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Compare Travel Insurance

Travel can be exciting. It can be a rewarding experience, which creates a lifetime of memories. But these memories can be severely tarnished if you are unfortunate enough to suffer a mishap such as theft, missed flight, lost luggage, etc. To prevent such setbacks from ruining your vacation, it is advisable to buy travel insurance beforehand. Travel insurance is also compulsory as part of the visa requirement of many countries.

Key benefits of comparing travel insurance online

  • Trip Cancellation
  • Local Assistance
  • Baggage lost or delayed cover
  • Duplicate or new passport, in case it gets lost
  • Compensation when flight gets delayed
  • Reimburse bounced bookings of hotels & airline
  • Automatic policy extension for 7 days
  • Reimburse for emergency transportation to a hospital, treatment and medical supplies.

Comparing travel insurance is necessary for a number of reasons. When you travel, you expose yourself to a lot of financial and physical risk. You could lose your luggage, have your wallet stolen, miss a flight due to delay or cancellation, or meet with an unexpected and unfortunate accident.

Why do You Need Travel Insurance?

Many countries have made it mandatory to purchase international travel insurance before you apply for a visa. Similarly, students travelling abroad for studies also need travel insurance. Due to the difference in the purchasing power of various currencies, meeting your living expenses can be extremely tough but combined with a medical emergency, it could really drain your finances. Therefore, it is in your own interest to buy an adequate insurance cover.

A travel insurance policy can provide you with financial protection against unforeseen expenses. It also covers the cost of a medical evacuation, delayed flights, and the loss of important documents such as your passport. Moreover, it provides you with peace of mind so you can enjoy a hassle-free trip.

Make sure to purchase a Tata AIG Travel Insurance Plan for your next trip. It will keep you secure while you go out and explore the world.

Features of Tata AIG Travel Insurance

Tata AIG’s travel insurance plans offer many advantages and benefits. Here are some useful features:

  • Has a global presence in over 190 countries
  • Offers 24x7 assistance
  • Sum assured can be up to $5,00,000
  • Covers loss and delay of baggage
  • Offers a distress allowance in case of flight hijacking
  • Protects you from fraudulent charges in case your credit card is lost or stolen
  • Reimbursement offered for cancelled/delayed flights and bounced hotel bookings
  • Covers injuries sustained during the trip and offers an accident cover and medical evacuation
  • Students are reimbursed their tuition fee in case the course is interrupted due to illness or the death of a family member

Benefits of Comparing Travel Insurance?

Travel can often be tricky. Depending on where you are headed and the time of the year, you may face many hurdles. Flights get delayed or cancelled all the time because of snow, rain, or fog. Airlines do not always provide compensation for delays or cancellations, so if you miss a connecting flight, it could ruin your entire trip. Such an incident can leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere and you might be forced to spend out of your pocket.

Travelling to a place with a high crime rate is also risky. Petty thefts such as losing your wallet or having your passport stolen can turn into a nightmare in a foreign land. Furthermore, older people could be susceptible to falling ill and may need medicines to treat a health condition. Healthcare costs and inflated hospital bills can sometimes cost you more than what you paid for your entire trip. Students too have a clear need for travel insurance as it could be stressful to deal with such issues while living in a new country.

As you can see, depending on your age, the destination, and the purpose of travel, your needs can differ. Therefore, compare travel insurance plans to choose a policy that is tailor-made for you. You can go through several plans and assess their features and offerings. The decision to pick a suitable sum assured and add-on riders can be based on your specific needs. Once you compare travel insurance online, you can purchase a policy that meets all your requirements for a particular trip.

What plans are available under Tata AIG Travel Insurance?

You can compare travel insurance plans and choose from four different Tata AIG travel insurance:

All these plans offer tailor-made benefits depending on the reason for your travel. So, #ThinkAhead and compare travel insurance online so that you pick a plan that suits your needs perfectly.

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