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Chevrolet Car Insurance

Globally, Chevrolet has dominated the automobile industry since the early 1900s. It entered the Indian market in 2003 as a subsidiary of General Motors India. The US-based company has released various everyday and fuel-efficient cars that gained much popularity. However, for some reason, it saw nominal sales in India. Chevrolet had a good run from 2003 to 2017, after which it stopped the production of its cars. Now, interested buyers can only get second-hand variants at select dealerships.

If you’re a Chevrolet enthusiast, you must know that a car insurance policy for cars, whether first-hand or second-hand, is mandatory in India as per the prevalent motor vehicle laws. There are three basic types of car insurance policies in India, third-party liability, comprehensive, and standalone own-damage car insurance policies.

Third-party liability insurance covers damages or injuries caused to a third party due to an accident involving the insured car and is mandatory by law. Comprehensive insurance covers damages to the insured car due to accidents, theft, natural disasters, and other incidents and also covers third-party liabilities. And the standalone own-damage policies cover damages to the insured car. However, it does not cover third-party liabilities.

Insurance for four-wheelers is essential from a legal perspective and also vital for a safe driving experience. At Tata AIG, we can help you deal with unforeseen eventualities involving your Chevrolet car by providing some of the best car insurance policies and add-on features to add an additional layer of protection to your favourite vehicle.

Chevrolet insurance online Renewal/ Buy via Tata AIG

If you have already bought your Chevrolet insurance policy from Tata AIG, you know the process of making a Chevrolet car insurance renewal with us is an easy and time-saving process. If you are buying a car insurance policy with us for the first time, know that our process takes only a few steps and minutes.

Begin your insurance journey from the comfort of your home by visiting the Tata AIG website. Follow these steps:

  • Navigate through “All Products” and under the Motor Insurance Section - select Car Insurance. Enter your Chevrolet car registration number starting with the proper state code (MH = Maharashtra, DL = Delhi, and so on.

  • Select Get Price for a new Chevrolet car insurance policy or Renew for a Chevrolet insurance renewal. Once you click on either option, fill out the relevant form and enter the requested details.

  • These will include your name, number, email id, PAN card number, Aadhar card number, NCBs, previous claim history, the Insured Declared Value (IDV), and any other details prompted on the screen.

  • After submitting the necessary details, you will get a quote for the car insurance cost, aka the premiums payable. Choose from our 12 rider options.

  • Complete the payment, after which you will receive a soft copy receipt of your Chevrolet car insurance policy on your email/number/WhatsApp.

Chevrolet car insurance price – Your Premium Amount

To avail of the benefits of a car insurance policy, you have to pay periodic payments called premiums to your insurer. Your Chevrolet insurance (premium) price for a Chevrolet car insurance renewal or a new Chevrolet motor insurance policy will depend on various factors, including,

  • The Insured Declared Value (IDV) of your Chevrolet car. The IDV refers to the current market value that is paid under the Chevrolet car insurance policy during the claim settlement process.

  • For instance, the current IDV of the Chevrolet Enjoy is ₹4,99,000. If you make an insurance claim in two years, and the IDV depreciates to ₹4,00,000, you will receive the depreciated amount.

  • The location of the car’s purchase/ usage.

  • The age, make, and model/ variant of your Chevrolet car. Chevrolet has over 10+ variants. The more expensive and newer your variant is the higher the premiums, and vice versa.

  • The type of Chevrolet motor insurance policy/scope of coverage chosen – comprehensive, own-damage (standalone), or third party. A third-party and own-damage Chevrolet insurance policy will cost less than a comprehensive one.

  • The engine/cubic capacity (cc) of your Chevrolet car - the higher the cc, the higher the premiums.

  • Adding safety devices or modifications to your Chevrolet car variant. Safety devices can lower the Chevrolet insurance cost, and expensive modifications can increase it.

  • Any Tata AIG NCB benefits (up to 50%) or premium discounts (up to 75%) for buying Chevrolet car insurance online.

To see the factors that determine your policy premiums and get an accurate estimate of the Chevrolet car insurance quotes, you can try using our free and easy-to-use car insurance calculator.

Add-ons for Chevrolet car insurance by Tata AIG

In light of protecting yourself, your car, and fellow rider drivers on the road, India has made it mandatory to at least have third-party insurance for four-wheelers. But comprehensive car insurance can do a better job at providing holistic financial security.

And suppose you want to go the extra mile. In that case, you can consider the unique add-on riders that provide that added layer of security over and above the base cover in third-party or comprehensive insurance for four-wheelers.

