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As a global insurance organization, AIG’s diverse offerings include products and services that help businesses and individuals protect their assets, manage risks and provide for retirement security. Here, you’ll find our latest press releases and information for media inquiries.

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Buying Travel Insurance? Check Out Tata AIG’s Reviews First

The Internet has come up with all the answers we seek about the world. As of 2019, the number of worldwide Internet users stands at 4.13 billion. From buying travel tickets to looking for routes to reach our destination via online maps, everything is now possible at our fingertips. Alongside, you can secure your domestic as well as foreign trips by buying the best travel insurance policy online. Other than being a virtual place to buy things or look for information, the Internet has also evolved as a global forum of reviews. The consumers check reviews of like-minded peers about various products and services to evaluate their buying decisions. The same is true for the travel insurance sector, where the policyholders share reviews about their various plans and its benefits. Tata AIG General Insurance is one such company that gets hundreds of positive reviews from the policyholders. They (the reviews) give insights about the consumer behavior related to their travel insurance plans. Over time, this has helped the company in improving the policies to maximize benefits for its buyers. If you are planning a trip and need the best travel insurance policy, here is what you must know about Tata AIG’s customer reviews: They Can Benefit You in the Long Run In the past, you had to call a local agent to buy the best travel insurance policy. Since it was time-consuming to ask multiple agents for a policy, you would prefer buying the one your agent recommends. This dependence had also kept you away from knowing the actual benefits you can get from buying a travel insurance policy. However, reading reviews about Tata AIG’s travel insurance plans can save your time and money. You will be less dependent on the recommendations of local agents and can make an informed decision about the best travel insurance plan by yourself. Once you have experienced the benefits of their policies, you will most likely make them your travel insurance partner in the long run. You Get to Know Well About the Insurer’s Reputation Different reviews about Tata AIG’s insurance plans can clarify your doubts about securing your domestic as well as foreign trips under travel insurance. For instance, you might be wondering about the benefits of international travel insurance, customer support, inclusion, and exclusion terms before buying a policy. While you can look for such information online, getting it through user reviews authenticates them. It is because they are based on the users’ experience with having the best travel insurance plan in place. You may even find reviews that compare various policies to tell you which one is better. Everything you need to know about a travel insurance plan can be found in the reviews. Good Reviews Implies Good Business Practices As a travel insurance buyer, the last thing you want to face during a foreign trip is the hassle of not getting expected support from your chosen insurer. You would always count on an insurance company whose business practices are unquestionable. By reading a good number of Tata AIG’s reviews, you can convince yourself about the insurer’s reputation before buying the policy. Whether it is about their simplified claim settlement process or quick support services, you get a ton of information through reviews to gain the confidence of choosing a trustworthy insurer. In terms of online reviews, some people are talking while others are listening as well. With many people reading and making a decision based on travel insurance reviews, it is crucial to use your wit alongside. Tata AIG’s Travel Guard – International Insurance policy is known amongst the policyholders for its features, including coverage for loss of baggage, loss of passport, medical expenses, to name a few. To select the best travel insurance plan, make sure you compare it with others to buy right.

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Here Are Five Reasons You Need Travel Insurance

When You Are Going Anywhere On A Trip, Be It For Studies, Vacation Or Work, The Last Thing You Want Is Not Being Able To Enjoy The Trip Because Of Any Problems. So It’s Prudent That You Travel With Insurance So You, Your Family And Your Plans Stay Protected.

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March Media Coverage

What if you don’t get the claim amount you were expecting and have to pay some out of your own pocket? What if you don’t get the claim amount you were expecting and have to pay some out of your own pocket?

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Why Media Coverage

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Who Should Choose A Zero Depreciation Cover?

What if you don’t get the claim amount you were expecting and have to pay some out of your own pocket? What if you don’t get the claim amount you were expecting and have to pay some out of your own pocket?What if you don’t get the claim amount you were expecting and have to pay some out of your own pocket? What if you don’t get the claim amount you were expecting and have to pay some out of your own pocket?

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Tata AIG General Insurance Co.Ltd offers ‘SmartCare’ extended warranty on home appliances for Flipkart customers

Tata AIG, one of the leading general insurance company and Flipkart, India’s homegrown e-commerce marketplace, today announced their strategic partnership for group policy arrangement to offer ‘SmartCare’- an extended warranty product available for Flipkart customers across their small home appliances range. Under this offering, consumers can avail an extended warranty of one year, in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty for new small home appliances in four different categories like Juicer Mixer Grinder, Induction Cooktop, Electric Cooker and Vacuum Cleaners at a much affordable price.

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Tata AIG General Insurance Co. Ltd. Revamps It's Online Platform | Website

Tata AIG is one of the most preferred general insurance companies, has revamped its online platform, []( The new refreshed online platform offers an upgrade on all fronts, including design, software, navigation and user journey to customize and improve the online experience for customers at every touchpoint.

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