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Are you planning your next travel adventure?! If that is the case, you must buy a suitable travel insurance policy to have sufficient financial protection during the trip.

At Tata AIG, we offer excellent domestic travel insurance and international travel insurance plans which have been designed with exquisite thought and consideration for your various travel insurance needs. You can compare our travel insurance plans online and get a travel insurance quote.

Get an instant quote for your Tata AIG travel insurance plan now.

What is Travel Insurance?

No matter how meticulously you plan your travels, there is always a certain degree of uncertainty attached to those plans owing to the presence of several uncontrollable variables. While travelling within the country can pose its own unique set of challenges, ranging from the geographical to the socio-political, travelling beyond the expanses of your nation has no dearth of potential bottlenecks either. This is where travel insurance comes into the picture.

It is difficult to predict the nature and degree of adverse circumstances that you may be faced with during your travels. However, buying an adequate travel insurance policy is a prudent way of enhancing your preparedness against a wide gamut of travel-related challenges. Just like any other insurance policy, the main aim of a travel insurance plan is to provide you with financial protection during the course of your journey.

Therefore, as important as it is to make your travel arrangements, including hotel reservations and visa bookings, it is equally pivotal to opt for a travel insurance plan that has sufficient cover for various risks, including flight delays and cancellations, medical emergencies, and loss of passport. While making your travel checklist, be sure to tick the box of buying travel insurance at the earliest.

Compare Travel Insurance Online

With Tata AIG's excellent range of travel insurance policies, you can get travel insurance at pocket-friendly rates. It is easy to compare travel insurance online and determine the plan which is the most suitable fit for your travel insurance requirements. You can visit our website, get a travel insurance quote, compare travel insurance plans, and buy instant travel insurance from the comfort of your home.

Types Of Travel Insurance Policies

If you are looking for a suitable travel insurance cover for your domestic or international trip, you must first ascertain the type and extent of the coverage you need. Having a sufficient degree of clarity on your travel insurance requirements enables you to compare travel insurance plans more efficiently and make an informed selection in a time-efficient manner.

There are several types of travel insurance policies for you to choose from, and here is a brief description of each:

1. Domestic Travel Insurance: If you are planning to travel within India, our Domestic Travel Insurance Plan is an excellent choice for you. Starting at just ₹26 per day*, this plan offers financial protection against accidents and personal liabilities that may arise during your trip. Furthermore, with the Tata AIG Domestic Travel Insurance Plan, you also get travel assistance.

2. International Travel Insurance: Setting off for an international journey can be as daunting as exciting, but with the Tata AIG International Travel Insurance Plan, we've got you covered. Whether you are travelling to the mesmerising mountains of Switzerland or the breath taking beaches of the Maldives, we have suitable travel insurance cover for you. And the best part is that these plans come with feasible premiums. You can get a Tata AIG Travel Insurance Plan for as low as ₹40.82 per day*.

3. Student Travel Insurance: In order to cater to the unique travel insurance requirements of students studying abroad, our Student Travel Insurance Plan has been designed to encompass an extensive cover. This plan includes coverage for medical emergencies and loss of baggage. You can get the Tata AIG Student Travel Insurance Plan at a feasible starting cost of ₹41.33 per day*.

4. Family Travel Insurance: If you are travelling with your family, the importance of having a suitable travel insurance policy increases manifold. If one or more of the travelling party falls ill or meets with an accident whilst on the trip or travelling to or from the destination, you may be faced with substantial medical bills in a foreign land. Therefore, it is advisable to include your entire travelling party in your travel insurance cover.

5. Senior Citizen Travel Insurance: There is no reason why your age should restrict your desire to travel and see the world. However, the additional health-related challenges that walk hand in hand with ageing necessitate the purchase of an appropriate senior travel insurance policy.

At Tata AIG, we have just the plan for you. Designed to address the unique travel insurance requirements of individuals aged 71 and above, the Tata AIG Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Plan offers extensive coverage, starting at ₹188 per day. With this plan, you get access to 24*7 assistance during your trip along with a cover for pre-existing diseases.

6. Annual Multi-trip Travel Insurance: If you travel abroad on a regular basis for business or leisure, you must opt for an Annual Multi-trip Travel Insurance Plan that covers multiple trips made during a policy year. By opting for this plan, you can rid yourself of the hassle of having to buy a new travel insurance policy every time you have to embark on a trip during the same year.

7. Schengen Travel Insurance: Europe is a dream travel destination that is on the bucket list of most people. And if you are planning to travel to Europe soon, you must check out our excellent Schengen Travel Insurance Plan. With prices starting at ₹40.82 per day*, this plan offers financial protection against loss of baggage and passport, accidents, sicknesses, flight delays and cancellations, third-party liabilities, and Covid-19.

Why Do You Need Travel Insurance?

If you are wondering why you need travel insurance, here are some simple yet important reasons.