Our 12 riders are curated after anticipating the diverse range of problems vehicle owners face on Indian roads. The riders include:

  • Roadside assistance cover

  • Add-on for No Claim Bonus protection

  • Daily allowance cover

  • Key replacement cover

  • Rider for emergency hotel expenses and transport

  • Add-on for repairs of plastic, glass, and fibre parts

  • Engine secure cover

  • Tyre secure cover

  • Add-on for consumables expenses

  • Add-on for loss of personal belongings

  • Return to invoice cover

  • Zero depreciation cover

Things Covered and Not Covered under Tata AIG’s Chevrolet Motor Insurance

At Tata AIG, in line with our code of 100% transparency, we ensure to disclose every term and condition of our car insurance policy before you finalise a purchase. Our Chevrolet motor insurance policy strives to cover the maximum possible eventualities that can incur financial losses to you and your car.

We encourage you to browse through our website and also go through the fine print of our car insurance policy so you can know the exact scope of coverage offered and prevent any confusion during claim settlement.

We have a free look period of 15 days, during which our claim experts and team are available round the clock to clarify any doubts you might have.

Here is a concise table of coverage that shows what our Chevrolet car insurance policy covers and does not cover.

Things Included under Chevrolet car insurance  Things Not Included under Chevrolet car insurance 
Damage caused to your Chevrolet car due to natural and man-made disasters like floods, cyclones, snowfall, lightning, earthquakes, riots, theft, strikes, self-ignition, explosions, terrorist attacks, and other malicious activities. Damage to your Chevrolet car caused due to contributory negligence, like riding with an expired driving license/ without an active license, riding without a helmet/ PUC papers/ other important documents, riding in a flood-prone or danger-prone area, riding outside the geographical limits of India, riding under the influence of intoxicants like alcohol/ drugs/ narcotics. 
Damage incurred to your Chevrolet car due to travel in waterways, airways, railways, and roadways. Damage to your Chevrolet car due to general wear and tear, consequential loss, mechanical and electrical breakdown, or any age-related damage.
Medical insurance in the event of physical injuries, permanent/ temporary physical disability, and death arising due to an accident. The amount given is up to Rs. 15 lakhs. On your unfortunate death, your chosen family members (beneficiaries) will receive the said insurance amount as a death benefit.  Damage to your Chevrolet car caused by nuclear perils, war, civil unrest, or warlike operations that create an unsafe national environment.  
Theft or damage beyond repair for which you will receive the IDV (present market value) of your Chevrolet car.  Damage caused to the Chevrolet car due to using it for dangerous purposes like racing, crash-testing, speed testing, and any other form of reliability trials.
Damage caused to third parties, their vehicle (car/ bike), and their property.  Damage to your Chevrolet due to its use for commercial purposes. 
Add-on rider benefits Costs incurred towards the general maintenance and repair of the Chevrolet car from time to time. 

Why is it Important to Have Tata AIG for Your Chevrolet Insurance?

Even though the production of Chevrolet cars was discontinued in 2017, Chevrolet still provides after-sale services to their Indian customer base. Such is the unwavering support of Chevrolet. Just like Chevrolet is committed to caring for its buyers, Tata AIG is committed to catering to all your Chevrolet car insurance needs unwaveringly.

The Tata AIG team knows that a car is a dream purchase and a long-term investment for many – which is why it aims to provide long-term and superior financial protection to its owners. We let our work speak for us and don’t make empty promises – what we guarantee, we deliver.

Here are a few reasons to consider us for your Chevrolet motor insurance needs:

Reputation: We are a trusted everyday companion in every Indian home. We’ve earned the title of our motto – Trusted Naam, Fantastic Kaam because of our long-standing brand name in the insurance industry and business world.

Claim settlement ratio: Over the years, our claim settlement ratio has never been below 95%. In FY 2020-2021, it was 98%:** that’s how much we prioritise our family of over 5 crore customers.

**Updated with customer trends – All our processes are 100% digital now for a hassle-free buying, renewal, and claim settlement journey. But that doesn’t mean our doors are closed for tending to your in-person needs. Walk into our nearest office if you ever need personal assistance!

Wide network of garages: We have a nationwide network of over 7,000 garages that provide immediate and high-quality car and mechanic services.

Specialised claim experts: Our 650+ specialised claim experts are available 24x7 to cater to your needs and queries about your car insurance policy.

Discounts: When you buy with us, you save more! We give up to 50% discount on no-claim bonuses and up to 75% discount on car insurance policy premiums!

Customisability: We offer up to 12 versatile and customisable add-ons to make your Chevrolet car insurance as rounded as possible.

