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    Auto Insurance

    What is NCB? How will it benefit me?

    NCB means No Claim Bonus. 

    NCB is provided by Insurance Company if there is no claim taken by the Insured for 1 complete year. Below mentioned is the NCB % 

    • 1st Year - 20%
    • 2nd Year - 25 %
    • 3rd Year - 35 %
    • 4th Year - 45 %
    • 5th Year - 50%

    Maximum No Claim Bonus which is provided to the Insured is 50%

    If the customer is enjoying NCB he will be eligible for discount on the own damage premium amount. 

    Can I transfer my NCB?
    No Claim Bonus is non transferable; However in event of the Insured’s death NCB can be transferred to his/ her spouse. 

    If the policy is in the name of company and the User wants to transfer the policy in his name he can avail the NCB provided he submits the NOC from the company.

    What is Substitution of Insurance?
    Substitution of Insurance means transfer of Insurance from one vehicle to another. We require the below mentioned documents for substitution of Insurance at the branch. 

    Substitution of Insurance (Sale)

    • Sale Deed
    • New RC copy
    • Form 29/30
    • New application form
    • Proof of insurance of the old vehicle

    If I am selling my vehicle and want to retain the NCB what is the procedure? (NCB can only be claimed with in 90 days from the date of sale.) 
    For retaining you NCB you need to cancel your current Auto policy. You need to submit the below mentioned documents to our nearest branch. 

    • Original policy documents with the certificate of insurance (form – 51)
    • Proof of insurance
    • Covering letter mentioning the reason of cancellation.
    • Form 29/ 30, Sale Deed for procurement of NCB reserving letter.

    Note – NCB reserving letter is valid for three years. 

    How can I apply for a new Auto Insurance/ Home?
    To apply for a new Auto policy please call our tollfree 1800-266-7780.

    Travel Insurance 

    How do I extend my Travel Insurance?

    For extension of Travel Insurance you need to send us an email at 7 working days prior the policy expiry date.
    (Note – Extension of policy can be done after Underwriters approval.)

    Can I apply for a Travel Insurance on line?
    Yes you can now apply for Travel insurance online by visiting our website or you can also visit the below mentioned websites.

    International Travel:

    Domestic Travel:

    If I have not traveled and I want to cancel my travel Insurance what is the procedure?
    For cancellation of travel insurance the customer needs to submit the below mentioned documents.

    • Policy document
    • o Passport complete copies
    • Covering letter

    Note - Domestic Travel insurance cannot be cancelled or refunded

    Accident and Health Insurance

    What is a free look period?

    Free look period is the 14 days grace period provided to the customer for cancellation of his Accident policy.

    What is the procedure for cancellation and refund?
    For Cancellation of your Accident policy please call our tollfree 1800-266-7780 and place a request for cancellation. 

    Do you provide cash less facility?
    In Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited we don’t have any cashless benefits for Accident policies.

    Do you have tie ups with Hospitals? 
    Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited doesn’t have tie up with any hospitals. 

    Renewal Insurance

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