1. Mandatory Travel Requirements: Several countries have made it mandatory for prospective travellers to have a valid travel insurance policy. This mandate has been driven by the seemingly ceaseless array of uncertainties that accompany any international trip. Should you happen to get injured in an accident abroad, the resultant treatment and/or hospitalisation may put a massive dent in your travel budget. However, having a travel insurance plan allows you to be able to face such situations in a financially robust manner.

2. Mandatory for Visa Application: The applications for the visas of some countries cite travel insurance as one of the prerequisites. For instance, you need a valid travel insurance plan before applying for a Schengen Visa. Therefore, it is important to purchase a travel insurance plan whilst preparing for your travels.

3. Mandatory for Students Studying In a Foreign Country: If you wish to pursue your education in a foreign nation, the visa and entry requirements are highly likely to include a suitable travel insurance plan. Hence you must select a travel insurance plan in accordance with the student visa requirements of the nation you are travelling to.

4. Financial Protection Against Uncertainties: Buying travel insurance enables you to be well placed to handle any unanticipated circumstances that may transpire during your trip, ranging from loss of baggage and passport to the delay or cancellation of your flights and hotel bookings. What is more, is that you get a cover for accidents, medical emergencies, third-party liabilities, and Covid-19.

Features of Tata AIG Travel Insurance

Tata AIG's travel insurance policies provide you with extensive coverage at a feasible price. Here are the salient features of our travel insurance plans.

  1. Cover for Baggage Loss and Delay
  2. Journey Cover
  3. Cover for Medical Emergencies
  4. Cover for Delay and Cancellation of Flights
  5. Cover for Loss of Passport
  6. Cover for Accidents
  7. Cover for Personal Liabilities
  8. Local Assistance
  9. Covid-19 Cover
  10. The Flexibility of Paying Your Travel Insurance Premium in INR and Getting Coverage In USD
  11. Instant Travel Insurance Purchase Process
  12. Travel Insurance at Feasible Prices
  13. Automatic Extension of Your Travel Insurance Plan by Seven Days Following Delay or Cancellation of Your Return Flight
  14. Automatic Extension of Your Travel Insurance Plan for a period of upto 60 Days or time of discharge(whichever is lesser) from the end date In the Wake of Covered Hospitalisation.

What Travel Insurance Plans Does Tata AIG Offer?

At Tata AIG, we offer a wide range of travel insurance policies. You can select a plan in alignment with your travel insurance requirements and budget.

Here are the travel insurance plans you can choose from at Tata AIG.

1. Student Travel Insurance: Starting at just ₹41.33 per day*, the Tata AIG Student Travel Insurance Plan is an excellent travel insurance policy for individuals studying abroad. This plan offers covers for medical emergencies, baggage loss, etc.

2. International Travel Insurance: If you are planning to go on an international trip, you must peruse the Tata AIG International Travel Insurance Plan. With prices as low as ₹40.82 per day*, you can financially secure your journey against a wide range of adverse events.

3. Domestic Travel Insurance: By shelling out just ₹26 per day*, you can get a Tata AIG Domestic Travel Insurance Plan and be assured of the required financial assistance during your trip across India.

4. Senior Citizen Travel Insurance: The Tata AIG Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Plan has been designed keeping in mind the travel insurance needs of individuals above the age of 71 years. You can buy this plan instantly without having to undergo a medical test. Available at ₹188 per day onwards, the coverage for this plan includes a 24*7 helpline for senior citizens.

You can compare and buy our travel insurance plans on our official website.

Why Should You Compare Travel Insurance online?

Gone are the times when buying travel insurance meant standing in long queues at the offices of your selected insurer. With the easy and user-friendly process of buying Tata AIG travel insurance online, you can assess, compare, and select travel insurance policies from your laptop, tablet, or phone and get an instant travel insurance quote.

Here are some benefits of comparing travel insurance online.

  1. It Helps You Save Time
  2. It Helps You Get Discounts
  3. It Helps You Peruse and Analyse Various Travel Insurance Plans
  4. It Helps You Get Swift Travel Insurance Quotes
  5. It Helps You Compare Different Travel Insurance Plans
  6. It Helps You Make An Informed Decision
  7. It Helps You Purchase Travel Insurance in a Safe and Transparent Process

Benefits Of Comparing Travel Insurance?

With the digitalisation of the insurance sector, it has become utterly convenient to compare travel insurance online and buy an instant travel insurance policy. If you wish to buy a travel insurance plan, you must first ascertain your travel insurance requirements, then start looking for plans online.

Here's why carrying out a comprehensive travel insurance comparison online can be beneficial for you.

1. You Can Check The Extent of The Coverage of Various Plans: By having the particulars of different travel insurance plans available at your fingertips, you can easily assess the extent of the coverage they offer. Doing so can enable you to sift through the various available plans, shortlist them and, eventually, select the one most suited to your travel insurance requirements.

