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What Is Engine Protection Cover In Car Insurance?

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 06/12/2021

Travelling in your car can be an exciting way to explore. It can satisfy the travel bug and help you build fond memories. So, if you love to explore the world in your car, it is your responsibility to protect your car and maintain it to the right standards. And, yes! Insurance for the car is certainly one important way out, considering the uncertainties associated with travelling.

But, unfortunately, maintenance and repair costs out of pocket can be difficult to afford, especially concerning your car engine. And, therefore, car insurance providers offer the engine protection cover as an add-on benefit. It will provide the right financial assistance to manage the repair costs related to the engine part damages. So, here is a detail about the engine protection cover and its features for your reference.

What Is The Engine Protection Cover?

Engine protection cover is an add-on benefit on car insurance that can be a part of the comprehensive motor car insurance policy. It is used to cover the insured vehicle's engine towards any damage or loss of the parts or the engine as a whole. Thus, it is an effective compensation for repairing or replacing the car engine or its parts.

Of course, the benefits are available at an additional premium cost. But, it is definitely worth the investment. It will provide financial assistance in case of an event that damages your car engine due to leakage of the lubricant oil, water ingression, etc. The add-on cover also protects the damages that occur to the car engine parts such as the crankshaft, gearbox, pistons etc.

Let us get into the details to understand better.

Why Is Engine Protection Required For a Car?

The car engine is extremely expensive, and therefore, repairing it incurs a lot of costs. In addition, it can lead to significant material and labour charges that may be difficult to afford out of pocket in an unexpected incident. Engine protection is thus required because it is the most important element responsible for the overall functioning of the vehicle.

Also, car insurance companies in India do not offer engine protection as part of their car insurance policy features. It is available as an add-on benefit with comprehensive car insurance and not under the third party motor insurance policy. It is important to note that this engine protection cover is not available for cars older than five years of age.

What Expenses Does The Engine Protection Cover in Motor Car Insurance?

The engine protection add-on benefit covers a range of benefits. Here is a list of the most prominent cases:

1. Parts of the engine- The engine protection cover compensates for the cost of repairing or replacing the engine parts such as the gearbox, crankshaft, pistons, connecting rods etc.

2. Water ingression- The add-on feature also covers the damage caused when outside water enters the engine and affects its functionality.

3. Leakage of the lubricant oil- Leakage of the lubricant oil from your car's engine can lead to various problems that affect the secure functioning of the car. Therefore, the protection cover can accommodate the repair costs associated with the same.

4. Damages due to hydrostatic lock- It is damage when you try to start your car when the engine is wet.

In addition to the pointers mentioned above, the insurance for a car with engine protection can offer compensation for the cost of consumables such as coolants, nuts and bolts, lubricant oil, etc., that is incurred while repairing your engine.

What Are The Exclusions As Part Of The Engine Protection Cover in Car Insurance?

The engine protection cover does not provide financial assistance if you try to start the car when it is submerged or drive it, increasing the pressure despite the water logging situations prevailing in your surroundings. Moreover, it does not cover the expenses mentioned under the car manufacturer's warranty, and that is also caused due to regular wear and tear. However, you must discuss the terms and conditions with your insurer before availing of the add-on cover.

Who Should Opt For Engine Protection Cover in Motor Car Insurance?

Engines mostly get affected when your car is stuck in a wet area. It can lead to a hydrostatic lock that will damage the engine when exposed for a long time. Therefore, if you live in a flood-prone area, an engine protection cover is a must buy. It is also important if you have purchased an expensive new car. The protection cover will stand as effective financial support during unexpected huge damage and increase the car's longevity.

How To Avail Of The Engine Protection Add-On?

When you purchase online car insurance from Tata AIG, you can avail of the benefits easily by accessing the Car Insurance Page on our website. You can apply for car insurance by providing your personal information, uploading the necessary documents, choosing the required add-ons and submitting the details for verification. The add-on options, such as the engine protection cover, inclusions, and exclusions, will be detailed as you navigate the different options. If you haven't chosen the engine protection cover during inception, you can do it during your Tata AIG car insurance renewal online.

Summing Up

Maintaining the right standards for your car is a responsibility in your hands. You will have to do the right things on time to ensure the best health of your vehicle. And, the car engine is one of the most important parts that define the functioning of the entire vehicle.

However, a comprehensive motor insurance policy will not include the engine protection cover by default. Therefore, purchasing the engine protection cover as an add-on becomes necessary.

And, it is extremely important for people living in a flood-prone area where waterlogging is very common. It is also important for people who have purchased a brand new expensive car because any damage to the car engine will cost you a huge out-of-pocket expense.

The engine protection cover will compensate for the expenses incurred towards repairing your engine and engine parts. The cover does not include damages due to regular wear and tear or forceful starting of the car when submerged in water. All the features of car insurance are available online for your usage. You can easily and conveniently opt for the engine protection cover by navigating through the options.

To conclude, you must consider the importance of your car engine and its functionality and purchase the engine protection cover immediately after you buy the car. Of course, it will cost you an additional premium, but it is certainly worth the investment!

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