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We all start to lose muscle strength and mass progressively as early as the age of 30. But, some of us lose it more rapidly as we age owing to a serious health condition or disorder known as sarcopenia. In India, it's most commonly found in adults over the age group of 60 and 70. A sedentary lifestyle together with poor dietary habits results in early sarcopenia. The health condition equally affects both sexes.

As mentioned earlier, people's sedentary lifestyles have resulted in an increase in such a condition. Rubbing salt in wounds is the high cost of sarcopenia treatment in India. The cost of medical bills is always rising, making it harder for people to receive the finest care. In such cases, investing in a medical insurance plan is critical, and it is the greatest option to provide financial protection against rising treatment costs, ensuring mental peace and satisfaction for you as well as your family.

Health insurance benefits a person in more than one way. If you purchase a comprehensive health insurance plan, it will not just cover hospitalisation charges but also post-treatment care. Furthermore, ambulance fees are covered by health insurance coverage. So, why wait when you can safeguard yourself as well as your hard-earned savings with a comprehensive medical insurance plan?

Tata AIG, a leading player in the health insurance sector of India, offers the finest health insurance policies at competitive rates for you to stay protected and stress-free in times of need. You can take the aid of our health insurance premium calculator online to see the premium rates and make a decision that best matches your requirements. If you want to learn more about it, you can visit our official website or contact us. We'd be happy to assist you!

Anyway, let us learn more about Sarcopenia, its causes, signs and symptoms, diagnosis and treatment, as well as preventive measures in this informative post.

Sarcopenia: What Exactly Is It?

If you want to know "what is sarcopenia" in depth and detail, let us tell you that it is defined as the gradual loss of muscular strength, mass, and function. The disorder primarily affects the elderly and is considered to be caused by ageing. Sarcopenia can have a significant influence on your quality of life by impairing your capacity to conduct regular duties. It might cause you to lose your freedom of movement and necessitate long-term care.

Sarcopenia impairs your musculoskeletal system and contributes significantly to falls, fractures, and frailty. These disorders can result in hospitalisations and surgery, raising the risk of complications, which includes death too.

Sarcopenia may also affect adults with a high BMI (body mass index), a health condition known as sarcopenic obesity. Obese people are more likely to develop this condition.

Sarcopenia: Causes

Aside from the basic age aspect, understanding what sarcopenia or muscle loss causes is, requires a thorough understanding of the many reasons. Listed below are the reasons for muscle loss:

  • Genetic issues

  • Low weight

  • Chronic health issues

  • Obesity

  • Diabetes

  • Smoking habit and excessive alcohol consumption

  • Liver or kidney disorder

  • Decrease in hormone levels

  • Sedentary lifestyle

  • Poor stress management

  • Poor diet style and malnutrition

  • Heart problems

Sarcopenia symptoms are already triggered by ageing, and if the aforementioned issues are present, the severity of sarcopenia may worsen. In such instances, scheduling an appointment with a healthcare professional is recommended.

Sarcopenia: Signs and Symptoms

It's critical to understand that the sarcopenia symptoms might differ from one individual to another. Ideally, it is determined by the amount of muscle mass lost:

Some common symptoms of sarcopenia include

  • Difficulty in climbing stairs

  • Persistent weakness

  • Change in muscle size

  • Low strength and endurance

  • Difficulty in balancing while walking or standing

Sarcopenia symptoms include a decrease in physical activity. Typically, people do not consider a loss of muscle mass to be alarming. However, it may raise the danger of falling and dependency.

Sarcopenia: People at Risk

After the age of 30, those who are leading an inactive and sedentary lifestyle might lose a maximum of 3 to 8% of their muscle mass every ten years. Nonetheless, the effects of sarcopenia are usually encountered in the elderly.

Sarcopenia is frequently observed in people with,

  • Metabolic syndrome

  • Type-II diabetes

  • Poor dietary habits

Older people generally eat less, which can contribute to malnutrition. For instance, it has been discovered that roughly 41% of women and 38% of men above the age of 50 consume less protein than is advised.

Individuals who consume acid-producing foods like grains and processed snacks are also more likely to lose muscle mass. Aside from age and eating habits, there are various other factors that contribute to Sarcopenia muscle loss.

