The Easy Way to Get Your Car Insured

It is the first thing you buy with the car itself. Just as a car’s regular servicing is important, so also is insurance and its renewal.

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The Easy Way to Get Your Car Insured

Cars have slowly but surely become an intrinsic part of everyday life. With so many cars on the road and accidents on the rise, car insurance has become an important emotional, yet practical matter in every car owner’s life. It is the first thing you buy with the car itself. Just as a car’s regular servicing is important, so also is insurance and its renewal.

Riya was very careful about the upkeep of her car and did everything to keep it in mint condition. She got it serviced, kept it well insured and renewed the insurance without fail. She wasn’t too sure about online procedures though. Her best friend Arya – a tech savvy young lady, often complained loudly about the time Riya spent on paperwork. Arya knew all about car insurance policies online.

Understand Your Requirements

Riya was sitting and filling insurance renewal papers for submission to the agent when Arya found her. ‘‘Riya, come on! Why don’t you just renew your car insurance online? You can also buy car insurance policy from the website, for your new car.” Arya paused, exasperated. “I’m serious! It saves you a lot of time and effort.”

Riya didn’t pay much heed to her friend’s advice. “Look, this is how I’ve always done it... and it isn’t that bad, really.”

But Arya persisted. “Why don’t you just try it once? If you still prefer doing things the old-fashioned way after that, I won’t try to convince you again.” Finally, Riya agreed to give renewing her insurance online a shot.

Arya pushed aside the half-filled form. Then she opened her laptop and started looking for online car insurance renewal options. “Aha! Multiple eco-friendly, cost effective, hassle-free options – here you go!” She turned the laptop screen towards Riya.

“See how much you benefit from online transactions? Now I’ll show you something even better!”

Arya started comparing different policies by different insurance companies. She told Riya that many policies didn’t include car issues like damage due to earthquakes and floods (Unique Add on Covers) . “By comparing different policies online, you can choose from a wide variety of policies, and decide on one that best suits your requirements.”

Each car has different needs, and so the premiums need to be different too. “You can visit different insurance companies’ websites and calculate car insurance premium online,” said Arya

Comparing between different policies and calculating the premium amount necessary for a car can be economical. While comparing the information and policy options online, Riya realised that her current car policy was neither ideal nor economical. “You were right. The policy I have right now really isn’t the best for me.

Arya reassured her. “It’s alright. You know, when you choose a policy online and realise it’s not right for you, you can easily change the policy or even the policy provider with a few clicks!”

Riya shook her head. “Alright, you’ve convinced me! I didn’t realise I was losing out on so much when I wasn’t doing things online. Thanks for pushing me to try this out. I’ll definitely be buying and renewing my car insurance online from now on!”

“I have just one more question for you Arya. Now that you’ve saved so much of my time… do you want to go for a drive with me?”

Both friends laughed, as they headed towards Riya’s car. They went on a long drive and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. And why not? They had both saved lots of time renewing their insurance online, and had also managed to get themselves the best possible car insurance deal! Now they could drive easy.

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