Engine Protection Cover in Car Insurance

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Engine Secure Cover in Car Insurance

Long drives can be a fun and exciting way to explore new destinations. However, they are only possible if your car's engine is in good shape. This is because a car's engine is its heart. It holds all the power to help your car function and your car would be nothing without it.

Therefore, it is imperative that you take good care of this vital component.

One way of doing so would be to invest in an engine secure cover when buying or renewing your car insurance policy.

It is a completely optional add-on that insurers offer and can be a worthwhile purchase if you live in areas prone to floods, which can increase the possibility/lead to engine damage.

This blog explains everything you need to know about engine cover in car insurance, including what it is, its benefits and inclusions and exclusions. Read on to learn more with Tata AIG!

Engine Secure Cover Meaning

Engine protection in car insurance is an add-on cover you can buy with your base comprehensive car insurance policy.

It covers the repair/replacement costs for your car's engine when it gets damaged due to ingress of water in the engine or leakage of lubricating oil from engine/respective assembly. It is an effective way to cover the high costs of repairing/ replacing your car's engine or its parts.

Since it is an add-on, the coverage is available for an additional premium. However, it is worth the extra cost if you live in high-risk areas prone to floods or accidents, as it will provide financial assistance for damages due to oil leakage, water ingression, etc.

Car insurance with engine protection will also pay for the lubricating oils/consumables used in the respective assembly i.e., material, which is used up and needs continuous replenishment such as engine oil, gear box oil etc. but excluding fuel.

Why Do I Need Engine Secure Cover in Car Insurance?

Your base comprehensive car insurance policy will not cover engine repair/replacement costs. If loss or damage is due to ingress of water in the engine or leakage of lubricating oil from engine/ respective assembly

Car engine repairs/replacements are extremely complex and, therefore, more expensive compared to repairing other car parts. It can also lead to significant material and labour charges, further increasing out-of-pocket expenses.

So, if you were ever faced with a situation where you need to repair or even fully replace the engine, you would be looking at a significantly higher repair bill. Moreover, if you live in an area where engine damage is more likely to happen, it can quickly deplete your savings.

Hence, insurers offer engine secure as an add-on cover. It is important to note that an engine secure cover is not available for cars older than 5 years.

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Engine Secure Cover Benefits with Tata AIG

Pays for the Most Expensive Car Part: The car's engine is its most expensive component, so any repairs or replacements concerning the engine will also be expensive.

However, if you have Tata AIG's car insurance with engine protection, you do not have to worry about the case, as we will pay for these repairs/replacements.

Provides financial shielding for New Car Owners: Cars are considered a big purchase and any sudden damage to your car's engine can carve out a huge chunk of your savings.

Moreover, repairs for a new car are more expensive. So, buying an engine protection cover can be beneficial in mitigating any large, unplanned out-of-pocket expenses and can help increase your car's longevity as well.

Ideal for Flood-Prone Areas: Engine protection in car insurance can be a practical investment if you live in low-lying areas prone to flood or water-logging.

This way, if your car is ever damaged due to water ingression, we at Tata AIG will cover the repair costs.

What is Covered Under Engine Secure in Car Insurance?

Repair/Replacement of Engine Parts: The engine secure cover reimburses you for the cost of repairing/replacing the engine parts, such as the gearbox, crankshaft, pistons, connecting rods, etc.

Replenishable Material Costs: An Engine Secure in car insurance will also cover the cost of consumables such as coolants, nuts and bolts, engine oil, gearbox oil etc, lubricant oil, etc., that are incurred while repairing your engine.

Water Ingression: This covers you when water enters the car engine. This add-on covers damages caused when outside water enters the car engine and affects its functionality.

Leakage of the Lubricant Oil: Leakage of the lubricant oil from your car's engine can affect your car's functionality and safety when driving. An EP in car insurance will cover any repairs associated with this issue.

Damages Due to Hydrostatic Lock: The add-on will cover engine repair/replacement costs if you attempt to start your car while its engine is wet.

A hydrostatic lock is when the car's braking system is damaged or inoperable. It occurs when you try to drive your car when its engine is wet, filled with water or if you drive through a water logged area.

You should note that hydrostatic locks only happen when your engine is running.

What is not Covered Under Engine Secure in Car Insurance?

Regular Wear and Tear: The add-on will not cover repair/replacement of the car's engine and its parts due to depreciation that comes with time and regular usage.

Damages Covered by the Manufacturer: It does not cover the engine repair/replacement expenses mentioned under the car manufacturer's warranty.

Aggravation: Any aggravation of loss or damage including corrosion due to delay in intimation to us and/or retrieving the vehicle from water logged area shall not be covered.

Key Takeaways: Things to Note Before Buying Engine Secure in Car Insurance

The engine secure add-on is not available for cars that are older than 5 years.

This add-on is only available under comprehensive car insurance plans. You can not buy an engine secure cover if you only own third-party car insurance.

Engine secure covers have a maximum claim limit. Most insurers let you make up to two claims.

Who Should Buy Engine Secure Cover in Car Insurance?

People who live in/near flood-prone areas or work near water bodies.

People who own luxury or high-end cars where the cost of engine repairs/replacement would be far higher than a normal car.

People who want to account for future risks/perils.

How to Buy an Engine Cover in Car Insurance at Tata AIG?

Visit the Car Insurance Page on our website.

Enter your car registration number and click Get Price.

Fill out the application form and upload the required documents.

Next, choose the engine protection cover from the presented add-on options.

Submit your application form and pay the fees.

You will receive a PDF copy of your car insurance with engine protection on your registered email after we have verified your documents.

Further Reading:

You can also buy the engine protection cover during renewals if you did not opt for one during your initial purchase.

For Insurance Claims: You must file your car insurance claim as soon as possible when the damage/incident occurs for your claim to be accepted. We recommend doing so within 30 days of the incident.

To Summarise

Your car engine is one of the most important parts that determines your vehicle's functionality.

To ensure your car's longevity and to mitigate large out-of-pocket engine repair expenses that arise from road accidents and other perils, we recommend getting an engine secure cover when buying car insurance.

It can be a vital asset if you live in a flood-prone area where waterlogging is common. It is also a practical fail-safe for new car owners because any damage to the car engine will result in a steep repair bill.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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