mistakes young riders make is directly taking their new bike on the traffic-heavy streets without first learning the basics of riding. To prevent an accident, every novice rider must acquaint themselves with how to balance, how much and when to accelerate, how to shift gears, etc., in a safe and controlled environment. Beginners can learn these skills by enrolling themselves in driving schools that also help procure a driving licence. Once you complete this assisted learning, you will have to display the letter “L” on the front and the back of your bike to indicate you are a learner. This is because beginners only get a temporary learner’s licence and will have to apply for a permanent one after a specific period and following their driving test. You can remove this “L” from your bike after you get your permanent driving licence.

Neglecting a Helmet

You cannot stress the importance of a helmet enough. However, if you wish to prevent any head and neck injuries, you must invest in a full-face helmet. A helmet ensures that your most crucial parts are secured from an accidental impact. The minor inconvenience of wearing a helmet out does the benefits and security afforded by wearing one. Riders often neglect to wear a helmet, particularly for short distances. However, regardless of how far you travel, make it a habit to protect yourself with a helmet.

Inattentive Riding

It is imperative to be alert when riding. Young bike riders tend to rashly ride their bikes to flaunt their skills or often listen to music when they ride. However, this negligence can be very costly as it compromises the safety of the rider and increases the probability of being involved in an accident. To prevent these unfortunate road mishaps, it is essential to be alert and cautious while riding and enhance your safety by investing in comprehensive insurance for 2-wheelers.

Recommended Add-on Covers with Bike Insurance for Young Riders

Add-on covers are an additional layer of protection over and above your comprehensive bike insurance policy. These covers are essential because even comprehensive two-wheeler insurance does not protect you from all road scenarios. Add-ons are the best way to ensure appropriate protection, particularly in the case of two-wheeler insurance for young riders. These add-ons are provided by your insurance provider at a slightly higher premium. You must always analyse your insurance needs and appropriately compare two-wheeler insurance policies to find a suitable cover.

Here are some recommended riders for young bike insurance buyers:

Zero-Depreciation Cover

All vehicles are depreciating assets. And so, when you raise a claim against your insurance for a 2-wheeler, your insurance provider will deduct the depreciating value before compensating you. However, with the zero-depreciation cover, the insurer will compensate for the repaired and replaced parts without deducting the bike’s depreciated value.

No-Claim Bonus Protection Cover

The no-claim bonus (NCB) is a discount provided on your premium when you don’t raise a single claim during the policy term. It is a reward from your insurance provider for being a safe and cautious rider. If the policyholder does not raise a claim for five consecutive years, the NCB discount can be as much as 50% on the subsequent premium. However, even with a single claim raised, the NCB is lost. To prevent losing your NCB discount, you can enhance your protection with an NCB cover which will secure your premium discount despite raising a claim.

Roadside Assistance Cover

If you are enjoying a long ride on your new purchase and suddenly your bike malfunctions in the middle of nowhere, you can be in trouble. It is very challenging to look for a garage in a remote location. However, with the roadside assistance add-on, you can simply reach out to your insurance provider, who can send help to get your vehicle fixed.

The Tata AIG comprehensive bike insurance policy comes with unique add-ons to enhance protection and ensure convenience for riders.

In Conclusion

In the beginning, buying cheap bike insurance for young riders may sound practical and cost-effective. But one should never compromise safety for money. Moreover, with the right insurance for your 2-wheeler, you may save more in the longer run. Contrary to popular belief, a bike insurance policy is not an expensive investment, especially if you adequately analyse your insurance needs and buy insurance for 2-wheelers online.

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