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Without Licence Fine in Chennai

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 26/03/2024

A driving licence is a government-issued document that every vehicle owner in Chennai and all across India must possess. It is the document that authorises motorists to drive on the road without getting penalised. However, if someone is found driving without this document, then they have to pay a fine for no driver’s licence in Chennai.

Moreover, if your driving licence expires, you can also be fined for driving without a valid licence.

So what should you do? You should apply for a new or renewed driving licence as soon as possible.

Here, you will learn what is a no-licence fine in Chennai, how to apply for a DL in Chennai, and other DL-related information.

What is Fine for No Driver’s Licence in Chennai?

The without licence fine in Chennai is ₹5,000 charged from the offender who drives a vehicle without a valid licence.

Challan is imposed on offenders to educate them and hold them responsible for their irresponsible behaviour, which might result in severe consequences. Traffic police officers issue these fines through an e-challan machine provided by the government.

Moreover, if someone fails to pay this challan by its due date, they will face additional penalties or punishment.

When Are You Not Supposed to Drive Your Vehicle Under Section 181?

Section 181 is an essential section of the Motor Vehicles Act, that states the circumstance under which an individual is not allowed to drive a vehicle. These circumstances are:

No individual without a valid driving licence is allowed to drive any vehicle on public roads.

Individuals under 18 are not allowed to drive vehicles in public spaces. However, they can apply for a licence to drive a vehicle at 16 years of age only for a gearless vehicle with an engine capacity of up to 50cc.

Only individuals of 20 years of age will be issued a licence to drive transport or commercial vehicles.

No individual will be issued with a learner’s licence or permanent licence to drive a vehicle class they have applied for unless they become eligible to drive the exact vehicle.

How to Pay Your Driving Without Licence Fine in Chennai?

Payment of without licence challan is the penalty amount that every offender must pay for driving without a licence in Chennai. The fine amount can be paid through both online and offline methods; here are the steps for both.

Online Without DL Fine Payment Process

Step 1: Go to the official E-challan Parivahan website.

Step 2: Next, fill up your requested details of challan number, vehicle number or DL number.

Step 3: After filling in your details, enter the given captcha on the screen and hit “Get Detail.”

Step 4: You will be shown details of your e-challan and the amount to be paid. Verify the details and proceed with payment.

Step 5: Once the payment is completed successfully, take a print-out of your payment for future reference.

Offline Without DL Fine Payment Process

Make Payment to Police Officer: You can pay the without licence fine in Chennai to any traffic officer with an e-challan swipe machine. Provide the officer with your challan details, make payment, and ask for your payment receipt after payment.

Visit RTO Office: Locate and visit your nearest RTO office with your challan details; provide the concerned officer with your details. Once you have verified your challan amount, make the payment and then ask for the payment receipt for future reference.

What Happens When You Don’t Pay Without DL Fine in Chennai?

Once you get a no-driving licence fine in Chennai you need to pay it within 60 days from the date of its issuance. However, if you fail to pay the fine within its stipulated time, then you might have to face one of these scenarios:

Police Visit: If you fail to pay your DL fine within the due date, then a police officer will be sent to your registered residence address to collect the fine amount in person.

Court Summon: The second scenario involves getting a court summons. If you are not present at your residence during the police visit, a summons will be sent to your address. By being present on your summoned date, you can pay your fine in court.

Licence Suspension: If you fail to mark your presence in front of the court, then the court has the right to suspend your driving licence temporarily or permanently, whatever they deem suitable.

How to Get a Valid Driving Licence in Chennai

Driving without a valid licence is a punishable offence not only in Chennai but all over India; this includes driving with an expired licence. If you do not have a licence or have an expired licence, then it is the right time to apply for a new licence by following these steps.

How to Apply for a Driving Licence in Chennai?

Step 1: Visit the official Parivahan Sarathi website.

Step 2: On the web page, select your state “Tamil Nadu” from the dropdown menu.

Step 3: Next, the page will load with various driving licence services. Select the “Apply for Driving Licence” option.

Step 4: Now, you need to provide details of your learner’s licence to move forward with the permanent licence application. Make sure to get a valid learner’s licence, as it is mandatory to apply for a driving licence.

Step 5: After that, you need to complete the permanent licence application form. Read the instructions before completing the form.

Step 6: Once your application form is filled, you need to book a slot for your DL test with your nearest RTO.

Step 7: After you have booked the slot now, proceed with the driving licence fee payment.

