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Using Tata AIG's online health insurance premium calculator, you may get immediate medical insurance premium quotations and pick a plan based on your unique requirements!

Tata AIG Network Hospitals in Allahabad: A Brief Overview

India is one of the most rapidly-growing economies. However, due to its large population and below-par lifestyle, it is host to numerous illnesses. With the rapid advancement of medical technology, many health disorders in India are now curable; however, the expense of medical treatment for these illnesses is sometimes exorbitant.

Most individuals depend on their recruiter's health insurance to meet such costs. The recruiter's medical insurance coverage may only be valid for the duration of one's employment with the organisation. As a result, residents of India, particularly in densely populated areas like Allahabad, must purchase a health insurance plan to protect themselves against high medical costs.

Many major and medium-sized health establishments can be found in Allahabad. People may conveniently reach these facilities for their medical needs. Nevertheless, due to increased medical expenditures, these are also becoming more expensive. People residing in Allahabad should thus make sure they invest in medical insurance coverage as soon as possible and at a young age to save on premium costs.

Therefore, people should've proper health insurance plans for themselves and their loved ones. An individual should leave no space for error when obtaining the best medical care possible. When shopping for health insurance in Allahabad, look for coverage that includes cashless hospitalisation.

To that end, Tata AIG offers protection to people from all walks of life. As a leading provider of health insurance in India, our health insurance packages are tailored to your unique needs. You may get the correct therapy at the right time in Allahabad without breaking the bank. We cover all of your medical expenses, including ambulance costs, pre-medical and post-medical attention costs, medications, and treatments.

In addition, Tata AIG's cashless medical care option allows you to obtain treatment in a local network facility without having to pay cash. Our expert advisors will assist you in selecting the best health insurance plans for your family that best meet your needs. Please contact us if you want to take this alliance further.

Significant Benefits of a Tata AIG Health Insurance Plan

Since medical treatment is getting increasingly expensive, particularly in private institutions, there's a growing demand for medical insurance plans. Hospitalisation may be expensive and throw an individual's financial plans off track. If a family's single earner is afflicted with a medical issue, the family may face serious financial difficulties.

This may be prevented by purchasing medical insurance in Allahabad with a decent yearly premium. Comprehensive health insurance coverage includes medical tests, doctor consultation fees, hospitalisation charges, ambulance fees, and even post-discharge recovery expenditures.

Health insurance provides several advantages. You must select medical insurance packages that effectively satisfy all of your wants and specifications. To assist you in selecting, below is a list of the features offered by Tata AIG's medical insurance policies:

  • Cashless Hospitalisation: We work with 7,000+ hospitals across India to provide patients with cashless care when necessary. When seeking medical attention, our health insurance plans mention the network cooperating hospitals so that the patient can be hospitalised at any of our nearest network hospitals and get cashless treatment at the earliest.

  • Tax Exemption: Under the 1961 Income Tax Act (stated in Section 80D), health insurance tax benefits are available on the payable premium for a Tata AIG health insurance policy. A rebate of a maximum of ₹25,000 is provided to the insured under the age of 60. Individuals who buy health insurance for their parents over 60 can get an additional ₹50,000 discount.

  • Secure and Safe: We value your data and privacy. Tata AIG's portal is a safe place to submit your information and pay your insurance fees. We ensure that all financial and personal details are kept strictly confidential. You can leverage our online health insurance premium calculator to calculate your medical insurance premium rates.

  • NCB (No-Claim Bonus): Suppose you didn't submit a medical Insurance claim; in that case, you will receive a cumulative bonus ranging from 10 to 50 per cent of the total covered. Consequently, you can increase the value of your selected medical insurance coverage by a maximum of 100 per cent without paying any additional charges.

  • The Tata Promise*:The medical insurance packages we offer are backed by Tata's 150-year-old trust and legacy. Being a reputable name in the insurance business of India for the past two decades, we have honoured our promise to care about you as well as your health and finances. When Tata commits, Tata sticks to it.

Why Choose Tata AIG Medical Insurance in Allahabad?

