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What is Auto-Dimming IRVM in Cars

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 17/04/2024

Have you ever been afraid of driving at night because of other vehicles' high beams? Are you looking for the most effective solution for securing your night drives from unexpected accidents? Auto-dimming IRVM is the solution. Driving is a therapeutic experience for most people. With the implementation of strict traffic rules like the availability of a car insurance policy, driving licence, vehicle RC, PUC, etc., there is better accountability in drivers to practise safe driving.

However, one significant concern for most drivers is navigating their way from one place to another at night time. This is where auto-dimming IRVM in a car comes to the rescue.

In this blog, let us explore what auto-dimming IRVM is, how it works, its various benefits, and more.

What is Auto-Dimming IRVM in a Car?

Auto-dimming IRVM, also known as Inside Rear-View Mirror, is a category of rear-view mirror that is installed in vehicles to allow automatic adjustments of reflections due to high-beam headlights of other vehicles at night. With this automatic adjustment convenience, the driver in front is not distracted by the reflections from the vehicles behind, reducing the risk of compromised driving and unexpected accidents.

When auto-dimming IRVMs were introduced in the market earlier, they were limited to high-end cars only.

However, with time, along with the advancement of technology and the introduction of new features within auto-dimming IRVMs, this feature was made available to high—and middle-range cars.

How Does Auto-Dimming IRVM Work?

To understand how auto-dimming IRVM works, you must know the technology that goes into making this feature possible. This technology is called electrochromism. Let us dig deeper into the different elements of this technology and the rear-view mirror that make the auto-dimming IRVM work.

Electrochromic Layer- This kind of rear-view mirror comes with an electrochromic material that is used as a coat on the mirror surface. Upon application, this layer is visible as a light tint on the mirror surface to ensure a clear view for daily driving. However, when it comes in contact with increased light, it changes its opacity.

Sensors- The mirrors are also equipped with phototransistors that keep a check on the light intensity at all times to ensure correct application and command of the auto-dimming feature when needed.

Light Detection- As the sensors detect high light intensity from the vehicles behind, they analyse the source and potential source of the increased light intensity and then alert the main unit to take action.

Main Unit- When the main unit or control unit receives an alert from the light sensors, it activates the required auto-dimming capacity to reduce the impact of the light intensity from the vehicles behind.

Electrochromic in Action- As soon as the control or main unit is ready, it sends an electric current to the electrochromic layer on the mirror’s surface to initiate a reverse reaction, resulting in darkened mirror visibility.

Automatic Dimming- Once this happens, the dark mirror surface reduces the light bouncing off on the rear-view mirror by dimming the light intensity from the vehicles behind for clear visibility for the driver.

Back to Normal- Once the bright light intensity reduces slowly, this entire cycle returns to normal in the same process wherein the control unit initiates a reverse reaction, finally causing the gel to return to the normal transparent or tinted layer on the rear-view mirror surface.

Benefits of Auto-Dimming IRVM in Car

Improved Driver Visibility- One of the most significant benefits of an auto-dimming IRVM in a car is its ability to reduce the reflections of the headlights from the vehicles behind it.

**When driving at night, a sudden high-intensity light reflection can often take a driver by surprise, compromising their focus and attention on the road. With this auto-dimming feature, their visibility will remain intact, ensuring safer driving.

Reduced Risk of Accidents - Another advantage of auto-dimming IRVMs is that they significantly reduce the risk of accidents. When all vehicle owners on the roads can see clearly and not get blinded by the flashy headlights of the vehicles behind them, they can drive with proper control.

Increased Road Safety- Reducing the risk of accidents is directly related to overall road safety. When all vehicles are well-equipped with auto-dimming IRVMs, the risk of accidents, unexpected jerks, sudden brakes, etc., will also be reduced, ensuring higher road safety for drivers and pedestrians.

Better Comfort- In addition to road safety, reducing the glare from other vehicles' headlights will make it more comfortable for vehicle owners to drive ahead. This is because the probability of straining the eyes while driving will no longer bother them.

Safer Driving at Night- With these auto-dimming IRVMs, it is easier to drive to different locations at varying distances conveniently, without stressing about the glare from the headlights of the vehicles behind.

Ways to Check Auto Dimming IRVM

  • Reach out to the car manufacturer and ask about the availability and installation of this feature.

  • Check whether the rear-view mirror in your car also has a label on it. If it is an auto-dimming IRVM, it will be marked with EC, Auto-Dimming, or Electrochromic.

  • Cross-check with the car manual and the list of features listed under it as often, companies who offer this feature put it on the manual for the users.

How to Choose the Best Auto Dimming IRVM in a Car?

Even though many cars today come equipped with auto-dimming IRVMs, they may not be available for your car. If you do not have the feature in your car, you can purchase the car first and then assess which aftermarket auto-dimming IRVM can be installed in your vehicle based on your requirements.

Here is how you can choose the best auto-dimming IRVM for your car:

Assess your Needs- The auto-dimming IRVM price varies depending on the third party you choose for purchase and installation. Thus, it is necessary to calculate the reasonable budget you can spend to choose the best one for your car.

Check for Quality and Features- When checking for features and quality, ensure the sensor quality is top-notch, the dimming speed is not slow, the mirror clarity post installation is acceptable, and other such aspects to avoid paying a lot and still not getting the required driving support.

Assess Installation Requirements- Based on your preference between self-installation and professional installation, choose a third party that provides the necessary services and convenience.

Check Reviews- Lastly, check the market reviews and customer testimonials for the chosen auto-dimming IRVM company to avoid overpaying for below-average support.

Need for Insurance for Four-Wheeler

Auto-dimming IRVMs are a significant feature for improving road safety and promoting comfortable driving. However, even with proper precautions, unforeseen accidents and casualties can cause major damage and loss to your car.

To safeguard your vehicle from these unexpected damages, investing in a car insurance policy is highly recommended. As part of traffic rules and regulations around India, having third-party insurance for your car is mandatory. However, it does not cover your vehicle’s damages and losses.

To protect your car, you can buy car insurance online from Tata AIG. Our comprehensive plans are designed to extend maximum coverage for all types of losses and damages with customisation flexibility with a range of add-ons.

Moreover, you can benefit from cashless claims and avail of No Claim Bonus benefits on your insurance for four-wheeler premiums at the time of renewals. If you are wondering what is NCB in insurance, it is the reward your insurer gives you for a claim-free year. All you need to do is visit our website and give your car the necessary financial safety net.


Driving with proper safety precautions is necessary to avoid accidents and unintentional harm to any other vehicle or pedestrian.

With the availability of auto-dimming IRVMs today, the risk of getting bothered and blinded by the flashy headlights of the vehicles behind you is reduced significantly, ensuring you are safe and in control, especially when driving at night.

Thus, to avoid accidents, invest in this feature if it is not readily available and provided by the car dealer or manufacturer.


Can I install auto-dimming IRVM myself?

Yes, based on the aftermarket auto-dimming IRVM you choose, self-installation is a common option. However, if you are unsure, you can always seek support from a professional for the correct installation.

Under car insurance, what is NCB in insurance?

In car insurance, NCB, or No Claim Bonus, is a benefit that can be availed by any policyholder if they do not make any claims throughout the policy year. It is like a discount reward that the insurer gives for having a claim-free year. This particularly helps with reduced premiums at the time of policy renewals.

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