Sarcopenia: Diagnosis

An individual's healthcare professional may diagnose sarcopenia after completing a physical examination and questioning the patient about the symptoms. An individual may take the SARC-F questionnaire, which is based on their self-reported symptoms. SARC-F is an abbreviation for:

  • S - Strength

  • A - Assistance while walking

  • R - Rising up from a chair

  • C - Climbing stairs

  • F - Falls

An individual scores each factor with a number between 0 and 2. The maximum SARC-F score is 10. The test score of 4 and above necessitates further testing.

However, sarcopenia cannot be diagnosed with a single test. Several tests may be recommended by your healthcare physician to identify and subsequently assess the degree of sarcopenia.

Tests for Muscle Strength

  • Handgrip test

  • Walking speed test

  • Chair stand test

  • TUG (Timed-up and go) test

  • SPPB (Short Physical Performance Battery)

Imaging Tests for Muscle Loss Measurement

  • BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis)

  • DXA or DEXA (Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry)

Sarcopenia: Treatment

Sarcopenia is often treated with a change in lifestyle. Sarcopenia can be treated and reversed by making changes to your lifestyle.

Physical Activity: An individual's healthcare provider may advise them to do progressive resistance-based strength training. This form of workout may help the patient gain muscle and reverse muscle loss.

Proper Diet: A balanced diet, when combined with regular exercise, can help reverse the consequences of sarcopenia. Increasing protein intake through supplements or food is very essential.

These are some of the prescribed sarcopenia treatments. Doctors may also prescribe certain medications and therapies like:

  • Testosterone therapy (men)

  • Vitamin D consumption

  • Increase in protein intake

  • Hormone growth therapy

Sarcopenia: Preventive Measures

Sarcopenia may be impossible to totally prevent because it is a normal component of the ageing process. However, you can take action to halt the ailment's growth. These are some of the measures:

  • Exercise

  • Make healthy food habits

  • Routine check-ups

Sarcopenia ageing-related muscle loss is a natural factor. One can never reverse their age to completely eliminate the condition. However, an individual may delay the process by exercising regularly and eating healthily.

Importance of Purchasing Health/Medical Insurance in India for Sarcopenia

The significance of purchasing health insurance cannot be overstated. Here are some of the reasons why purchasing a health plan is critical:

Financial Security: Everyone wants to be financially stable and secure at some point in their lives. While financial security is obviously tied to saving money for the future, being insured is also an important element of it. If you do not have health insurance coverage, you will have to pay for medical expenses out of your hard-earned savings, which will have a negative impact on your finances. Health insurance plans assist you in managing your emergency medical bills so that you may better utilise your funds.

Early Disease Incidence: Poor eating habits and lifestyle changes are key contributors to a rise in the early onset of a variety of serious health diseases like Sarcopenia. Having a health insurance plan allows you to receive free yearly health tests on a regular basis, preventing you from developing serious health concerns.

Shift in Lifestyle: In recent years, there has been a significant shift in lifestyle. We have to travel frequently, sit for extended periods of time at work, don't have time to care for our health, and ignore little indicators of a developing health condition. All of these factors can lead to major health issues in the future. As a result, health insurance coverage is more than just a need because it includes regular medical exams and a variety of medical treatments and offers top-notch medical services at reputable healthcare facilities.

Booming Medical Expenses: Healthcare costs are exorbitant, and the cost of medical bills is expected to grow even more as inflation rises. So, having a medical insurance plan is essential if you want to protect yourself from escalating medical bills and stay financially stable.

Benefits of Health Insurance for Sarcopenia

If you’re still unsure if health insurance coverage is a good investment, understanding the benefits of health insurance in detail and depth can help you make an informed purchasing decision. Let us dive in:

Cashless Hospitalisation: The cashless facility is one of the most important aspects of health insurance coverage. This service allows you to receive the best care possible without any investment from your side. All you need to do is provide the health insurance or mediclaim card at the hospital given by your insurance company, and the insurance provider will immediately settle the cost with the hospital you were admitted to.

However, you should be aware that you may only use the cashless treatment option if you seek treatment at one of the insurance company's network hospitals.

Tax Benefits: If you get health insurance coverage, you can get tax breaks under Section 80D (1961 Income Tax Act). The deduction is based on the premium amount you pay for the plan. If you obtain insurance that covers you, your children, and your spouse, you may get a maximum discount of ₹25,000 from your total taxable income.

