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Over the last few years, the cost of medical and healthcare facilities in the country has risen manifold. Particularly, hospitalisation expenses have sharply increased, creating huge financial stress for the family of the patient, especially during emotionally stressful times. Now, given such a situation, have you ever wondered if you have instant money to pay for a health emergency? Would your family be able to pay the bills if you were hospitalised?

Well, with a health insurance policy that offers cashless hospitalisation cover, you do not have to worry about any of the above circumstances. Cashless hospitalisation means you and your family do not have to pay any money to the hospital. Your insurance company or the TPA (third-party administrator) will directly settle your bill with the hospital upon fulfilment of specific conditions.

Tata AIG offers cashless hospitalisation across 10,000+ large network of hospitals across India, which guarantees easy hospitalisation, seamless claim settlement and quality treatment.

How does the cashless system work in hospitals?

When you buy a Tata AIG health insurance policy, you will get a list of our network hospitals and medical facilities. These facilities have tie-ups with us and are authorised to provide you with cashless treatment. This means that you or your family do not have to be burdened with paying any of the treatment bills at the hospital. However, the cashless hospitalisation amount is subject to your policy coverage and fulfilment of other terms.

How Cashless Mediclaim Claims Work in TATA AIG's Network Hospitals

Understanding how cashless health insurance claims work in network hospitals is essential when initiating a cashless claim process with Tata AIG.

Step 1: Look for the Tata AIG network hospitals in your area. In case of emergency, inform us within 24 hours. Further, if the treatment is planned, inform us 3 days before hospitalisation.

Step 2: Remember to carry the essential documents, such as the issued Tata AIG health insurance policy, insurance card, etc., while visiting network hospitals. Further, a valid ID proof will be necessary while filling cashless insurance claims at hospitals.

Step 3: Fill out the other necessary pre-procedural forms and submit them to the hospitals.

Step 4: A request should be raised by visiting the Tata AIG official portal to expedite the procedure.

Step 5: After reviewing the application, Tata AIG releases an authorisation letter that will be sent to network hospitals directly. The amount will be settled directly with the hospitals; you don't have to worry about anything.

Note: Here, the cashless settlement would be at ease as our 10,000+ network hospitals are aligned with TATA AIG's requirements.

Now Get Cashless Mediclaim From Non-Network Hospitals

Your well-being matters no matter where you are. That's why we've introduced cashless healthcare convenience, not only in our network but also in non-network hospitals across the nation. Choose the freedom of cashless transactions and alleviate stress during emergency situations.

Terms and Conditions

  • For Planned Admission, the Company should receive the Intimation about the Planned Admission at least 48 hours prior to the proposed date of admission.

  • For Emergency Admission, the Company should receive the Request for Cashless Facility in the Prescribed Form at least within 48 hours after the time of admission.

  • The Hospital where the treatment is to be taken should meet the requirements of the Policy and the Company's internal guidelines.

  • Cashless Facility would be available only if the treatment is found admissible under the terms of the Policy.

  • The Request for Cashless Facility should be completed and signed by the Insured Person and the Hospital and submitted with all the requisite documents, including a copy of the Insured Person's Identification.

  • The Request for a Cashless Facility needs to be shared with TATA AIG via email.

  • Hospitals which are not in the Company's Network should provide a Letter of Consent to extend the Cashless Facility.

  • The Company reserves the right to reject the request for a Cashless Facility. If the Cashless Facility is denied, the Customer may submit the papers on completion of treatment, and admissibility of the claim would be subject to the terms of the Policy.

Claim Process

The cashless claim process during hospitalisation differs as per the type of hospitalisation.

  1. Before taking admission into the network hospital for the treatment, inform the TPA or Tata AIG, at least 48 hours prior, about the intended procedure/treatment and request for a pre-authorisation.
  2. In case of emergency treatment, Tata AIG or the TPA should be informed at least 24 hours after the procedure is done.
  3. You need to submit your authorised policy-issued ID card and other relevant documents to the network hospital.
  4. The designated TPA will check the policy details, nature and extent of coverage, and based on the policy, send the authorisation to the network hospital.
  5. If proper documents are not submitted, the application will be rejected by the TPA. This does not equal claim rejection. You simply have to re-submit the forms with the correct documents.
  6. The application can also be rejected if the intended treatment/procedure is not covered under your policy. This equals claim rejection.
  7. If the cashless claim is approved, the original bills and claim documents will be retained by the network hospital. You can take a copy of the documents for your record.
  8. Just because a claim is pre-authorised does not mean the entire claim is sanctioned. Tata AIG reserves the right to analyse every claim and entry, and final reimbursement will be paid based on the policy coverage.
  9. In the case of co-payment, the relevant proportion of the final bill as per your co-payment terms will have to be borne by you.

Documents required for cashless claim settlement

  1. Claim Form – Download the health insurance claim form for our website and submit it duly filled and signed.
  2. Original Bills – Consultation, Treatment, Procedure, Hospital-administered medication, Pharmacy bills, Prescriptions, etc.
  3. Medical Reports – Investigation reports, case history, treatment papers, indoor case papers, etc.
  4. Diagnosis Report by the Physician/Hospital.
  5. Detailed Report of all the individual medical procedures done and services provided with separate costs for each.
  6. Detailed Drug Prescriptions – Prescriptions should be in the insured’s name with clear medications prescribed and their unit costs.
  7. Pre and Post Hospitalisation Expenses – A list of all pre and post-hospitalisation treatments, tests, follow-ups, etc., done.
  8. Details of Implants – Invoices or stickers of implants used during the procedure.
  9. Settlement Letter – Copy of settlement letter if another TPA/insurer is involved.
  10. Legal Papers – Medico-legal certificates or FIRs if registered for accident-based cases.
  11. Identity Proof – Aadhar Card, Pan Card, Passport, etc.
  12. ID Card issued with the Health Policy.
  13. Details of legal heir, if needed.

Key benefits of cashless hospitalisation

Here are the top benefits of availing of a cashless hospital facility:

  • You and your family do not have to worry about arranging the finances and can focus on your treatment.
  • You have the freedom to get the best treatment possible without worrying about the present financial situation or hospital bills.
  • You get easy discharge as your bills are directly cleared by us.

Today, the growing incidence of cashless hospitalisation has made healthcare more affordable and accessible in the country. However, when you apply for a cashless claim facility, be sure to read all policy-related documents thoroughly. Understand all exclusions and upper limits, if any, to avoid any unpleasant surprises later.