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Baggage Insurance

Usually, baggage insurance is covered under travel insurance. Nonetheless, a few insurance companies allow you to buy only baggage insurance if you are unable to arrange finances for travel insurance. During national as well as international trips, baggage insurance is one of the most crucial parts of your essential documents.

Key benefits of travel insurance with baggage cover

  • Trip Cancellation
  • Medical assistance upto $5 lacs
  • Local Assistance
  • Baggage lost or delayed cover
  • Duplicate or new passport, in case it gets lost
  • Compensation when flight gets delayed
  • Reimburse bounced bookings of hotels & airline
  • Automatic policy extension for 7 days
  • Reimburse for emergency transportation to a hospital, treatment and medical supplies.

Baggage Insurance Overview

Generally, this covers checked-in baggage delay and loss during the journey. Under this, the insurance provider reimburses the amount spent on additional expenses and loss incurred due to baggage loss/damage.

What is Baggage Delay and Baggage Loss?


Baggage Delay

If your baggage does not reach within the specified time by the common carrier, the insurance company will reimburse you for the additional expenses you had to incur due to the delayed baggage containing essentials. Under the domestic travel insurance in India, the time period for this is counted from your arrival date at the destination.

Baggage Loss

When your checked-in baggage is entirely lost during transit, whether you are travelling by train or flight, the insurance provider will reimburse the amount equal to the loss incurred. All the information and claims are cross-checked and verified with the respective Railway or Airline personnel.

Under baggage loss, cases like stolen checked-in baggage or non-delivery of the baggage at the final destination, etc., are covered. In such situations, the insurance provider reimburses the amount for the lost baggage, depending on the things inside the baggage. Usually, the amount is provided if the whole of your baggage is lost and not on the partial loss of a few items.

In both cases, the insurance provider deducts the compensation made by the common carrier from the claim amount. For instance, if Mr Amar has claimed for Rs 10000 but has already received Rs. 4000 by the common carrier. In this case, the insured will receive just Rs. 6000.

Types of Baggage Insurance


Under international as well as domestic travel insurance, there are two types of baggage insurance, single and multi-trip.

  • Under single-trip baggage insurance, you will receive coverage just for a single trip. If you do not travel frequently, you can opt for this.
  • Under a multi-trip policy, the policyholder can enjoy the insurance benefits for a year and get them renewed every year. If you travel frequently, this is an appropriate choice for you. It will cover international as well as domestic travel.

General Inclusions of Baggage Insurance


Whether you buy baggage insurance or domestic travel insurance, it is necessary to go through all the specifications to make an informed decision. Here are the inclusions of baggage insurance discussed in detail:

Loss Or Damage of Your Baggage

Generally, people have two types of baggage- handbags and travel bags. A handbag is the cabin bag that contains all small and handy items and is carried inside the cabin, whereas travel bags include suitcases, etc., that have other essential items. Under baggage insurance, the loss or damage of both the bags are covered, and the insurance provider will reimburse the amount of expenses incurred for the same.

Delay in Delivery of the Baggage

If there is any delay in the delivery of checked-in baggage at the destination due to the airline management, the insurer will reimburse the amount to the insured equal to the loss or additional expenses incurred. Under flight insurance in India, compensation is provided for delay in the delivery of baggage.

Loss/Damage to Additional Baggage

If you shop during your trip, you might have additional baggage. TATA AIG provides protection to the additional bags as well.

While travelling within India too, there are certain documents required for domestic flight journey in India:

  • Photo Identity card ( PAN card issued by Income Tax Authority/ credit card with photo/valid driving license/Voter ID Card)
  • Children can carry their school identity card or any other identity proof with a photo.
  • For infants, a birth certificate would work.

We at TATA AIG offer customized plans to our clients based on their budget. An individual can also opt for individual benefits like flight insurance in India (this covers flight cancellation insurance), baggage insurance or travel insurance, covering all the benefits. With a foothold in more than 190 countries, we ensure prompt services to our clients globally. If you were avoiding baggage insurance till now, buy it for your upcoming trips.

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