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Nissan Car Insurance

Nissan, a worldwide car behemoth, is well-known for consistently producing high-quality cars. The Nissan experience is defined by a sleek design mixed with top-tier engine power. It's no surprise that this four-wheeler brand is the first choice of numerous motorists. Nissan lives up to their slogan, "Innovation that excites". The brand's eccentric designs include entertaining advancements that make an individual's life as simple and pleasant as it can be. Comfort, appearance, price, and safety are all important considerations. Nissan four-wheelers check all the criteria and provide an out-of-the-world driving experience.

It goes without saying that owners of Nissan cars adore their vehicles because these cars have incredible amenities, and probably this is one of the reasons why it becomes more important to protect the car with the car insurance for Nissan. Whether you are driving a Nissan or any other car, having insurance for your car can help you protect it against all sorts of legal and financial liabilities.

If you intend to purchase your first (or next) Nissan car, you've made the correct choice. However, before taking your four-wheeler for a spin, ensure you have adequate Nissan car insurance, and in this regard, Tata AIG can assist with its motor insurance plans.

Being a leading provider of Nissan insurance in India, Tata AIG puts forward anything from a comprehensive policy with add-ons and personalisation to standard third-party insurance. Indeed, we are your one-stop shop for the ideal Nissan car insurance policy. Contact us now to get an instant Nissan car insurance quote.

Nissan Car Insurance Renewal or Purchase via Tata AIG

Accidents are unpredictable and can take place for all sorts of reasons. No matter how cautious you are when driving, there is always a possibility of mishaps. If it ever befalls you, large expenditures for car repairs and medical care may await you. However, obtaining or renewing Nissan insurance from Tata AIG will assure you of all sorts of assistance in shouldering the financial burden by honouring your legitimate claim.

In addition, if your Nissan car collides with a vehicle of a third party, you may face hefty bills to pay the third party. Motor insurance purchased or renewed from Tata AIG will bear every legal and financial duty in the circumstances as well. As a result, you may drive without concern. Again, according to the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act, every motorist needs to have third-party insurance for cars.

So, if you possess a Nissan car or are planning to buy one, don't forget to purchase or do a car insurance renewal online. Tata AIG is, arguably, the best place to get or renew Nissan car insurance in India because of our services, like cashless garages, free vehicle inspections, and speedy authorisation for four-wheeler repairs.

Apply for our Nissan car insurance coverage immediately! You may do it quickly if you keenly follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Navigate to Tata AIG's website by launching your web browser.
  • Choose the "Car Insurance" option.
  • Type the car registration number and select the "Get Price" option to acquire a fresh four-wheeler insurance policy. Choose "Renew" if you intend to renew Nissan car insurance plan.
  • The insurance coverage details will be presented to you on your screen by our online four-wheeler insurance calculator.
  • Choose an appropriate IDV for your car from the catalogue provided.
  • If you have formerly filed a claim, you need to update the information. You can still benefit from the No-Claim Bonus discount if you do not file a claim.
  • The overall price of your car insurance, as well as the monthly premium cost, will be revealed to you.

After selecting the coverage plan that best matches your requirements, you may complete an online purchase using any of the digital payment alternatives of your choice.

Nissan Car Insurance Cost - Your Premium Amount

Before buying a Nissan car, you can test drive at any Nissan dealership in India. Tata AIG offers the best Nissan car insurance in India. Our packages are customised to match the diverse needs and coverage requirements of Indian four-wheeler owners:

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy: This plan for your Nissan vehicles provides comprehensive (all-round) coverage since it includes both Third-Party and Own Damage coverage. The insurance policy covers every damage to your Nissan car caused by natural or man-made disasters, fire, accidents, etc. The comprehensive four-wheeler insurance policy additionally covers damages resulting from the robbery of the insured car. You have the option of customising your regular insurance plan by selecting a variety of add-ons or riders.

  • Third-Party Car Insurance Policy: This is a fundamental insurance plan for your Nissan vehicles. To satisfy legal needs, you must purchase a third-party four-wheeler insurance plan. The insurance policy protects against damage or loss to third-party lives, property or vehicles. Nevertheless, third-party four-wheeler insurance plans don't offer Standalone Own Damage coverage for the Insured Nissan car.

  • Own Damage Car Insurance Policy: If the covered Nissan car, acquired after September 2018, suffers a financial loss due to unintentional damage, the plan only covers the insured Nissan car. This policy excludes third-party losses or damage and is only applicable to cars acquired after September 2018.

Consequently, the due premium rate is determined by the coverage of your Nissan car insurance plan, registration details, the insured declared value or IDV, and so on. When buying Nissan car insurance online, you should choose the appropriate IDV. You can go to the official website of Tata AIG to find out the premium rate of your insurance policy along with the factors influencing it. If your Nissan car is irreparably damaged or destroyed, you must immediately consult the IDV.

