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Baggage Insurance

Usually, baggage insurance is covered under travel insurance. Travelling reinforces and elevates the drained energy and makes you feel sprightly. Besides, it helps you create memories that linger with you for a lifetime. And, to make most of your trips and have an exceptionally beautiful experience, it is important to plan your trip appropriately.

Key benefits of travel insurance with baggage cover

  • Trip Cancellation
  • Medical assistance upto $5 lacs
  • Local Assistance
  • Baggage lost or delayed cover
  • Duplicate or new passport, in case it gets lost
  • Compensation when flight gets delayed
  • Reimburse bounced bookings of hotels & airline
  • Automatic policy extension for 7 days
  • Reimburse for emergency transportation to a hospital, treatment and medical supplies.

Baggage Insurance Overview

While you plan a trip, there are several things of which you need to take care. A few of the most important things to decide are the belongings that you need to carry. You might end up packing many things, necessary or unnecessary so that you don’t miss out on anything important to carry and have a hassle-free trip. Besides the fancy things, your baggage includes important things like travel documents (like passport, etc.), medicines etc., and valuable things like your expensive camera, jewellery, etc. And, you can’t afford to lose any of them because if you do, you might have to bear a significant loss, and your trip might come to a standstill or get spoilt.

Despite taking care of your baggage and submitting the same to the airline authority, what if, after reaching your destination country, you discover that your check-in baggage has not arrived? This could happen due to any of the two reasons,

  • Baggage Loss
  • Baggage Delay

As the check-in baggage is the airline authority’s responsibility and stored in an inaccessible area to the passenger, they must ensure the delivery of your baggage to your destination country. Nonetheless, contingencies might arrive at any time and anywhere. Due to this, your baggage might get lost or delayed due to any of the following mishaps:

  • Misdirected by the carrier
  • Lost from the carousel
  • Insufficient Baggage Handlers
  • Routing label damage

In such a case, it might get difficult for you to continue your trip the same way. If your baggage is delayed, you might have to incur additional expenses, and if your baggage is lost, you might lose your valuable items. In both cases, you will have to bear the loss.

Nonetheless, if you are covered under Tata AIG’s Travel Insurance, you can stay worry-free about your baggage and other unexpected events during the trip. Depending on your sum insured and policy specifications, we provide you with the maximum benefits possible so that you can enjoy your trip to the fullest. Otherwise, such minor or major hurdles might break the excitement and flow of your trip, thus, hampering your trip. Read further to know about the inclusions and exclusions under the travel insurance in case of your baggage loss or delay.

Baggage Delay Cover


If your check-in baggage is delayed by the common carrier due to misdirection or any other reason, we will reimburse you for the expense of personal effects upto the maximum amount mentioned in the policy schedule, subject to the deductibles. For availing of compensation, you should be a ticketed passenger, and the common carrier must verify all your claims and certify the delay or misdirection.


In addition to general exclusions, if the baggage delay takes place in the Republic of India, we will not be liable to compensate for the same.

Baggage Loss Cover


If the entire piece of your check-in baggage gets lost and does not reach your place of destination, which was in the custody of the common carrier, we will be liable to compensate you for the loss. This could happen due to misdirection by the common carrier or theft. However, to avail of the benefits, it is important to be a ticketed passenger.

The reimbursement amount of the entire lost baggage or its contents is subject to deductibles and upto the maximum amount mentioned in your policy schedule. Additionally, all the claims must be verified by the common carrier.

Apart from this, there are certain limitations in the context of the reimbursement amount; find them below:

  • The maximum reimbursement limit per bag is 50% of the amount mentioned in the policy schedule,
  • The maximum reimbursement amount per article in any bag is 10% of the amount stated in the policy schedule
  • There is a combined maximum limit of 10% on the reimbursement amount stated in the policy schedule if any of the valuable items such as jewellery, watches, articles in whole or in part of silver, gold or platinum, etc., is lost.

In case of loss of a pair/set (e.g. a pair of earrings), we may

  • Repair or replace a part of your loss so that the value of a pair/set can be restored to its actual value, i.e., the value before the loss;
  • Pay the difference between the cash value of the property before and after the loss.


We are not liable to:

  • compensate in case of damage to the baggage or partial loss of the contents of baggage.
  • compensate for property loss, which is insured under any other insurance or reimbursed by the common carrier
  • compensate for baggage or souvenirs sent in advance or shipped separately
  • compensate for consumables and perishables; any conveyance; household effects; electronic equipment like computer, cellular phones disc player, etc.; eyeglasses, sunglasses or contact lenses; debit cards and cheques, etc.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


What is the Difference Between Check-in Baggage and Cabin Baggage?

Check-in baggage is the baggage you submit to the airline authority, which ensures the delivery of your baggage to your destination location. Whereas cabin baggage is the hand baggage that you carry inside the cabin, and you are responsible for the same.

What Is Covered Under Baggage Insurance Policy?

Baggage insurance is a component of travel insurance. Under this, we will compensate you for the expense of personal effect if the check-in baggage is lost or delayed by the common carrier, subject to certain terms and conditions. Also, all the claims must be verified by the common carrier.

Is Check-in Baggage Insured?

Once your baggage is submitted to the airline authority, it is included in your check-in baggage and is insured under the travel insurance. If the baggage gets lost or delayed by the common carrier due to misdirection or any other covered hazard, we will reimburse the loss while considering your policy specifications.

If I Deliver a Part of My Baggage Before the Date of My Return to the Home Country and it Gets Misplaced or Lost on the Way, Will I Eligible For the Compensation for the Same?

Under TATA AIG’s Travel Insurance, we are liable to compensate for the loss or delay of check-in baggage while you are travelling. However, if you ship your baggage before you leave for your home country, we will not be liable for any compensation.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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