Our only objective at Tata AIG is to offer you comprehensive medical insurance in Allahabad at affordable rates. As a consequence, we provide the most outstanding medical coverage with our health insurance packages, which start at only ₹15/day*. We are here to help you with all of your health insurance-related requirements. Some benefits of obtaining comprehensive medical insurance coverage with us include:

  • Straightforward Plan Renewal and Purchase: The Tata AIG mediclaim insurance buy and renewal procedures are no-fuss and quick. In addition, our online medical insurance premium calculator can assist you in evaluating your medical insurance policy expenses based on your unique requirements.

  • Compare Plans and Purchase One: By navigating to our official web page and using the health insurance premium calculator, an individual can compare various health policy packages effortlessly. An individual may easily evaluate every available health policy, including its advantages, limits, and inclusions, together with its premium prices, and choose the one that best meets their specific needs.

  • High CSR: Before renewing or obtaining your mediclaim insurance in Allahabad, we're sure you'd like to know how quickly you'll get your money if you make a genuine claim. We are satisfied with our outcome. In the fiscal year 2020-2021, Tata AIG has settled 94.21% of all medical insurance claims.

  • No Paperwork:Because we live in a fast-moving, digital world, we realise the importance of having all of your paperwork with you at all times. Once you pick the health policy that best meets your needs and pay for the package, we send a soft copy of the total policy to your specified email ID. You may hand the digital copy of your insurance policy to the TPA at the hospital where you were admitted, and we'll start the claims process. You don't need to bring any documentation or cards to prove that you have acquired our health policy.

  • 24/7 Customer Service: We have made it our mission to anticipate all of your needs at Tata AIG. We continually put your needs ahead of ours and aim to exceed your expectations. We offer client support 24/7, so if you want to reach out to us, do not hesitate since we pledge to be there for you.

Find a Network Hospital Near You

When searching for a network hospital in Allahabad, Tata AIG's outstanding network hospital locator makes things simple. Simply input the name of the neighbourhood or city, and our digital platform will present a list of all network hospitals in Allahabad that accept cashless payments.

Cashless Hospitalisation: Benefits

The main reason why everyone should get health insurance in India is the rocketing medical cost. Reimbursing your medical bills can be a huge help, but it does not beat the benefits of cashless services. Therefore, Tata AIG offers a vast network of over 7000+ hospitals scattered across the nation to meet the medical needs of all of our clients, helping you obtain cashless treatment without stressing over finding a good facility for your treatment.

Some of the additional benefits of our cashless hospitalisation coverage are as follows:

  • Immediate Financial Assistance : Being concerned about the costs of medical treatment may make an individual more uneasy and scared. However, with Tata AIG's cashless hospitalisation function, you may simply be treated at one of our network hospitals without worrying about the costs. Once your treatment is done, Tata AIG will totally reimburse your medical expenditures.

  • Seek Instant Medical Attention: Treating unexpected medical issues might be difficult if you lack the appropriate funds. Your financial situation should not prohibit you from obtaining treatment from the most excellent professionals. With Tata AIG's cashless hospitalisation option, you may conveniently travel to one of our network hospitals near your home and get hospitalised or treated.

  • Extensive Network of Hospitals:Tata AIG has more than 7000+ network hospitals, ensuring that in the event of medical care, you'll always obtain the best cashless care, no matter where you ate in India.

  • No-Fuss Paperwork: With Tata AIG, you don't need to invest your precious time in filling out lengthy forms or complex procedures when receiving treatment at one of Tata AIG's network hospitals. All you need to do is simply enter your health policy details, and we promise to relieve you of the mental burden of filling out lengthy forms.

Quick Claim Resolution Procedure: As previously said, cashless hospitalisation streamlines and painlessly pays all costs. The claim resolution process at Tata AIG is equally quick and easy. Assume you want to file an insurance claim for compensation; in such a case, you must first deposit the payment. With the cashless care service we provide, the network hospital you were admitted to will complete your treatment without requiring you to pay the whole amount since our professional claim settlement team will efficiently handle it.

Tata AIG Hospital List in Allahabad

Because of the high expense of health treatment in Allahabad, an individual must have comprehensive medical insurance in Allahabad. Even though the city is rapidly developing in terms of medical technology to provide quality medical treatment to its inhabitants, there is still much more to be done. Many Allahabad residents do not have a health policy for themselves or their families.

