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Mercedes Benz Car Insurance

Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi comprise the "Holy Trinity" of German engineering. In particular, Mercedes-Benz is the most popular and the most premium four-wheeler brand in India. For many buyers and car enthusiasts, Mercedes is the epitome of class, quality and performance.

Mercedes-Benz has redefined luxury all around the world since its founding by Karl Benz in the year 1886. Nonetheless, it was the very first luxury four-wheeler manufacturer to set foot in India in the year 1994 and has since dominated the market.

When you buy a premium four-wheeler like this, it's apparent that you want to safeguard it, making Mercedes-Benz car insurance vital.

A car insurance policy shields you against any unanticipated obligations that may occur as a consequence of an accident. Own damage or third-party liabilities might be incurred. Furthermore, according to the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act, every vehicle on Indian roads must be covered with a minimum of third-party insurance for four-wheelers.

Because Mercedes-Benz is a premium and high-end four-wheeler with higher replacement and repair costs for car parts compared to others, it is prudent to have comprehensive car insurance for your Mercedes-Benz car that'll cover the majority of the liabilities that you incur in the event of a disaster.

As a result, Tata AIG's Mercedes-Benz car insurance policy provides you with exceptional coverage at pocket-friendly rates. Tata AIG Mercedes-Benz insurance is your best choice if you can't stand even a single dent in your car. Contact us for a quick quote!

Mercedes-Benz Insurance Renewal or New Purchase under Tata AIG

You must have sufficient insurance coverage when driving your Mercedes-Benz. However, you do not need to break a sweat while obtaining or renewing Mercedes car insurance coverage since Tata AIG makes it possible in just a few easy steps. You may finish the procedure in a transparent and secure manner.

  • Navigate to the Car Insurance page on the Tata AIG website. Enter your vehicle registration number and click "Get Price" to purchase new insurance or "Renew" to renew a current policy.

  • You should then fill out the online form with your basic information.

  • There is a list of Insured Declared Values (IDV). Choose the proper figure for your vehicle based on the parameters below.

  • If you are renewing your coverage, you should also include information about any previous claims. If you haven't made a claim, you're eligible for a No Claim Bonus (NCB), which is a reduction in your renewal price.

  • You may strengthen the protection of your Mercedes-Benz car by adding any of the 12 add-on riders available by Tata AIG based on the driving circumstances of your vehicle.

  • The Mercedes Benz car insurance price will subsequently be displayed by the online car insurance calculator.

  • The soft copy of your Mercedes-Benz insurance will be directly sent to your registered email address after your payment has been validated.

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Mercedes-Benz Insurance Cost - Your Premium Amount

Tata AIG's online car insurance calculator helps to determine the basic Mercedes insurance cost depending on the add-on features and basic coverage you choose in your insurance policy.

The premiums for third-party liability insurance for your Mercedes-Benz car are determined and capped by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India. This rate changes every year, so when determining the Mercedes-Benz insurance cost for third-party coverage insurance, we apply the current and updated rates.

One of the key determinants of the comprehensive insurance premium is The IDV (Insured Declared Value). The IDV is determined by particular parameters of your vehicle, like age, ex-showroom price of the variant, add-ons, and so on. The current market price (IDV) of your car may be obtained at the local Mercedes-Benz dealership, or you can use our online car insurance calculator to select from the list of IDVs offered.

Things Included and Not Included under Tata AIG Mercedes-Benz Car Insurance Policy

Here is an overview of the regular list of inclusions and exclusions as per Tata AIG's comprehensive Mercedes-Benz car insurance coverage:

