Bike Riding Gear You Should Own During Winter!

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The key to remaining warm during the winter is to keep your core warm, whether you're riding on your two-wheeler or not. Ever wondered why the first things to usually freeze in cold weather are your fingers and toes? This is because your body inhibits warm blood flow to your limbs in order to keep your core temperature stable. Basically, your body goes into survival mode to keep your core warm during spine-chilling cold winter months.

For bikers, winter is an amazing season to enjoy long rides minus the irritating heat and humidity. Basically, bike riding is fantastic in the winter as long as the weather is agreeable and the visibility is good. However, inclement weather conditions, such as fog, frost, heavy rain or hailstorm, can cause problems for your daily rides. Therefore, purchasing appropriate riding gear is crucial for the chilly winter months.

A few items, such as a winter riding jacket, bike riding gloves for winter, and helmets, are imperative to invest in for any rider. However, apart from these riding gears, it’s equally important to maintain financial safety by investing in a good bike insurance plan. Insurance for bikes from Tata AIG, along with the riding gear, will ensure that your pockets are safe during a mishap on the road. Also, according to the Motor Vehicles Act in India, two-wheeler insurance is mandatory for every bike owner in the country.

Now, coming back to the central part of the blog, let’s find out the must-have winter riding gear prerequisites that you should invest in if you own a bike.

List of Winter Riding Gears

Winter Riding Jacket First things first, you would want the chilly winds to hit your chest directly while riding your bike. This could be too uncomfortable for you to ride and also can make you fall sick. A winter liner for riding jackets is a crucial piece of riding equipment that you must own. This will keep you warm during long winter rides or even on regular commutes.

Additionally, search for jackets that are suitable for all four seasons. Pick a jacket that’s made of a unique, breathable mesh that will keep you cool during the summer. Alternatively, you might get a winter bike riding jacket that’s made specifically for your bike model.

Winter Motorcycle Gloves Just like a winter riding jacket, investing in good-quality hand gloves for bike riding in winter is also essential. As mentioned earlier, your hands will get freezing cold to keep your core warm. Without covering your hands, you run a higher chance of getting hurt as your hands may get numb because of the cold.

Hence, to fully protect your hands from the bitter cold, wear winter hand gloves. In this manner, you can ride comfortably without worrying about how the weather will impact your grip and control of the bike. You can also opt for waterproof riding gloves as they will save your hands from sudden winter rains. The best bike riding gloves for winter with optimum padding will not only protect you from frigid winds but also against crashes.

Winter Riding Boots Riding boots are essential not only as winter riding gear, but they can be worn in all seasons. These will relieve the stress brought on by long journeys and assist you in preventing accidents. Look for a pair of boots that are stylish and appropriate for the winter, summer, and monsoon seasons. Pick a pair of boots for your rides that will make both short and lengthy trips more comfortable for you.

Helmet for Riding You can easily get specially made helmets with goggles attached that will provide complete head protection during the winter season. Not only do they keep you secure, but they also look really attractive and trendy.

The biggest issue a biker faces during winter is the fogging up of the helmet visor. There are certain helmets that you can clean on the inside and outside, but cleaning the fog from the inside of the visor while riding is not possible. Exhaust vents can help a lot by allowing air to circulate freely, but the best solution is to get a defogger installed. In that case, you need to have a pinlock-enabled helmet.

Face Cover Masks During the winter, a full-face cover mask will shield your face from chilly wind gusts and fog. Additionally, it will serve as a barrier against dust and other tiny particles while riding. While riding a bike during winter, dust particles could hit your face and hence, it can get really uncomfortable for you to ride.

However, these masks will be appropriate for all throughout the year. Such a mask can be used in the summer as well to block off the harsh sun rays.

Knee and Elbow Guard Finally, do not forget to get some elbow and knee guards so you can ride your bike in the winter. Choose them from a variety of options and brands based on the size of your knees and elbows. When purchasing them, you should keep the following in mind:

  • Comfort and breathability of the products
  • Material of the knee and elbow guards
  • Protection level
  • Size and shape of your knee and elbow
  • Strength and durability of the products


These are just a few items of clothing and equipment to consider when prepping up for the winter in India. We are sure that we haven’t missed out on anything. However, we would like to remind you again to buy the right bike insurance plan to keep your rides safe and your finances protected throughout the year!

With Tata AIG, even the bike insurance renewal online process is absolutely simple and straightforward. So, all these above-mentioned riding gears, along with robust insurance for bikes, will keep you protected against on-road riding risks. At Tata AIG, we offer all types of bike insurance policies, you can compare two-wheeler insurance before purchasing.

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