You can leverage our online car insurance premium calculator to get the IDV of your Nissan car. It'll help you pay your four-wheeler insurance premium timely, protecting your Nissan car from inadvertent harm. Besides, you can contact us to get a Nissan car insurance quote from our experts.

Things Included/Not Included under Tata AIG's Nissan Car Insurance Policy

Things Included under Tata AIG's Nissan Car Insurance Things Not Included under Tata AIG's Nissan Car Insurance
Tata AIG insurance coverage comes particularly helpful when a flood, tornado, hail storm, or other natural catastrophe damages your Nissan car. Loss or damage to your insured Nissan car occurs outside the geographical region defined in your insurance plan (outside India).
If your Nissan car is damaged in an accident, don't worry since we have you covered. Tata AIG will pay you if your Nissan car is stolen. Damage to your Nissan car is caused as a result of electrical or mechanical faults and normal wear and tear when travelling.
Your Tata AIG motor insurance coverage will cover the legal as well as financial repercussions of a third-party loss if it occurs unexpectedly You cannot seek compensation if an accident occurs as a consequence of your own fault. We would not accept your insurance claim if you were intoxicated when the accident took place. Your insurance claim will be refused if you don't have a valid driving licence or were not wearing a helmet when the accident occurred.
Loss or damage to your Nissan car is caused as a result of rioting, terrorist attacks, vandalism, and so forth. A third-party car insurance policy doesn't cover own standalone damage or personal accidents.
Your Tata AIG will cover the entire expenses if your Nissan car catches fire due to explosions, thunder strikes, or self-ignition. It is likely that your Nissan car will be destroyed or lost if you use it for commercial purposes. Moreover, if the four-wheeler is used for speed trials, adventure sports, speed testing, etc. the four-wheeler has a high chance of getting damaged. In that case, your four-wheeler insurance claim won't be accepted.
Your selected add-ons will safeguard you against specific losses and damages. When your Nissan car was not stolen but suffered significant damage due to thievery or home house break-in.
In the case of an unexpected incident resulting in significant injuries or, regrettably, your death, Tata AIG will pay up to ₹15 lakhs to the nominated beneficiary in your insurance policy Your covered Nissan car was damaged in the country owing to war-like conditions and an invasion.
Damage or loss to your Nissan car caused during the time of transporting it via rail, airline, or ship. Damage to your Nissan car when used in prohibited areas, such as flood-prone areas.

Why Choose Tata AIG for Car Insurance Policy?

With so many alternatives available, it is natural to question what distinguishes Tata AIG from the competition. Some of the benefits you may gain if you buy Nissan Car insurance from us are as follows:

  • Range of Policies: Tata AIG provides a wide selection of car insurance packages, including customised standalone personal accident insurance, comprehensive car insurance, and mandatory third-party liability insurance policies.

  • The Tata Trust and Promise: Tata AIG has been in the Indian insurance business for over 20 years. The 'Tata' brand alone is enough to instil faith and confidence in the Indian people.

  • No-Fuss Car Insurance Claim Procedure: We provide a simple three-step claim procedure backed up by 650 claim specialists, ensuring that each claim is completed quickly. We are glad to inform you that for the fiscal year 2020-2021, our claim settlement rate is 98 per cent.

  • Wide Network of Cashless Garages: Tata AIG’s vast network of cashless garages across India allows you to fix your damaged Nissan car without worrying about the expense.

  • Easy Policy Purchase and Renewal Online: Tata AIG's hassle-free online process allows you to renew and purchase your car insurance coverage from the convenience of your couch.

Nissan Cars: A Brief Overview

Nissan is one of Japan's leading four-wheeler manufacturers. The brand's distinct identity has been established via ongoing innovation, cutting-edge technology, and state-of-the-art designs. Nissan began operations in India in 2005 as Nissan Motor India Private Limited. The brand has given people everything from mid-size luxury sedans like the Nissan Teana to stunning sports cars such as the Nissan 370Z. Aside from these, the brand has produced affordable vehicles such as the Nissan Evalia, Nissan Micra, and Nissan Sunny.

One production plant is in Chennai, while the others are on the outskirts of the city at Oragadam. From the small yet attractive hatchback, Nissan Micra, to the capacious sedan, Nissan Sunny, this Indo-Japanese collaboration has developed robust models. Nissan offers economical yet comfortable vehicles starting at ₹5.88 lakh. The brand's most expensive vehicle is the GT-R, which costs ₹2.12 crores.

