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Maruti Suzuki Swift Insurance

The Maruti Suzuki Swift belongs to the hatchback class and is very popular in India for its comfort, good mileage and after-sales service. It is available in petrol and diesel variants. Pegged as a family car that also feels good for regular commutes, it has endeared itself to drivers for its award-winning engine performance and ease of driving.

The Swift has a wide range of sub-variants, in fact, about 16 in all. Therefore, insurance for the model depends entirely on the unique technical specifications for the car that you own. You can rely on Tata AIG’s dependable and convenient car insurance policies to secure Maruti Swift Car Insurance.

You need the mandatory third-party car Insurance cover on your car but you can also safeguard more fully with the comprehensive car insurance policy that extends to damage to your car due to theft, fire, floods etc. In the comprehensive policy, personal accident cover for the owner-driver is also included.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Insurance Renewal/New Purchase via Tata AIG

You are aware that you can drive your Maruti Suzuki Swift only with adequate insurance cover. However, purchasing or renewing the car insurance policy is a simple process with Tata AIG that you can complete in just a few steps. The entire procedure is completely online and totally secure.

  • Visit our website and go to the Car Insurance page. Now enter your car registration number and click “Get Price” for new policy purchase and “Renew” for renewing an existing policy.

  • Input the basic details as prompted by the screen.

  • Next, select the correct Insured Declared Value (IDV) from the list provided. The IDV is the prevailing market value and the total sum assured of your Maruti Suzuki insurance policy.

  • While renewing your Maruti Suzuki Swift car insurance policy, any claims you have lodged in the past should be mentioned. This is because you are entitled to a No Claim Bonus (NCB), which is a discount on your renewal premium if you have not filed a claim in the previous year.

  • According to your preference and driving conditions, you may choose any of the 12 add-on riders offered by Tata AIG to enhance the protection of your car.

  • Once you have input the details, the online calculator will then display the premium payable for your Maruti Swift car insurance.

  • If you find the premium feasible, you can make payment through any digital payment method.

  • After your payment has been confirmed, your Maruti Suzuki Swift insurance policy will be delivered to your email.

Insurance Cost for Maruti Suzuki Swift—Your premium amount

With our online car insurance premium calculator, you will get to know the standard Maruti Suzuki Swift Insurance cost based on the basic coverage and add-on features you have selected to have in your policy.

The third-party liability cover is offered with the premium rates according to the annual rates prescribed by the IRDAI. These are standardised rates and are based on the engine cubic capacity of your Swift model.

For comprehensive coverage, the Insured Declared Value (IDV) is one of the primary considerations for calculating the Maruti Suzuki Swift insurance cost. The IDV is the prevailing market value of your car and depends on specific features of your car such as age, accessories, ex-showroom price for the model, applicable depreciation, etc.

You can get the IDV for your car at your nearest Maruti Suzuki Swift dealership or calculate the same with our online car insurance premium calculator.

Add-ons for Maruti Suzuki Swift Car Insurance by Tata AIG

In a comprehensive policy, damage to the car due to accidents or any other conditions included under the policy is covered. However, you must safeguard for large expenses that might occur if some excluded damage occurs.

Tata AIG’s comprehensive insurance policy offers you additional features to enhance the coverage for your Maruti Suzuki Swift car insurance. These add-ons are offered to provide a cushion for expenses when your car suffers damage to the elements covered by the add-on riders. By choosing the add-ons, you must pay a slightly higher premium, but you will be at peace that you need not pay out of pocket on those items should anything untoward happen.

There are 12 unique add-ons that you can choose according to your preference for your Maruti Suzuki Swift car insurance. For example, the zero depreciation add-on is a popular route to protect yourself from the effect of depreciation. The following 12 add-on riders are available for a Tata AIG comprehensive coverage policy:

  • No Claim Bonus Protection
  • Return to Invoice
  • Zero Depreciation
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Repair of Glass, Fibre and Plastic Parts
  • Consumables Expenses
  • Loss of Personal Belongings
  • Daily Allowance
  • Emergency Transport and Hotel Expenses
  • Key Replacement
  • Engine Secure
  • Tyre Secure

Things covered/not covered under Tata AIG’s Maruti Suzuki Swift car insurance

The following table shows the common inclusions and exclusions under Tata AIG’s Maruti Suzuki Swift comprehensive insurance coverage.