2. You Can Choose The Right Sum Insured: The right sum insured for your travel insurance policy depends on the destination you are travelling to, the duration of your stay, and the number of people included in the coverage. It is important to have an adequate sum insured in your travel insurance plan so as to have the necessary financial assistance if required.

3. You Can Get an Instant Travel Insurance Quote: With our online travel insurance calculator, you can easily compute the cost of your travel insurance plan and determine whether said cost is feasible for you.

4. You Can Purchase a Travel Insurance Plan in a Time-efficient and Cost-effective Manner: The flexibility to analyse and compare various travel insurance plans and receive instant travel insurance quotes allows you to select and purchase a travel insurance policy in a swift and cost-effective manner. Not only do you end up saving on time, but you also benefit from having made a well-thought-out and informed selection.

Factors To Compare While Buying Travel Insurance

1. Sum Insured: The magnitude of the sum insured is one of the barometers of the extent of your travel insurance coverage. It is important to check the sum insured for various covers in a travel insurance plan, including medical expenses, local assistance, and reimbursement of lost or delayed baggage. You must select a plan with an adequate sum insured for you (and your family if they are travelling too).

2. Medical Cover: Imagine being hospitalised in a foreign country with an ever-rising bill. It does not sound like a good scenario, now does it?! To protect yourself against the financial implications of an accident or sickness whilst on a trip, you must opt for a travel insurance plan with sufficient medical cover.

3. Journey Cover: You may have to pass through several airports during your international journey, and at any of those, you could end up faced with a delay or loss of baggage, loss of passport, delayed, or cancelled flight, etc. In such a scenario, the Journey cover of your travel insurance plan can be of great assistance. Hence you must check the extent of this cover before selecting a travel insurance plan.

4. Other Benefits: In addition to the standard covers in a travel insurance policy, you must also ascertain whether it has additional features, such as automatic policy extension in case of a delayed or cancelled flight.

5. Premium: One of the most important factors to be considered whilst purchasing a travel insurance plan is the travel insurance premium. Since the prices of different plans and covers vary, you must weigh the costs and the benefits of said plans before choosing one. You can use our travel insurance premium calculator to compute the prices of our travel insurance policies.

6. Policy Inclusions and Exclusions: It is pivotal to peruse the policy document for a travel insurance plan whilst assessing it and comparing it with other plans. The clarity on the inclusions and exclusions of a plan helps you make an informed decision and choose the right plan for yourself.


Information last updated Dec 20. While this information is sourced reliably, visa requirements can change. For the most current visa details, visit the official Consulate/Embassy website.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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Is Purchasing Travel Insurance Mandatory?

Is Purchasing Travel Insurance Mandatory?


Yes, having a suitable travel insurance policy is mandatory for travelling to a majority of foreign countries. What is more, some nations have included travel insurance in their list of the prerequisites required for a visa application. However, irrespective of whether travel insurance is mandatory, you must opt for adequate coverage so as to have some degree of financial protection during the course of your trip.

How is My Travel Insurance Premium Calculated?


Your travel insurance premium is computed on the basis of the following factors.

  • The destination you are travelling to
  • The duration of your stay
  • The number of people included in the cover
  • The type of travel insurance plan you have selected
  • The sum assured you have opted for

Should I Compare My Travel Insurance Premium?


Yes, absolutely! Your travel insurance premium is an important component of your travel insurance policy. You can choose or reject a plan based on whether it is feasible for you. It is important, however, to prefer cost-effective travel insurance plans over cheap ones.

How Long Does It Take to Activate My Travel Insurance Policy?


Once you have made the online payment of your Tata AIG Travel Insurance Plan, it gets activated within a matter of minutes, and you receive a copy of the policy in your email inbox.

Does Tata AIG Offer Travel Insurance for Students?


Yes, at Tata AIG, we have a specific Student Travel Insurance Plan designed to address the travel insurance requirements of students studying in a foreign country. This plan can be of great assistance to you during your academic journey away from home.

Can I Compare and Purchase Tata AIG's Travel Insurance Plans Online?


Yes, you can compare and purchase Tata AIG's travel insurance policies online. All you have to do is visit our travel insurance page and enter the necessary details, including your travel destination and the intended duration of the stay. After entering these details, you must click on 'Get Plan' to get an instant travel insurance quote. If you are satisfied with this quote, you can make the payment online and purchase the policy.

What Is The Minimum Amount I have to Spend to Purchase a Domestic Travel Insurance Plan from Tata AIG?


Our pocket-friendly Domestic Travel Insurance Plans have been designed to provide you with extensive coverage in a cost-effective manner. You can buy the Tata AIG Domestic Travel Insurance Plan at as low as ₹26 per day*.

What Is The Price of Tata AIG's International Travel Insurance Policies?


At Tata AIG, we offer excellent International Travel Insurance Plans, starting at just ₹40.82 per day. These plans offer you financial protection against a wide range of potential adverse events during your international travels. The prices of our travel insurance plans for different destinations vary. It is, therefore, advisable to visit our website and check the latest prices.