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As per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, every Indian vehicle needs to be insured under car insurance policy. However, before you purchase a car insurance policy, you must understand how having a car insurance policy can help you and why you must compare car insurance.

What is Car Insurance?

Before we learn to compare car insurance policies, let us first understand what is car insurance. Four wheeler insurance is a type of insurance policy that provides coverage for your four-wheeler and you (owner-driver), along with providing financial protection against claims by a third party affected by your car. A car insurance plan covers third-party liabilities arising from damage to a third-party person or property and financial damages to the car caused by accidents, human disasters as well as natural disasters. It also covers injuries to the owner-driver, along with irreparable damages to the car and theft, also known as a total loss.

What type of damages your car insurance policy covers can be decided by you when you buy car insurance online or offline. With the help of a car insurance policy, you can cover various damages to your car as well as any third-party payments so that the financial burden does not have to be borne by you. This is one of the reasons why you must compare car insurance online and buy a policy that suits your needs perfectly.

What are the Major Car Insurance Categories in India?

In India, there are three types of car insurance policies - third party car insurance policy, own-damage car insurance and comprehensive car insurance policy. Of all the types of car insurance in India, the third-party cover is a legal mandate to drive on Indian roads.

At Tata AIG, we offer all three different types of car insurance policies so that you can find the right coverage for your car!

Stand Alone Third Party Car Insurance Policy

The third-party car insurance offers a basic insurance cover only against third-party damages. This means the policyholder is only protected against financial damages that are caused by their insured car to third-party vehicles, injuries to a third-party person, or even death caused by the insured vehicle.

Stand Alone Own Damage Car Insurance Policy

Tata AIG offers a Stand Alone Own Damage Car Insurance policy for insured cars purchased after September 2018. This type of car insurance policy only covers the own damage that the policyholder’s car suffers due to an accident or the damage caused only to the insured car. Hence, this policy will not cover any third-party damages.

Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy

Comprehensive car insurance offers protection, not only against third-party damages and liabilities but also against damages to the insured car.

The damages covered can be caused by accidents, natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, cyclones, etc., and also against human causes such as vandalism, terrorism and riots.

Moreover, when selecting from among different types of car insurance policy, a comprehensive policy enables you to include a range of add-on covers to enhance the policy coverage and offer protection against specific situations. It is important that you consider the above mentioned major categories while comparing car insurance quotes.

Features of Tata AIG Car Insurance Policy

Here are some of the most important inclusions of this policy:

  • Own Damage Cover- You are covered for loss or damage to the vehicle, subject to depreciation and the terms mentioned in the policy.

  • Third-Party Coverage- In the event of an accident, where a third party is injured or property is damaged, costs are covered by the insurer as mentioned in the policy document.

  • Personal Accident Cover- If you incur bodily harm or fatal injuries due to a road accident, the insurer will compensate you up to ₹15 Lakh, depending on the nature of the injury.

  • In addition to these, you can also choose from 13 comprehensive add-ons to further strengthen your Tata AIG Auto Secure – Private Car Package Policy. Some of these add-ons include depreciation coverage, consumable coverage, etc. To understand all coverages and exclusions associated with a plan, it is essential to refer to your policy document. While it is important to understand all these details, it is also crucial that you know how to get the best coverage. And you can do this by comparing policies to see which offers the best benefits.

What are the Different Plans Available under Tata AIG Car Insurance

Tata AIG offers four individual plans to fit your needs and budget. Depending on how much protection you require for your car and yourself, you can choose from Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Sapphire Plus plans.

Click here to understand the features that are covered under each plan

As you can see, Tata AIG Auto Secure – Car Package Policy is capable of giving you fully equipped coverage with its Sapphire Plus sub-type. However, you can also choose from Silver, Gold or Pearl plans and add top-ups as per your requirements.

Remember that the more protection you have on the road, the safer your life and lower your financial liability is. So, make sure you #ThinkAhead and compare car insurance products before finalising an insurance plan.

Why should you compare car insurance plans?

When you compare car insurance policies, it helps you choose plans that are better suited for your needs. If you do not compare your car insurance policy and purchase the first one that you come across, it could lead to issues like inadequate insurance coverage for your car, overspending on premiums, unsuitable terms and conditions and more. Therefore, here is why you should compare the car insurance online or offline:

To choose the right type of policy

Your car insurance policy should provide adequate coverage to your vehicle, and therefore, it is important to compare car insurance online first. Many people go for only a third-party car insurance policy; however, in case of own damage caused to the insured car by accident, a third-party insurance policy cannot be of help.

Therefore, Tata AIG offers three distinct types of car insurance policies that enable you to choose the right type of coverage for your car. You can choose to have a comprehensive car insurance policy, a stand-alone own damage cover or a stand-alone third party cover as needed.

To know the policy better

When you compare car insurance policies, you understand which one offers benefits that suit you the best. On the other hand, if you buy the first policy you check without taking a look at other policies, you could be missing out on some important features for your car. With our easy three-step car insurance comparison, you can understand how your final choice of a car insurance policy is better than the others.