Step 8: Take a print-out of your payment receipt after successful payment.

Step 9: On the day of your driving licence test, come with the vehicle you want a licence for, your receipt, and other necessary documents.

Step 10: Finally, when you have completed your DL test successfully, you will be issued with a permanent licence.

How to Renew Your DL in Chennai?

Step 1: Go to the official website of Parivahan Sarathi.

Step 2: Next, select your state, “Tamil Nadu,” from the dropdown menu.

Step 3: The page will load and contain various driving licence-related options; you need to click on the “Apply for DL Renewal” option.

Step 4: Now, you need to fill in your details in the application form. Read the instructions carefully before filling out the application.

Step 5: Next, you need to book a slot for your driving licence as per your suitability.

Step 6: After booking your DL test slot, pay your application fees. After successful payment, print out your payment receipt.

Step 7: Attend the DL test day with your vehicle, old driving licence, payment receipt, and other necessary documents.

Step 8: Once you have passed your DL test successfully, you will receive your renewed permanent driving licence.

Tips to Avoid Without Licence Fine in Chennai

Make it a habit to always carry your driving licence, vehicle registration documents and other driving-related documents with you while you are driving.

If you can not carry hard copies of your driving licence and other documents, then make use of the DigiLock app to save soft copies. However, remember that in some cases, you might be required to present hard copies of your documents. Thus, it is advised to carry physical documents with you.

Never drive with an expired driving licence; make sure to get your licence renewed if its expiration date is nearing.

Always make sure that your pillion rider on a two-wheeler wears a helmet, and if you are driving a car, then the front passenger should wear a seatbelt in a moving vehicle.

Never allow a minor or a person without a valid licence to drive your vehicle.

Always drive within the speed limit prescribed for your vehicle type. Overspeeding vehicles can cause loss of control and lead to accidents.

List of Laws and Acts Pertaining to Driver’s Licence

Here are some of the essential laws and acts regarding driving licence under the Motor Vehicles Act.

Section 3: This section states that driving a motor vehicle without a valid driver’s licence is a punishable offence under the provisions of law.

Section 4: Section 4 governs the legal age for applying for a driving licence. That is 16 for a two-wheeler vehicle with a 50cc engine capacity, 18 for geared motor vehicles, and 20 for commercial and transport vehicles.

Section 5: This section states that any person with a driving licence should not allow any other person without a valid driving licence to drive their motor vehicle. If parents or guardians allow their children to drive their vehicles without a valid licence, then guardians/parents have to face legal consequences.

Section 9: Section 9 states that an individual's driving licence can be suspended under certain circumstances, such as if the person commits repeated offences.

Section 130: This section states that every individual must present valid documents, such as a driving licence, registration certificate, car or bike insurance papers, and other driving-related documents when asked by an officer of the Motor Vehicles Department.

Section 180: Section 180 states that any vehicle owner who allows another person without a valid driving licence will be penalised and can also be imprisoned.

How Can Tata AIG Help You?

A driving licence is a mandatory document that every vehicle owner must possess. However, other additional documents are made compulsory for motorists. One such document is bike insurance, which protects bike owners from financial liability in case of accidental damages.

That is why the law has made it mandatory for every new bike or scooter owner to have 5 years of long-term two-wheeler insurance coverage for prolonged protection and to reduce the incidence of lapsed insurance cases.

With Tata AIG's two-wheeler insurance policy, you get financial benefits against third-party liability, theft, accidental damage, personal accident, and man-made and natural disaster damages.

Moreover, with our online buying facility, you can quickly get your two-wheeler insurance online, and this makes the renewal process smoother, too.

So make sure to browse Tata AIG's website for the best insurance cover as per your needs!

Summing Up

Without licence, challan is the penalty that an individual has to pay for their offence of driving without a valid licence in Chennai. However, you can avoid getting penalised by getting your driving licence from your nearest RTO. Remember, a driving licence is essential not only for avoiding penalties but also for your and others' protection on the road, as this document authorises that you are responsible and skilled to drive on public roads.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fine for violating traffic signs in Chennai?

Any individual who jumps mandatory traffic signs in Chennai will be penalised with ₹500 penalty amount.

What is fine for failure to renew a vehicle registration document in Chennai?

If you fail to renew your RC certificate, you will be penalised with ₹500 for the first offence and ₹1,500 for repeated offences.

Disclaimer / TnC

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