If you purchased coverage for your elderly parents (above the age of 60), the maximum deductible is ₹30,000. The maximum discount for a medical insurance plan is ₹60,000.

Pre- and Post-Hospitalisation Costs: Pre-hospitalisation costs, as the name implies, cover all of your medical costs before you're admitted to the hospital. It may include medical examinations and diagnoses to assess the overall condition.

Post-hospitalisation costs are the charges that should be paid after you are released from the hospital. It might be the cost paid to you for any post-hospitalisation activity like follow-ups, regular testing, unsealing sutures, and so on. As a result, you may be confident that the medical coverage or health insurance policy that you choose will cover these fundamental necessities.

Why Choose Tata AIG for Obtaining Health Insurance for Sarcopenia?

If you haven't yet found or obtained health insurance coverage, your search ends here at Tata AIG. We are one of the most sought-after names in the medical insurance sector in India, providing matchless service to our policyholders for the past twenty years.

With a vast network of hospitals, renewal benefits, tax savings, and a variety of additional advantages, purchasing a Tata AIG health insurance policy will be one of the most sound decisions of your life.

Listed below are some of the reasons to choose us as your health insurance provider:

Wide Network of Cashless Hospitals: With a whopping 7,000+ network hospitals working with Tata AIG, we are one of the most preferred choices for a large number of people in India. We eliminate the need to worry about finances from people's minds and make sure you get the best treatment in a renowned Tata AIG network hospital.

Enduring Trust: As a leading health insurance provider in India, Tata AIG respects customer values and assists them during hospitalisation or daycare processes during medical emergencies.

Customer-Focused: Tata AIG continues to offer straightforward digital platforms and communication channels that customers may use and reach. We strive to meet our customers at the right place and time, with the appropriate care, and in a way that adds value to their delight.

Hassle-Free Claim Resolution: A specialised unit of 650 in-house claim resolution experts resolves your insurance claim without utmost sincerity. This unit also picks out people who employ shady tactics to obtain cash and seek to profit from medical insurance. Tata AIG guarantees a simple claim and payout procedure, ensuring mental peace.

High Claim Settlement Rate: Our in-house insurance claim settlement unit has played a significant role in our enormous success record when it comes to resolving insurance claims. We are proud to say that we have successfully resolved 94.21% of claims in the fiscal year 2020-2021.

Financial Help: When money is tight, people prefer to cut corners on therapy or treatment. Also, medical emergencies are unexpected and might generate financial problems right away. To pay for the treatment, you might have to use all of your funds or sell all of your loved possessions. But not anymore since Tata AIG's medical insurance policies provide stability by covering every medical expense incurred and allowing you to get the best care.

How to Buy Health Insurance Online via Tata AIG for Sarcopenia?

You need to follow these steps to buy health insurance online from Tata AIG:

  • Visit our official web portal and pick the person for whom you want to acquire health insurance. You may get health insurance coverage for yourself, your spouse, or your elderly parents

  • Once you've decided who will be covered, place your finger or mouse on the "Get Plan" option and click it.

  • Please provide the necessary information, and Tata AIG will propose the finest and most suited options for you.

  • All you have to do on the following page is pick the sum covered. You may accomplish it by selecting it from the drop-down menu. Following that, you will be able to see the precise premium amount.

  • You may also compare health insurance coverage to see which one best meets your requirements.

  • Select the insurance you want to buy and click the "Buy Now" button.

  • Our professionals will contact you for more assistance.

Tata AIG Health Insurance Policy for Sarcopenia Inclusions and Exclusions

The Tata AIG health insurance policy for sarcopenia inclusions relate to everything that's covered by a health insurance plan of Tata AIG. Understanding the inclusion list of a medical insurance policy is critical before purchasing one. These are as follows:

  • Daycare treatment

  • Pre- and post-hospitalisation

  • Ambulance expenses

  • In-patient hospitalisation

  • Daily expenses

  • Cashless treatment

Maternity covers

  • Room rent and ICU charges

  • Second opinion costs

  • Cashless treatment

Well, certain medical illnesses are not covered by Tata AIG's health insurance policies for Sarcopenia, like:

Existing illness that wasn't disclosed during the time of purchasing health insurance

  • Treatment availed outside of the nation (that is, outside of India)

