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Car insurance covers natural calamities

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  • TATA AIG Team
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  • 07/07/2022

A car insurance policy includes collision and comprehensive insurance. In case if one’s insurance policy does include these two then the car insurance covers natural disasters. It depends on the nature of insurance, what criteria and requirements one has to fulfil at the time of filing an insurance claim for natural calamities. There can be certain specific limitations one needs to fulfil to get the natural calamities insurance in India and hence one need to read the terms and conditions carefully before opting for the four-wheeler insurance.

This article will give a complete insight on whether your car insurance policy covers you against natural calamities.

Does a car insurance policy cover one against natural calamities?

At the initial stage, it is important to compare car insurance before opting for one to decide whether it includes full coverage or not. The nature of insurance decides whether it is covered against natural disaster damages or not. One needs to check that both comprehensive and collision terms are included in the four-wheeler insurance to have cover against natural calamities. There is no doubt in the fact that various types of natural disaster can cost one with heavy vehicle damages.

If the insurance terms do include cover against natural calamities then there will be some conditions and limitations as well. To be on the safer side, one has to analyse the complete coverage of car insurance guarantees because once the terms of the insurance is finalised, it can not be changed further.

There are certain limitations that can be put on the car insurance from the insurance company side. For instance, one may have to file the claim for a specific time frame, etc. It is important to fulfil the insurance company’s terms and conditions and to follow their requirements to get the coverage against natural calamities. It can differ from the traditional claims as well, so one has to be conscious at the time of opting for the car insurance.

What are the things one needs to have to get full coverage in car insurance?

A person can obtain full coverage car insurance with collision and comprehensive terms. These two differ respectively. With a collision, a person will get coverage from the vehicle damages which can occur in case of accidents. It will also cover the repairs which are needed in the accident even if an insurance policy holder is at fault. There is a difference in comprehensive coverage.

With comprehensive car insurance, one will get the full coverage towards the damages that can occur in case of incidents other than accidents. It includes coverage from vandalism, theft, fire, falling objects, civil disruption and natural calamities. This includes coverage from certain types of natural calamities like wildfires, floods, hurricanes, hailstorms, earthquakes, landslides and mudslides. Comprehensive term includes coverage from animal damages too.

How can one file an insurance claim against a natural disaster?

In case if the vehicle got damaged in the natural disaster, then one has to follow the certain procedure to file a claim to get complete coverage. The process is as follows:

Step 1: Initially, one has to inform the insurance company about the damage and how it happened. One has to do it as early as possible. Step 2: Further, the individual has to file the insurance claim against the damage that happened. At the time of filing a claim, one has to provide the complete detail how damage happened and what extent of damage has occurred. Step 3: Next, the individual has to pay the previous amount that is pending (agreed-on amount). Step 4: Once an individual makes the pending payment and completes all the requirements and other formalities then the insurance company will issue the payment. Step 5: Lastly, the insurance company will assign you the adjuster for the respective claim. He or she will be responsible for calculating the cost of damage. He/she will also take the photographs of the same.

This is the complete process in which one can file the insurance claim against a natural disaster. Just make sure, you’re following each particular step.

How can one determine whether they need full coverage or not?

There are certain things that one can consider if there is a confusion regarding whether to take full coverage or not.

These are as follows:

  • Vehicle worth determines whether you should take full coverage or not. If the added cost of full coverage is worth the value of the vehicle, then the insurer must go for it.
  • The insurer must check whether he/she has a leased vehicle or a hypopthecitaed vehicle
  • If the vehicle is for reselling purpose, then one has to take care precautions at primary stage. They can consider opting for the full coverage.

These are the significant factors that one can consider if they are doubting on whether they should opt for the full coverage four wheeler insurance policy.

Due to natural disasters, insurance premiums may increase with each claim. However, the increase in the insurance premium due to natural disasters is usually less than other types of cost such as the accidents that can happen because of negligence. One may be wondering if the increase in premiums is worth the claim. When deciding whether to claim insurance with full coverage, compare the deduction amount with the repair cost. Then compare that cost difference with the potential for higher car fares. Some repairs can be paid more efficiently from your pocket. This is how one can consider whether the insurance premium is worth the repair cost or not.


It is always preferable and good to be on the safer side. Take precautions in terms of full coverage with the car insurance, it can help an individual from the heavy vehicle repair cost in case if any accident or natural calamities happens. To get the full coverage, opt for the car insurance with the collision and comprehensive terms. Just don’t forget to check the terms and conditions of the car insurance claim at the time of opting for it.

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