Items included in the Maruti Suzuki Swift Car Insurance coverage Items excluded in the Maruti Suzuki Swift Car Insurance coverage
Total damage to the insured car or damage beyond repair is covered. Depreciation on the IDV will be computed while processing the claim. If the driver was found to have driven under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the accident, the claim will be rejected.
Coverage is available for loss due to theft or burglary. Driving without a valid driver’s licence can lead to the rejection of the Maruti insurance claim.
The Geographical area is extended to include Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bhutan and Pakistan and any damage suffered therein will be reimbursed. If any damage is suffered when the car is being transported to the extended Geographical Area region, the policy does not cover the loss.
Damage caused to the car as a result of natural calamities like floods, landslides, storms, cyclones and inundation and man-made contingencies like riots, mobbing etc are covered under Maruti Suzuki Swift Car Insurance. Any consequential loss arising from given damage is excluded. For example, if any compensation is to be paid to persons other than third parties, it will not be allowed under the Maruti Suzuki Swift Car Insurance claim.

Why is it important to have Tata AIG for your Maruti Suzuki Swift car insurance

Tata AIG has grown with the confidence of over 5 crore consumers. Therefore, when it comes to choosing the right insurance partner for your Swift, you need not look further. Like Maruti, Tata is a household name in India that is well known for its customer-centric and ethical business values in the Indian market. Tata AIG has been offering car insurance for more than two decades.

With Tata AIG Maruti Suzuki Swift Car Insurance , you get the following advantages:

  • An easy online process to purchase and renew the policy
  • Online and telephonic assistance round-the-clock to resolve your queries.
  • Convenient claims settlement process
  • Over 7500 garages enable paperless claim settlement across the country
  • A high claim settlement ratio of 98% for FY 2020-21
  • Over 650 claim experts perform their services efficiently so that you can complete the claim settlement process in a smooth manner.
  • Up to 50% discount under the No Claim Bonus if you have 5 consecutive claimless years

Maruti Suzuki Swift—Overview

The Swift is a car that has a solid appearance with a honeycomb-like design of the grille and a prominent chrome strip. The raised hump is a prominent feature that has stood through the years. It has LED projector headlamps and a dual-tone finish for the alloy wheels. It also offers a dual-tone paint scheme.

Some of the main features of the Maruti Suzuki Swift are:

  • Attractive exterior features like dual-tone, LED rear combination lamps, projector headlamps
  • BS-6 compliant engine for pollution control
  • Option to personalize the features
  • The advanced cruise control allows ease of driving.
  • The AutoGear Shift Technology available in petrol variants lets you switch between manual and automatic modes.

Maruti Suzuki Swift—Price and variants

The following table shows the prices of different variants of the Maruti Suzuki Swift:

Maruti Suzuki Swift variant Price (Ex-Showroom Price - Delhi)
LXI ₹5.81 lakhs
VXI ₹6.51 lakhs
VXI AMT ₹7.01 lakhs
ZXI ₹7.14 lakhs
ZXI AMT ₹7.64 lakhs
ZXI Plus ₹7.92 lakhs
ZXI Plus DT ₹8.06 lakhs
LZXI Plus AMT ₹8.42 lakhs
ZXI Plus DT AMT ₹8.56 lakhs

Unique Selling Points: Maruti Suzuki Swift

  • The Swift is well known for its best fuel efficiency in its segment thanks to its DualJet engine with Idle StartStop function.
  • Maruti has a large network of sales outlets and service points making it the most widely available car brand in India.
  • It has safety features such as a Heartect Platform, reverse parking sensors, an anti-braking system (ABS) with EBD for the protection of the passengers.
  • The maintenance of the Maruti Suzuki Swift is quite affordable.
  • Maruti’s models have always enjoyed a good resale value.