Overview – Chevrolet Car Models

Chevrolet is a US-based automobile company. It is the fifth largest automobile in India, after reputed brands like Tata Motors, Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, and Mahindra. Being a subsidiary of General Motors India, Chevrolet launched in 2003 and had a good run till 2017. Globally, Chevrolet has made its footprint in the automobile industry since the early 1900s and has stayed up to date with the changing driving trends over the years.

From the popular corvette to the hallmark beefy trucks, Chevrolet has seldom disappointed its global customer base. The US-based company has also released various everyday and fuel-efficient cars in India.

Some of the most popular Chevrolet cars include its sub-compact hatchbacks, sedans, and SUVs. Each car type is available in petrol and diesel fuel options. Some of the Chevrolet cars are also electric-based. Most Chevrolet cars are automatic, but some are available in manual transmissions.

Chevrolet car Price and Variants

Chevrolet has around 10 car variants available in various colours. The variants include –

  • Chevrolet Spark

  • Chevrolet Sail Sedan

  • Chevrolet Beat

  • Chevrolet Tavera Neo 3

  • Chevrolet Aveo

  • Chevrolet Aveo U-VA

  • Chevrolet Enjoy

  • Chevrolet Sail U-VA

  • Chevrolet Cruze

  • Chevrolet Forester

  • Chevrolet Trailblazer

Each variant is available in petrol and diesel fuel options.

The starting price of the Chevrolet cars is around ₹4 lakhs and can go up to ₹24 lakhs. The price will vary from city to city and dealership to dealership. Moreover, as Chevrolet discontinued the production and sale of the Chevrolet cars in India, you can get your chosen model at second-hand dealerships for a much lower price than mentioned.

The approximate price list of the Chevrolet cars, depending on their variant, includes:

Chevrolet car variant  Ex-Showroom Price* in New Delhi
Chevrolet Spark  ₹3,82,074 
Chevrolet Beat  ₹4,18,511 
Chevrolet Aveo  ₹5,99,000
Chevrolet Aveo U-VA  ₹4,80,000
Chevrolet Enjoy  ₹4,99,000
Chevrolet Sail U-VA  ₹5,03,000
Chevrolet Sail Sedan  ₹5,76,549 
Chevrolet Tavera Neo 3  ₹8,34,635 
Chevrolet Cruze  ₹13,95,000
Chevrolet Forester  ₹23,95,000

Unique Selling Points: Chevrolet Car Features

Each Chevrolet car has features that make it unique and contribute to the brand’s USP quotient. As of today, Chevrolet’s USPs include the following:

  • Revolutionary bow-tie emblem/ logo introduced in 1913

  • Variety of cars – hatchbacks, sedans, sub-compacts, trucks, SUVs, and sports cars

  • Powerful BS-6 engines that give decent to superior mileage

  • Ample legroom, seat space, and boot space

  • Both manual and automatic transmissions are available

Safety features like an anti-lock braking system (ABS), passenger airbags, automatic climate control, vehicle assist, and fog lights

Rivals of the Chevrolet

Chevrolet is one of the biggest automobile manufacturers in India. However, it is the 5th largest manufacturer amongst other leading players in the industry. Some of its rival brands include:

  • Maruti Suzuki

  • Hyundai

  • Tata Motors

  • Mahindra

  • Ford

  • Toyota

  • Honda

  • Volkswagen

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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Does Chevrolet still offer after-sale services in India?

Does Chevrolet still offer after-sale services in India?


Despite being discontinued in 2017, Chevrolet offers after-sale services to its Indian clientele. Those who purchased any Chevrolet car before or after 2017 continue to receive prompt mechanic services from Chevrolet from Monday-Friday between 9 am and 6 pm.

You can call them at their toll-free number or schedule a service session at the nearest dealership. The brand has established call centres, service centres, roadside assistance, email service, and social media channels for the benefit of its Indian buyers even after the expiry of the warranty of their Chevrolet cars.

It also makes it a point that its customers receive their replacements with authentic and high-quality car parts.

What is an endorsement process in car insurance?


An endorsement refers to making changes to the personal details or other information on the car insurance policy if there are any significant errors. It can be processed with your insurance provider with valid proof of evidence.

Can I pay my car insurance premium in instalments?


No, the car insurance premium cannot be paid in instalments. The entire amount has to be paid during the purchase or renewal.

What is a deductible, and how does it affect my car insurance premium?


A deductible is an amount you must pay from your pocket before the insurer pays for the remaining expenses. The higher the deductibles, the lower the premium.

Disclaimer: All the car prices and other information listed above pertain to a specific city and vehicle model. Since this information is subject to change, it is advisable to check the latest information before purchasing a vehicle or an insurance policy.