Baggage Delay & Baggage Loss Cover in Travel Insurance

While travelling, the most common worry you face is of your baggage getting lost or delayed on the way to the destination.

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How do Baggage Delay and Baggage Loss covers work?

Many-a-times your baggage is flown in a different flight and with a longer route to your destination, making a delay in arrival or even loss a very real risk. In such cases, travel insurance comes in handy to help you ease your worries!

With Baggage Delay and Baggage Lost covers of your travel insurance policy, you can be sure that you will get the required help on time.

What is Baggage Delay?

Baggage Delay cover in travel insurance reimburses you for the checked-in baggage which includes personal items such as clothes, toiletries and other essentials which are worn or used by you.

  • Condition for claim You can file this claim if your baggage is delayed by a common carrier for more than the specified period of time as shown in the policy. The duration is counted from the time of your arrival at your destination.

  • What are the limitations? There are times when you may file for Baggage Delay cover, but later on, you get to know that the baggage is actually lost. In such cases, from the amount claimed and paid to you under baggage delay plus any compensation made by the Airlines will be deducted.

What is Baggage Loss?

Under the Baggage Loss cover, you will be reimbursed for the permanent loss of an entire piece of checked-in baggage stored in the train or flight you are travelling by. For this, you will have to get all claims verified by the Railway or Airline Personnel.

  • Condition for claim If you’re a ticketed passenger and your baggage has been stolen, misdirected by the flight it was supposed to come on, or due to non-delivery at the final destination, you can file a claim under this section. The benefit will only be payable in case your entire baggage is lost and not for the partial loss of items or damage to your luggage.

  • What are the Limitations If the common carrier has paid you a particular amount, this cover will only pay the remaining amount to you. For instance, if the baggage lost values up to a total of ₹5000 and your airline or Railway authority pays ₹2000, the insurance will only pay the remaining amount of ₹ 3000 and not the whole value.

With Tata AIG Travel Guard, we take care of your worries so you can focus on having fun on your trip!

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