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    Product FAQs - Home Insurance

    How do I renew my Home Insurance?


    Renewal of your Home policy is now very easy; you can renew your policy by opting for below mentioned 3 simple ways

    • Cheque pick up – For free cheque pick up facility please call our toll free – 1800-266-7780
    • You can courier your cheque to our nearest branch.
    • Payment through IVR - For payment through IVR please call our toll free – 1800-266-7780

    What is home insurance ?

    It provides protection for property and interests of the insured and his family members who permanently reside with the insured.

    What is primarily covered in such policy ?

    • Fire & allied perils: Building & contents - Covers not only property, but also contents
    • Burglary & Theft: Covers loss of house hold contents and expenses Incurred due to damage caused on incidence of house-breaking & theft
    • Jewellery & Precious Items: All risk coverage for jewellery and precious stones
    • Plate Glass: Coverage against accidental breakage of glass
    • Domestic Appliances: Covered against any electrical or mechanical breakdown
    • Electronic equipment: All Risk Coverage
    • Pedal Cycles: All risk coverage with a third party liability extension
    • Baggage Insurance: Covers loss of baggage while traveling
    • Public Liability: Covers any injuries or damages caused to third parties
    • Workmen's Compensation: Covers workmen whom you have employed on wages
    • Personal Accident Cover: Coverage for the insured and his family for any death or disability

    What is the main advantage of a Home Insurance Policy ?

    • Single policy covering all risks related to home
    • Complete coverage at reduced and very competitive premium rates
    • Simple and quick documentation
    • Related items get covered under respective sections
    • No strain on pockets of insured
    • Customized cover option available
    • Benefits on sectional discount which will reduce the premium

    Can I cover the jewels worn by my family members?

    Yes, the Insurance cover includes the Jewels worn by your Spouse, Children and Parents residing with you.

    If I lose jewellery while I am on tour abroad, will it be covered?

    This policy covers loss of Jewellery by snatching within India only.

    Are Laptops/Palmtops covered?

    The Policy does not cover Laptops/ Palmtops. 

    Does this policy cover my building also?

    This policy covers your Household contents only and when they are kept in the building which is not made of Kutcha Construction.

    What is kutcha construction?

    Building(s) having walls and/or roofs of wooden planks/thatched leaves and/or grass/hay of any kind/bamboo/plastic cloth/asphalt cloth/canvas/tarpaulin and the like. 

    When does the policy cover start ?

    The cover starts from the time your payment is received by the insurer 

    Can I opt out of the insurance, will I get refund of premium if I cancel ?

    Yes, All you need to do is to contact customer service of insurance companies or write to them to inform your intention to cancel the policy. However refund of premium will be on short period rates. Please go through the policy terms & conditions for complete details.

    Is there a free Look-in /look-in period available ?


    Can I cancel my policy midway?

    Yes, one can cancel the insurance policy

    Can I get my money/unused premium refunded?

    The refund essentially depends upon the company and would be on short rate period. Customer must check the short rate calculations to avoid any heartburns later. Claims procedure – General step by step procedure:

    • Immediately inform the insurance company as soon as possible by Phone, SMS, Letter, Email and take the claim number
    • Collect the following indicative list of document
    • Deposit the completed claim form with the insurance company
    • Answer/satisfy the insurance company for query's if any
    • Advise the payment receiving mechanism

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