Rivals of Maruti Suzuki Swift

The Maruti Suzuki Swift is definitely the most popular hatchback in India. Its closest competitors are:

  • Tata Altroz
  • Hyundai Grand i10
  • Ford Figo
  • Volkswagen Polo
  • Renault Triber

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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How should I file a claim for my Maruti Suzuki Swift insurance?

How should I file a claim for my Maruti Suzuki Swift insurance?


Just follow these steps to file a claim for your Maruti Suzuki Swift.

  • On the Claims Support page, you should submit the basic details. A link for self-inspection is sent to your mobile number. For Voice Support or guidance, you can call 1800-266-7780.
  • On the self-inspection form, details of damage caused to your Maruti Suzuki Swift car should be entered.
  • You need to have the FIR copy, policy document, identity proof, address proof, and driving licence handy. You need to input these details as required.
  • Your Maruti Suzuki Swift car will then be inspected by our surveyors for assessing the extent of damage and for authorizing the repairs.
  • You can choose between cashless repairs or reimbursement of repair expenses from the network garages.
  • We will verify the details of your claim application and the conditions of the policy and on completion of the verification, we will settle the claim. We also offer the facility to track the status of your claim online.

What will happen to my Maruti Suzuki Swift car insurance claim if I do not inform the insurance company before I get the car repaired?


Under an insurance policy, it is the duty of the owner-driver of the insured car to notify the company as soon as possible after an accident has occurred. If you don’t inform the company and you proceed with getting your car repaired, your claim may be partially or totally rejected.

How to renew my Maruti Suzuki Swift insurance?


Your Maruti Suzuki Swift insurance can be renewed online.

  • First, you must log on to the Car Insurance page and enter the registration number of your car. Then click “Renew”.

  • You should submit the details required in the form. Do not forget to add the No Claim Bonus (NCB) details if you haven’t filed a claim in the preceding years.

  • The renewal premium payable for your Maruti Suzuki Swift insurance will be displayed and you can pay the same online. After you make the payment, you can download the policy from the site. You should carefully check the details and immediately notify if you need any edits to be made.

What is the price of a Maruti Suzuki Swift?


The base variant the Swift costs ₹5.81 lakhs while the ZXI Plus DT AMT costs ₹8.56 lakhs.

What are the available models of Maruti Suzuki Swift?


The Maruti Suzuki Swift is available in the following variants: LXI, VXI, VXI AMT, ZXI, ZXI AMT, ZXI Plus, ZXI Plus DT, ZXI Plus AMT, and ZXI Plus DT AM.,

What are the available models of Maruti Suzuki Swift?


Once you have paid the premium online, you can just go to the Self-Service section on our website and log in to your account. Your Tata AIG Maruti Suzuki Swift car insurance policy can be downloaded and you can also request edits if required.

How can I save on my Maruti Suzuki Swift car insurance premiums?


Savings in the car insurance premium on your Swift can be achieved as follows:

  • You can save up to 75% on the premium cost when you purchase the policy online.
  • You become entitled to up to a 50% discount on renewal premiums if you have not lodged a claim for five consecutive years.
  • As IDV is the basis for computing the sum insured under the comprehensive policy, you should choose the correct IDV for your car and get the quote for the right amount of premium.

Do I get a No Claim Bonus (NCB) on my Maruti Swift insurance policy?


You become eligible for the NCB, which is a discount allowed on your renewal premium if you have not filed a claim in the previous year. It is available on the own damage component of your Maruti Swift insurance policy. With Tata AIG, the discount ranges between 20% and up to 50% depending on the number of continuous claim-free years.

Is Maruti Suzuki Swift car insurance transferable?


Yes, the insurance on your Maruti Suzuki Swift insurance can be transferred in the following situations:

  • When you sell an insured car, you should get the policy document endorsed in favour of the new owner of the car for the remaining tenure of the policy.

  • If you wish to move to Tata AIG from another insurance provider for the renewal of your car insurance policy, then you should get the No objection certificate for the transfer of the NCB from the previous insurer. This will ensure the cumulation of the NCB under the new policy.

Will the Maruti Suzuki Swift insurance cover me if my car is stolen?


Loss due to theft of a car is covered under a comprehensive insurance policy for Maruti Suzuki Swift.