In our country, where medical care costs are growing rapidly and medical resources are scarce, there's a high need for high-quality health insurance policies. As a result, remaining safe in such a circumstance is critical. Thus, a health policy covering medical expenditures in an unexpected medical emergency is preferable.

The following table will show you a list of some of Tata AIG's network hospitals in Allahabad where you can get cashless care:

Name of the Network Hospital Address of the Network Hospital
Adarsh Hospital 37D, Lowther Road
Ashutosh Hospital and Trauma Centre Pvt. Ltd. 15/20, Hashipur Road, Opp. Kamla Nehru Hospital, Allahabad - 211002
Deep Ganga Clinic 8/8, Mayo Road (KUTCHERY Road) In Front Reserve Police Lines Allahabad
Asha Hospital 89/276 Muir Road Allahabad - 211001
Ankur Hospital 1B/26, Lal Bihara, Bamrauli Allahabad - 211012
Autovikas Sales and Service Private PLOT NO.2, SECTOR 5, NORTHERN INDIA COMPOUND, 2 MATHURA ROAD FARIDABAD PH: 7669305716
Baltic Motor Private Limited PLOT NO-124-126 DLF INDUSTRIAL ESTATE PH-1 FARIDABAD PH: 9870395712
Guru Kripa Jagriti Hospital & Research Centre 124/A/1 Thornhill Road Near Union Public Commission, Civil Station, Allahabad
Firoz Memorial Charitable Hospital Mirzapur Road, Rampur Karchana, Allahabad - 212301
Dwarka Hospital 5/4, K.P.Kakkar Road Allahabad - 211003
Heartline Cardiac Care Centre 14/18-A, Elgin Road Civil Lines Allahabad
Krishna Hospital & Trauma Centre 16/1/28B, Stainley Road, Allahabad - 211001
Jahangir Memorial Charitable Hospital 8 /1A, Arail Crossing, Naini, Allahabad - 211008
Maa Sharada Hospital 84/70, New Bairahana, Behind Sundaram Guest House, Allahabad - 211002

The medical institutions listed in the table above are among Allahabad's most popular Tata AIG network hospitals. If you wish to learn more about our extensive network of Allahabad hospitals, please follow the steps below:

  • Open your web browser and navigate our (Tata AIG) web portal.
  • You can see a tab named "Network Hospital Locator". Select the tab.
  • After clicking, you'll be redirected to a page where you need to enter the city's name. For example, type "Allahabad" and then hit the "Search" button.
  • You will be given a list of Allahabad network hospitals and their geographical location information.
  • You may also use the map to locate all Tata AIG network hospitals in Allahabad.

Health Insurance Calculator

Individuals may pick from various customised health policies by utilising our online insurance premium calculator. Each of our medical insurance packages has been fine-tuned to provide you with the most benefits at the most affordable prices.

Our affordable health insurance plans begin at ₹15 per day* and provide appropriate coverage. Consequently, acquiring comprehensive health insurance at your selected local network hospital is simplified.

The online health insurance premium calculator from Tata AIG can help you compare and purchase the finest medical policy. It's also handy for renewing your existing Tata AIG health insurance coverage.

Please enter basic and contact information to use the Tata AIG health insurance premium calculator for immediate online estimates. The tool will produce accurate prices for your Allahabad health insurance policy, allowing you to make an educated selection and acquire enough medical insurance.

Tata AIG Health Insurance User Testimonials

  • The Tata AIG portal has comprehensive information on all medical insurance policies. After reviewing their MediCare Plan, I purchased it from their official website without hassle. This plan will provide financial security in the event of hospitalisation. ~ Aditi Chauhan

  • The purchasing process on the Tata AIG website is simple and quick. I recently purchased a health insurance policy from their website. The procedure was simple and quick, with no issues. I liked the plan because of all of its features and perks. I'd suggest this policy to everyone. ~ Neeti Sharma

  • The medical insurance policy renewal process on the Tata AIG website is super-fast and effortless. With the help of their customer support team, I was able to do it promptly and efficiently. Thanks a lot to the entire unit of Tata AIG! ~ Vikas Dubey

  • While purchasing the Tata AIG MediCare Protect plan, I came across a few blogs on the Tata AIG website that was really well drafted and self-explanatory regarding the health insurance policies and their benefits. Great job, Team Tata AIG! ~ Harshit Kumar

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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