Things Covered Under Tata AIG’s Mercedes-Benz Car Insurance  Things Not Covered under Tata AIG Mercedes-Benz Car Insurance 
The total loss of the car owing to theft or irreparable damage that leads to a total loss.  Damages to the car owing to war, war-like circumstances, or nuclear catastrophes.
The damages sustained by the car as a consequence of natural disasters, for instance, cyclones, frost, earthquakes, and snowfall. Damages suffered by the car beyond the geographical jurisdiction of the Tata AIG car insurance policy.
All Third-party liabilities, including any harm to third-party property and any damages to third-party persons (including death) because of the insured car. Damages caused to the car as a consequence of the driver driving without a valid Driving licence. 
Fire-induced damages, for example, ones induced by self-ignition, lightning, blasts, etc.  Regular wear and tear of the car owing to usage and depreciation. 
Damages to the car when moving it  via waterways, roadways, airways, or railways. Damages rendered to the car when it is being used for an objective not intended for it, for example, the commercial usage of a personal vehicle.
Damages caused to the car through man-made troubles, including strikes, riots, and terrorist attacks.  Losses suffered by the car due to the driver operating it under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 

Importance of Choosing Tata AIG as Your Mercedes-Benz Car Insurance Provider

Tata AIG is the ideal insurance partner for your Mercedes-Benz car. The Tata brand is well-known among Indian consumers for its ethical and honest business practices. For more than two decades, Tata AIG has provided customer-focused vehicle insurance services. The trust of almost 5 crore consumers demonstrates our commitment to providing outstanding service.

When you pick Tata AIG, you receive the following benefits:

  • In three simple steps, you may purchase or renew your coverage online.

  • Your questions will be answered around the clock.

  • A straightforward and reliable claims settlement procedure

  • A vast network of over 7500 garages allows for paperless claim settlement.

  • For fiscal years 2020-21, we had a high claim settlement ratio of 98%.

  • Along with garage coverage, over 650 claim professionals guarantee that the claim settlement procedure runs smoothly.

  • If you have 5 consecutive claim-free years, you can receive a 50% reduction under the No Claim Bonus.

  • We offer the most economical Mercedes Benz car insurance price in India.

Mercedes-Benz Car: A Brief Overview

In 1926, the automobile business Daimler developed high-end luxury vehicles under the brand name Mercedes, ushering in a revolution in the auto industry. Mercedes-Benz brought their four-wheelers onto Indian roads in 1954, in collaboration with Tata Motors. They began by providing commercial automobiles to the Indian market.

Aside from private four-wheelers, Mercedes-Benz is well-known for producing the most sought-after legendary sports cars. This German automaker produces some of the most dependable vehicles, including the E-class. Mercedes-Benz Cars start at ₹29.89 lakhs for the A-Class, with the most costly model in the series costing ₹2.32 crore. In India, the brand sells 15 different versions. Mercedes-Benz A-Class, Mercedes-Benz CLA, and Mercedes-Benz GLE are the most popular.

Many honours have been bestowed on the German four-wheeler manufacturer over the years. You can rely on the brand's engineering and construction excellence.

Mercedes-Benz Car Variants and Prices

Some of the models along with their ex-showroom price of Mercedes-Benz are outlined below:

Variants Ex-Showroom Price* in New Delhi
Mercedes-Benz GLA ₹44.90 lakh to ₹48.90 lakh
Mercedes-Benz C-Class ₹55.00 lakh to ₹61.00 lakh
Mercedes-Benz E-Class ₹67.00 lakh to ₹85.00 lakh
Mercedes-Benz GLC ₹62.00 lakh to ₹68.00 lakh
Mercedes-Benz GLS ₹1.16 crore to ₹1.69 crores
Mercedes-Benz S-Class ₹1.60 crores to ₹1.69 crores
Mercedes-Benz AMG G 63 ₹2.55 crore
Mercedes-Benz AMG GT ₹2.71 crores
Mercedes-Benz GLE ₹85.80 lakh to ₹1.25 crore
Mercedes-Benz EQS ₹1.55 crore to ₹2.45 crore
Mercedes-Benz V-Class ₹71.10 lakh to ₹1.46 crore
Mercedes-Benz AMG GLE 63 S ₹2.15 crore

Mercedes-Benz Features: Unique Selling Points

Listed below are the unique selling points of Mercedes-Benz cars in India

Sense of Luxury The brand successfully linked consumers to luxury. It was the first company to patent the phrase "vehicle propelled by a gas engine."