  • Cosmetic treatment or surgeries

  • Injuries due to consumption of drugs and alcohol

  • Injuries as a result of suicidal attempt

  • Sexually transmitted diseases or STDs like HIV/AIDS

Documents Required to Claim Health Insurance for Sarcopenia

To make your health insurance claim for sarcopenia go smooth and hassle-free, we have made things easier for you. Here's a list of the papers you need to submit when it comes to filing for a health insurance claim for sarcopenia:

  • Insurance claim application form

  • Hospital discharge summary, medical records, and case histories

  • A thorough and accurate diagnosis and treatment of sarcopenia

  • Any other papers requested by Tata AIG's in-house claim professionals

As soon as you present the aforementioned papers to us, we will check it thoroughly and look into the matter And within 15 days of your treatment for sarcopenia or release from the hospital. If your health insurance claim for sarcopenia is approved, expect it to be paid within a period of 30 days prior to submitting all essential documentation.

Things to Keep in Mind When Purchasing Health Insurance for Sarcopenia

Since there are so many companies offering health insurance plans in India, choosing one might be a difficult undertaking. Aside from a plethora of plans to pick from, daunting language, also known as policy wordings, adds to the complexity. While purchasing health insurance is a difficult decision, there are a few things to consider before settling on a plan. The following are some of the factors to think about before getting medical insurance:**

Claims Procedure: The easier the claims procedure and the sooner the claims are processed, the better it's for the insured individual. As a result, when it comes to policy selection, these two are critical. Great customer service is an extra benefit to seek for.

Picking the Right Insurance Amount: When choosing a medical insurance policy, you must pick the amount prudently as it covers medical expenses for a year. You must consider your age since the younger you're, the less the sum insured you require. To determine if a premium is pocket-friendly, you must consider your income level. Another significant aspect is the add-ons since they affect premium amounts. Ensure you pick a sum covered that won't fall short in a medical emergency as well as has a reasonable price.

Network Hospitals: Always verify with your insurance provider about a cashless network of hospitals. When there is a medical emergency or hospitalisation occurs, the hospitals in the network provide a cashless option - the insurer covers the medical expenses directly with the hospital. Choose insurers with a large number of network hospitals, like Tata AIG, which has more than 7,000 hospitals in its network.

Lifetime Renewal: Always look for health insurance packages that offer lifetime renewability. When you're older, you are more likely to suffer from ailments and illnesses than when you are younger. You should get health insurance coverage that gives lifetime renewability.

What Our Clients Say

“My experience with Tata AIG's family health insurance plan was excellent. The customer service was fantastic and really helpful. When I contacted them to inquire about plans, the unit responded within a few seconds. Well, all thanks to the unit for their tireless efforts in assisting me in selecting the best medical insurance policy.”

~ Ravi Verma

“I absolutely loved the services of Tata AIG. Purchasing a health insurance policy using their web platform was a fantastic experience. The customer support team was quite helpful and walked me through the entire process. Their website was quite informative. It assisted me to learn about the policy terms and conditions without any hassle. Good work!”

~ Sunaina Chatterjee

“My purchase of the Tata AIG MediCare was quite comfortable. After weighing all the plans available on their website, I purchased this policy via their official website. I'd also like to thank their customer service executives for their assiduous efforts. Even late at night, they assisted me in obtaining the package. Overall, the transaction was convenient and smooth.”

~ Chandrima Sengupta

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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Is it possible to reverse sarcopenia?


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Is sarcopenia a chronic disease?


Sarcopenia does worsen with age. A good diet and regular exercise can slow its progression but not totally cure it because it is a natural human body process.

What is the prognosis for sarcopenia?


The prognosis for sarcopenia is mostly determined by your age. As you become older, your chances of developing the illness rise. Furthermore, the prognosis for the illness varies depending on your lifestyle and health. The condition can have a significant impact on your quality of life. With lifestyle adjustments, you might be able to reverse the condition's symptoms. The condition will continue to weaken your muscles if you do not make the advised improvements. You may eventually require full-time care to live your life.

What exactly is the distinction between sarcopenia and muscular atrophy?


Well, sarcopenia is a kind of muscle loss that primarily affects the elderly. Muscular atrophy is the progressive loss of muscle tissue. The two illnesses have muscle loss in common, but the procedures that cause it are distinct. Sarcopenia is caused by a reduction in the size and quantity of muscle fibres. The size of the fibres shrinks with muscle atrophy, but the number of fibres remains constant.