In 2010, the Nissan Micra received the "Car India Small Car of the Year Award''. While the Nissan Terrano car has received 5-star ratings in terms of performance, comfort, and style. It's the most attractive SUV currently in India.

Nissan's mid-range vehicles are relatively reasonably priced. You may pick between a diesel and a petrol engine. The service cost is also within range. Having Nissan car insurance, on the other hand, offers its own set of advantages. Four-wheeler insurance is a legal requirement that you must have. You'll be fined if you do not have it.

Nissan Car Variants and Prices

Variants Ex-Showroom Price* in New Delhi
Nissan Magnite ₹5.88 to ₹10.56 lakh
Nissan Kicks ₹9.50 to ₹14.90 lakh
Nissan GT-R ₹2.12 crores

Unique Selling Points of Nissan Cars

Listed below are the unique features that every Nissan car offers:

  • Reasonably Priced: You get a low-cost luxury four-wheeler that's also visually appealing.
  • Safety Features: Nissan prioritises safety. The manufacturing and design teams included safety features such as front-side airbags, rear-view cameras, stability control, and even traction control.
  • Requires Low Maintenance: Nissan cars are long-lasting and require little maintenance. And if that happens, you'll be pleased with their extensive network of service facilities.
  • Fuel-Efficient: Nissan vehicles are extremely fuel-efficient. You'll be able to effortlessly travel long distances.
  • Technology Advancements: The Indo-Japanese automaker has always been at the forefront of technological advancements. Nissan Intelligent Mobility is standard on all current models.

Top Contenders of Nissan Cars

Here are some of the four-wheelers that give competition to Nissan cars:

  • Renault Kiger, Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza, Kia Sonet, Tata Nexon (Some of the competitors of Nissan Magnite)
  • Hyundai Creta, Mahindra Scorpio, Renault Duster, Chevrolet TrailBlazer (Some of the competitors of Nissan Kicks)
  • Mercedes-Benz AMG GLE 63 S, Lexus LC 500h, Audi RS7, Porsche Panamera (Some of the competitors of Nissan GT-R)

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

Related Articles

1. Why is car insurance for Nissan cars required?

1. Why is car insurance for Nissan cars required?


It goes without saying that every Nissan car owner likes their four-wheeler and cannot endure the sight of even a blemish on them. While Nissan has excellent safety features and is easy to drive, there are always hazards that you'll be exposed to. What if your Nissan car is destroyed in a natural disaster? The cost of repairing or replacing such damages might reach ₹1 lakh or even more. These expenditures can rapidly dry out your bank account if you do not have proper Nissan insurance.

Purchasing a Nissan car insurance coverage will safeguard your funds by covering a significant portion of replacement or repair expenses. Furthermore, in order to drive on Indian roadways, you must obtain four-wheeler insurance.

2. How can I lower Nissan car insurance costs?


Listed below are some tips for lowering Nissan car insurance costs:

  • Maintain your car
  • Set up Anti-Theft or security devices in your car
  • No-Claim Bonus (NCB) rewards
  • Do not claim small amounts
  • Compare car insurance policies online

3. What consequences do I need to face if I don't have Nissan car insurance?


If you're discovered driving your Nissan four-wheeler without any motor insurance, you'll be fined. The fine for operating a car without legit motor insurance is ₹2,000 and/or imprisonment for a maximum of three months under the 2019 New Motor Vehicles Act. For consecutive offences, you'll be charged ₹4,000 and/or imprisoned for a maximum of three months.

4. Is insurance for Nissan cars costly in India?


No, the Nissan car insurance policy cost in India is not too costly. You may use Tata AIG's online car insurance premium calculator to calculate the Nissan car insurance pricing depending on your necessary add-ons and coverage.

5. Why should I apply for Roadside Assistance Cover on my Nissan car insurance plan?


The Nissan is an incredibly reliable four-wheeler. Nevertheless, no vehicle in the world is immune to mechanical or electrical failure. This is why including the Roadside Assistance add-on with your car insurance for Nissan makes sense. It'll make sure that if you're stuck as a result of electrical or mechanical trouble, you may seek assistance with a simple phone call.

6. How long does it take to insure my Nissan car?


You may insure your Nissan car online in a matter of minutes. Simply go to the Tata AIG official portal or mobile application and provide a few vehicle information to register for four-wheeler insurance. Following payment, you will receive confirmation of your Nissan insurance coverage immediately in your mailbox.

7. What's the process of transferring my car insurance policy?


For a car insurance transfer, you must approach your insurance provider with supporting documentation. Supporting papers would include the following:

  • Application Form 29/30 or Sale Deed or Seller's NOC (No Objection Certificate)
  • The old Registration Certificate
  • The copy of the transferred Registration Certificate
  • The No-Claim Bonus recovery amount