Environmental Friendly and Fuel Efficient Mercedes-Benz manufactures fuel-efficient vehicles, giving you an economic advantage. Environmentally friendly engines produce less hazardous emissions.

Mercedes-Benz Four-Wheelers are Innovatively Engineered Mercedes-Benz automobiles are innovatively engineered. When you travel in a Mercedes, there is no in-cabin noise. The Mercedes-Me Connect, Intelligent Drive Assistance System, as well as MBUX Multimedia System are available on all models.

Exceptional after-sales Service Known for its excellent after-sales service, the German carmaker does not let you down when your vehicle requires maintenance.

Safety Functionalities Mercedes-Benz vehicles are outfitted with Pre-Safe Technology. It braces the vehicle and the driver for an impending collision. The technology aids in the preparation of the car for a crash by tightening seat belts, covering the windows and sunroof, and even adjusting front head restraints. Because the four-wheeler has Night-View Assist Plus, driving at night will be a breeze. The vehicles are equipped with Pre-Safe Brake and Distronic Plus Technology. When it detects an accident, it will notify the driver loudly

Top Contenders of Mercedes-Benz Cars

The following car brands are the top contenders of Mercedes-Benz:

  • BMW

  • Audi

  • Porsche

  • Volkswagen

  • Aston Martin

  • Jaquar

  • Volvo

  • Ferrari

  • Lexus

  • Lamborghini

  • Stellantis

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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What happens if I don't notify the insurance company before having my Mercedes-Benz S-Class car repaired?

What happens if I don't notify the insurance company before having my Mercedes-Benz S-Class car repaired?


The responsibility to notify the insurance company as soon as possible after an accident is one of the most critical criteria in a vehicle insurance policy. As a result, if you do not notify the firm before having the four-wheeler fixed, your claim may be partially or completely refused.

Is it necessary to purchase four-wheeler insurance for any Mercedes-Benz model?


Yes, according to the Motor Vehicles Act, third-party insurance coverage is required in order to avoid substantial fines. Based on the frequency of offences, penalties might reach ₹4000.

Can I add tyre protection to my Mercedes-Benz insurance policy?


If you get comprehensive auto insurance from an insurer, you may acquire tyre protection insurance to safeguard you against unexpected costs. You may obtain protection from tyre bulges, cuts, and bursts by installing this cover for just a fraction of the cost.

How to download a Mercedes-Benz insurance policy?


After you have made the payment online, you may easily download your Mercedes-Benz insurance coverage. Simply go to our website's Self-Service area and log in to your account. The Tata AIG Mercedes-Benz insurance coverage may then be downloaded.

Is it possible to transfer a Mercedes-Benz four-wheeler insurance policy?


Well, the insurance on your Mercedes-Benz is transferable in the following circumstances: When a covered four-wheeler is stolen at the time of the policy period, the seller must have the policy paper endorsed in the new owner's name for the remainder of the insurance period. When a four-wheeler owner decides to renew their insurance plan with Tata AIG after previously insuring their Mercedes-Benz with another insurance provider, the No Claim Bonus from the prior insurer is transferred to the Tata AIG insurance policy.

What exactly is salvage in the context of four-wheeler insurance?


Well, the overall worth of the wreckage at the moment of the accident where the damaged car is salvaged.

What papers are necessary to resolve a claim?


A certain collection of paperwork is required to file a legitimate claim. Prepare the specifics of your insurance, such as the policy number. The brand and type of the vehicle, as well as the chassis number, will be requested. The policyholder's entire information will be requested. The car registration book, evidence of insurance, tax receipt, and the insured driver's driving licence must be provided. Complete information about the accident, including where and when it occurred, as well as a copy of the FIR (if a third party is involved), must be supplied.

*Disclaimer: All the car prices and other information listed above pertain to a specific city and vehicle model. Since this information is subject to change, it is advisable to check the latest information before purchasing a vehicle or an insurance policy.