Save money on premiums

When it comes to saving money on your car insurance premiums, a fair comparison of car insurance policies available can be beneficial. This does not mean you should pick the cheapest policy with the lowest premium. However, by weighing the benefits of the policy against the premiums, you can save the unnecessary expense of high premiums or the damage that cannot be covered by inadequate insurance coverage.

Understand the various policies in the market

When you compare car insurance online on our Tata AIG website, you can know more about three different types of car insurance coverage, what they offer, the different add-on covers, and learn how each add-on can boost your insurance coverage and your premium amount. After comparing the insurance coverage along with various add-ons, you can pick a policy and select one or more add-ons that meet your car insurance needs.

Save time and effort

It is easy to compare car insurance rates online by simply filling in a few details of your car and then comparing the suggested quotes. The process takes less than a few minutes, and you save a lot of time and the effort of looking through individual car insurance policies one by one.

Gauge the credibility of the insurance provider

When you compare your car insurance policy on the Tata AIG website, you can learn more about our services, the features offered by our car insurance, our claim settlement ratio and customer service. We help you make an informed choice so that you can have peace of mind with the right car insurance policy.

Factors to Check while Comparing Car Insurance Policies

  • Coverage

When you compare motor car insurance looking at the different policies available, the first thing on your list should be the coverage it offers. This determines the extent to which you can protect your car against damages of any sort. If you choose a third-party car insurance cover, the coverage will include protection against third-party damages to a vehicle or the injury or death of a third-party person. And if you choose a comprehensive car insurance cover, then you can avail of extensive coverage that protects your car against various types of damages, along with personal accident and third-party covers.

  • Car Insurance Premium

Another reason why it is important to compare car insurance rates is so that you can pay an affordable amount after calculating car insurance premiums and comparing the policies. Most of us choose lower car insurance premiums to save money; however, this move can backfire since it means settling for lower coverage and insufficient protection for your car. Instead, it is best to compare car insurance quotes and go for a premium amount that ensures adequate coverage for your vehicle and is also a feasible expense.
Check our resource - Car Insurance Premium Calculator to understand how your car insurance premium are calculated

  • Insured Declared Value

The IDV or Insured Declared Value is the current market value of your car. It is an important component of your car insurance policy since it helps determine the insurance coverage amount or sum assured for your car as well as the premiums to be paid. You should compare the IDV while comparing the car insurance policy since the IDV calculation will be different for each insurance provider.

  • Claim Settlement Ratio

The claim settlement ratio is an important determinant of whether or not you should buy insurance from a particular insurance provider. When you compare the car insurance policy of one insurance provider with another, go for a high claim settlement ratio. Along with an excellent claim settlement ratio of 98% during FY 2020-21, Tata AIG also provides a quick and simple claim settlement procedure.

  • Add-on covers

When you buy a comprehensive car insurance policy, you can enhance the policy coverage by including certain add-ons that cover specific requirements for your car. The range of add-ons provided by every insurance provider is different, and so, when you compare the car insurance rates, it is a sure way of getting the add-ons of your choice. Since these add-ons come at an extra premium, the comparison helps keep your premiums within an affordable limit while letting you benefit from the best coverage available.

At Tata AIG, we offer a range of 13 unique add-ons that help you protect your car in every possible way. For example, our Engine Secure add-on is specially designed to ensure that damages to your car’s engine will be covered.

  • Quality and Availability of Customer Service

A supportive, available, and prompt customer service team should be part of your checklist when you compare your car insurance policy. Our customer-centric support team is available online 24/7 and works hard towards serving Tata AIG’s 5 crore customers.

  • No Claim Bonus

The No Claim Bonus is a discount on the premiums offered by your insurance provider for driving safely and responsibly, thereby reducing the instances of damage to your car. While comparing car insurance policies online, the NCB can range between 20% to 50% discount on the premium. Since the NCB discount lowers your premiums, it is important to check this factor in your insurance policy.

At Tata AIG, we help you understand how the NCB discount works for you and how you can avail of a discount on premium with every claim-free year.

  • Network Garages

Another point of comparison when you compare the car insurance policy is the number of network garages under your insurance provider. This helps you get the most benefits while having your car repaired when needed.

With a comprehensive car insurance policy from Tata AIG, you can enjoy the benefit of cashless repairs at more than 7500 network garages. You can also look for a garage location by using our car insurance garage locator. Once you enter the city name and the make of your car, our garage listing, as well as location maps, will help you find the ones closest to you.

How Should You Compare Car Insurance Policies – Online or Offline

Compare Car Insurance Online

Step 1 - Fill in the registration number of your car and click on “Get Price” to proceed to the next page to compare the policies and their benefits.

Step 2 - Mention the car details to help us understand your online car insurance requirements. You can match the different types of insurance coverage with your choice of add-ons and compare which combinations give you the most suitable quotes.

Step 3 - Once you have the four wheeler insurance premium quotes available, you can pick one policy with your selection of add-ons to give your car the most appropriate coverage.

