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A convenient way to register your claim & track your status.

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Compare Car Insurance

As per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, every Indian vehicle needs to be insured under car insurance policy. However, before you purchase a car insurance policy, you must understand how having a car insurance policy can help you and why you must compare car insurance.

Compare Car Insurance Overview

Why do you need car insurance for your vehicle?

Having a car insurance policy can protect you from any legal or medical liability that arises due to an accident, theft or any other mishap that is covered under the policy. Third-party car insurance ensures that in the event of damage caused to a third-party vehicle, property or person, the insurance will be able to handle the cost of property repair or hospitalisation charges.

However, to cover own damage and third-party damage, you should opt for a comprehensive policy. TATA AIG's Auto Secure - Private Car Package Policy offers comprehensive car insurance that ensures a financially protected drive for you and your family.

Features of Tata AIG Car Insurance Policy


Here are some of the most important inclusions of this policy:

Own Damage Cover - You are covered for loss or damage to the vehicle, subject to depreciation and the terms mentioned in the policy.

Third-Party coverage - In the event of an accident, where a third-party is injured, or property is damaged, costs are covered by the insurer as mentioned in the policy document.

Personal accident cover - If you incur bodily harm or fatal injuries due to a road accident, the insurer will compensate you up to INR 15 Lakh, depending on the nature of the injury.

In addition to these, you can also choose from 13 comprehensive add-ons to further strengthen your Tata AIG Auto Secure – Private Car Package Policy. Some of these add-ons include depreciation coverage, consumable coverage, etc. To understand all coverages and exclusions associated with a plan, it is essential to refer to your policy document. While it is important to understand all these details, it is also crucial that you know how to get the best coverage. And you can do this by comparing policies to see which offers the best benefits.

Why should you compare car insurance plans?


Choose the right plan for your needs: While different plans have different features and levels of coverage, you can compare car insurance plans to make sure that you get the one for your needs. Get value for money: Comparing different insurance plans will help you understand which fits your budget best and will help you decide the add-ons you might want to go for.

Helps you compare services: It's not just the features that differ with each plan, but also the services. Understanding the difference in the level of services can help you understand what you need.

What are the different plans available under Tata AIG Car Insurance


Tata AIG offers four individual plans to fit your needs and budget. Depending on how much protection you require for your car and yourself, you can choose from Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Sapphire Plus plans.

Click here to you understand the features that are covered under each plan

As you can see, Tata AIG Auto Secure – Car Package Policy is capable of giving you a fully equipped coverage with its Sapphire Plus sub-type. However, you can also choose from Silver, Gold or Pearl plans and add top-ups as per your requirements. Remember that the more protection you have on the road, the safer your life and lower your financial liability is. So, make sure you #ThinkAhead and compare car insurance products before finalising an insurance plan.

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