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Cashless garages are an important constituent of a vehicle insurance policy. Cashless garages are garages or repair facilities that are authorised by the insurance company to repair a vehicle insured by them. So, if you get your vehicle repairs done from one of the authorised cashless garages, the cashless insurance cover pays for the expenses incurred. You are not liable to pay any money to the garage, and the bill is directly settled by the insurance company. Tata AIG offers more than 6900 network garages for the convenience of cashless repairs and claims. You can choose the one that is nearest to you and get your repairs done. You do not need to file a claim for this.

Increase in cashless claims

Motor Insurance in India is becoming highly consumer-focused, with several ways, like best-in-class policies, economical premiums, exemplary customer service, beneficial add-ons and more, enhancing the reach of vehicle insurance in India. With the growing awareness regarding vehicle insurance in India, there has been a sharp increase in the percentage of claims. As a result, Tata AIG is always on the look-out for ways to expedite the claim processes. This has led to a wide network of cashless garages that offers cashless claim settlement to our policyholders.

Moreover, apart from authorised dealerships, we have extended to also include multi-brand vehicle service centres in our network of cashless garages. This helps to widen our garage network by increasing the service point in each city. By offering a wide cashless garage network, we are improving insurance penetration among different classes of consumers as well as enhancing the experience of existing policyholders.

How to avail cashless garage facility?

You can avail of the cashless garage facility by following these easy steps:

Step 1: In case of an accident or repair, inform Tata AIG about the incident. Also, specify the most damaged areas. Step 2: Tow or drive your vehicle to the nearest garage in the cashless network of your choice. Step 3: The damage caused to the vehicle is surveyed, and the policy documents are filed to get approval for cashless repairs. Step 4: You will receive a confirmation of the approved amount, which will also be sent to the garage owner. Step 5: Repairs up to the approved amount will be done by the garage facility. Tata AIG will settle the bill directly with the garage.

You are only required to pay for the cost of repairs, which are not a part of your vehicle insurance policy. The list of network garages is available on the official website.

You can also call the 24x7 toll-free helpline number 1800-266-7780 and know the nearest available cashless garage facility. For any queries regarding the cashless claim process, you can get in touch with us. Cashless claim process

The cashless claim process functions on trust, coordination and professionalism. All stakeholders – the policyholder, Tata AIG and the garage owner – must coordinate effectively and act professionally.

When you choose a cashless claim settlement option, you can get your vehicle repaired without paying any cash to the network garage facility. In such a scenario, you do not even have to file a claim. After you register for a cash claim in case of an accident or repair, our authorised surveyor will survey the damages and based on his report, we will sponsor the damage repairs up to a specific extent as per your policy terms.

The amount is confirmed via email to you and the network garage facility you choose. After the approval, the garage owner repairs your car and is directly compensated by Tata AIG.

What are the benefits of the cashless garage facility?

Over the years, cashless garage facility has become more popular, owing to its significant advantages:

  • Professional handling and management of claims
  • Peace of mind in case of a mishap
  • Convenient and hassle-free repair of the vehicle
  • No long waiting time for claim settlement.
  • Minimum documentation
  • Assured and good quality repairs
  • Faster repair service
  • Reduces financial stress in case of an unfortunate event like a car accident, etc.

Moreover, in case of an accident that leads to hospitalisation, a cashless claim facility comes to your rescue. It pays for the repairs of your vehicle and allows you to use your funds in getting the best treatment possible. This proves the reliability of a cashless garage facility.