Even though the online, as well as the offline modes of purchase, are available for policy buyers, most Tata AIG customers rely on our simplified and hassle-free car insurance online process to get their four wheeler insurance swiftly!

Comparing car insurance policies online makes the process even more time-efficient and streamlined for the customer. Furthermore, you can also compare various policies online during your car insurance renewal.

Benefits of Comparing Car Insurance Policies Online

When you choose to compare car insurance policies online, it offers you a host of advantages that you do not want to miss out on. Here is what you need to know about the car insurance benefits:

  • Convenience

It is a matter of convenience when you can research to compare motor car insurance online without having to step out and visit the offices of insurance companies. A quick and simple but well-planned research and policy comparison conducted on our website can help you make informed decisions.

  • 24x7 Availability

The customer service team is always available online to ensure that all your queries related to car insurance - be it car insurance benefits or how to compare car insurance rates, are resolved quickly and efficiently.

  • Discounts

Insurance providers offer various discounts on their online car insurance plans. When you compare car insurance online, it is easier to find out which insurance plan you can get the most suitable discounts from.

  • Customer Reviews

Online car insurance comparison also helps you find suitable customer reviews on different discussion forums as well as on social media. This, in turn, helps you make a better choice while buying an insurance policy for your car.

Things you should Remember while Comparing Car Insurance Policies!

  • Third-party insurance covers are mandatory

Third-party car insurance cover is a basic but mandatory cover for all car owners. Therefore, there is no difference in the third-party insurance features offered by various insurance providers. If you want to compare car insurance costs, you can go through the comprehensive car insurance cover and the various add-ons offered by us and check the various combinations to find the best coverage to suit your budget.

  • Check for copayment and deductible clauses

When you compare motor car insurance online, look out for the ones that have deductibles and copayments. These clauses reduce the sum insured amount when you raise a claim against damages, as a result of which, you will not be able to cover the required cost of damages to your car.

  • Look through the list of add-on covers

Be sure to check the list of add-ons offered by your insurance provider and choose an insurance policy that offers the most flexibility and benefits while comparing car insurance policies. Tata AIG lets you choose from 12 different add on covers to enhance your car insurance cover.

  • Check the instances that are not covered

Every plan has a list of exclusions or damages that the car insurance policy does not cover. Always read through these exclusions when you compare car insurance online so that you know exactly which policy offers better coverage for your car.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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How can you compare car insurance policies effectively?

How can you compare car insurance policies effectively?


Comparing car insurance online is an effective way to carry out the process. When you compare car insurance or buy it online, you save time, money and effort.

Tata AIG offers a simple three-step process for helping you compare car insurance online. All you need to do is fill in some details of your car as well as your contact details to get car insurance quotes, which you can compare and then choose the one that is most appropriate for you.

How does comparing car insurance help to save money on your premium payment?


Comparing car insurance online before buying it helps you avail of various discounts offered by different insurance providers. An expensive policy does not always guarantee extensive coverage. When you compare different car insurance benefits, you can choose a policy that covers your needs while keeping the premium payment affordable.

Are add-on covers available for third-party liability-only policies?


No, Tata AIG’s stand-alone third-party car insurance policy does not offer the benefits of including add-on covers to the plan. A third-party car insurance policy can only cover third-party liabilities such as damage to another vehicle or injuries to or death of another person caused by the insured car.

What are the tax benefits on motor insurance?


Yes, you can claim a tax deduction on your car insurance premium. However, for the tax benefit to be applicable, it is necessary that the car covered under the insurance policy should be used for business purposes apart from personal use, if at all. You can compare motor insurance online to understand tax benefits offered by different plans.

How to make a claim in car insurance?


As a Tata AIG car insurance policyholder, these are a few simple steps to file a claim:

Step 1– You can visit our Claims Support page and fill out the required information or contact us on 1800-266-7780. We will send you a link for self-inspection of your car on your mobile number once we receive your claim request.

Step 2– Use the self-inspection form to fill in the details of the damages to the car. One of our surveyors will also examine your car and the damages.

Step 3– You can choose to be reimbursed for the damages after you make the payment for the repairs or choose our cashless claim facility through our network garages.

Step 4– The completed claim form, an FIR (if needed), identity proof, policy documents, address proofs, etc., are needed for claim settlement. Keep them ready before filing the claim.

Step 5– Once you fill the claim form, you can track the claim status and the transaction process online on our website.

Step 6– If your claim meets our guidelines on verification, we will approve the claim and process the settlement.

How do I purchase a car insurance policy?


Tata AIG makes it easy for you to purchase your car insurance policy in three easy steps:

Step 1 – Visit our car insurance page, fill in your car’s registration number and click on “Get Price”. Step 2 – On the next page, provide your car’s brand, name, variant and then click “Continue” to move to the next page. Step 3 – On the last page, mention the month and year of the car’s purchase along with your mobile number. If you have purchased a policy previously, it is necessary to fill in those details too.

Once you get the car insurance quote of your choice, you can make the purchase.