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What is Day and Night IRVM?

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 26/05/2023

With time, the number of cars on the road is increasing. Manufacturers are coming up with the latest technologies to ensure that cars are safer and easier to drive. Every part of the car is important; one of them is the rearview mirror. The rearview mirror enables the driver to drive safely and allows them to see the cars behind them. This makes driving easier and also ensures that the driver, as well as others, are safe on the roads in India. Also, it is one of the mandatory features that each car must have.

There are different rearview mirror technologies, one of the most common ones is day & night adjustable IRVM. If you are unaware of what day and night IRVM in the car means, we have all the information you need. Just like a rearview mirror is mandatory for a car, third-party car insurance is also mandatory under the Motor

Vehicles Act of 1988. A four-wheeler insurance plan ensures you have the required financial cushion in case an accident occurs on the roads. It also ensures that you are stress-free while driving on the country's roads. Are you looking for the right car insurance plan? With Tata AIG, you can choose from different four-wheeler insurance plans - standalone third-party, standalone own-damage, and comprehensive car insurance plans. You can also compare the plans to understand which would be the right fit for your vehicle. Moreover, you can also choose long-term four-wheeler insurance if you find that undertaking the renewal process every year is a hassle.

Coming back to this article, we have illustrated all you need to know about the day and night adjustable IRVM.

What is Day Night IRVM in Cars?

The day-night IRVM is one of the essential features of the car. It refers to an anti-glare car feature that is present in most of the cars in the market today. The concept of the IRVM is that when the bright light from the headlamps of the car behind falls on the IRVM in the car, this mirror can be adjusted to finish this glare.

In some cars, the day and night IRVM is one of the integrated features, while in some of the other cars, it is given as a manual feature. The whole objective of the day & night IRVM is to ensure that there is a minimal reflection of light so that the driver does not have to face any issues.

What is the Technology Behind Day and Night Adjustable IRVM?

There are two different technologies:

  • Manual technology

The manual feature in the rearview mirror of cars is operated with the help of a lever. In the manual case, the mirror of the car is a prismatic one, and there is another wedge-shaped mirror that is placed inside it. In the daytime, the objects that are behind the car are reflected from this mirror’s surface.

At night, the mirror then tends to bounce off any of the lights that come from the headlamps of the car behind. The light that comes from the headlights can cause a huge strain and difficulty on the eyes of the driver. In some cases, this harsh light has been a cause of serious accidents.

  • Automatic technology

In the case of the automatic day & night adjustable IRVM, there is a sensor technology that comes into use to dim the lights coming from the headlamps of the car behind. The rearview mirror includes two different mirrors that come coated with a type of an electrically-conductive material. These are also filled with electrochromic ions or gels that end up going dark when they receive any voltage. The mirrors contain two different sensors - glare and ambient.

The ambient one senses the intensity of the glare that is coming from the headlamps and gives a message to the unit regarding dimming the rearview mirror, while the glare mirror tends to sense how much light is coming at the mirror.

This glaring light then causes the ions to darken the mirror. Once the glare from the headlamps is over, the mirror returns to normal.

What are the Uses of Day Night IRVM in Cars?

During the night, the use of rearview mirrors is the most essential as they help bounce off the glare coming from the cars behind. During the daytime, the mirrors act as any other normal rearview mirror and allow you to see the objects that are behind the car.

One of the top features and benefits of the day & night IRVM is safety. It ensures that the driver, co-passengers, and others on the road are safe. It helps the driver of the car place their full concentration on the road ahead and drive with utmost care.

Due to the bright light coming from the car’s headlamps behind, the concentration can waver and cause accidents. Moreover, it also helps the driver check the mirror without putting a lot of strain on their eyes. Thus, this makes the use of this rearview mirror very essential.

The day and night IRVM has two different surfaces - back and front. The front part of the mirror is normal straight glass, while the back part has a reflective surface. Therefore, the front part performs like a simple glass while the back helps to reflect the oncoming light. The normal conventional rearview mirror has the back and front parts parallel to one another.

But, in the day and night IRVM, these are not at all parallel. During the daytime, the bright light is reflected from the back surface, while the fainter light reflection can be seen from the front part during the nighttime.


Day & night IRVM is one of the most important safety features that is installed in cars. There are some cars that come without day and night IRVM, but you can get this mirror installed at an affordable price. When you go and buy a car, it is essential that you check and research all the safety features that it has so that you can use them while you drive on the roads. Such safety components not just ensure your safety but also of others who are on the road with you.

Also, while buying your dream car, ensure that you get the right four-wheeler insurance plan to protect your precious purchase. A comprehensive car insurance plan will provide complete protection for your car, and you can also include some add-on covers to make it even more comprehensive. So, get your dream vehicle, choose the right car insurance plan, and have a great driving experience on Indian roads.

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