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Lexus Car Insurance

Lexus brand is known as the luxury vehicle division of the automaker Toyota and has been a popular choice in the country due to its high-class premium range of cars. It comprises of cutting-edge technology, unique craftsmanship and top-notch performance.

From sedans to SUVs, the Lexus brand offers a diverse range of four-wheelers to cater to the specific needs of the Indian market, promising luxury, elegance, performance and comfort.

To ensure your brand new Lexus is well protected from unforeseen damages, securing it with the purchase of insurance for a 4-wheeler is necessary. With the best car insurance for Lexus, you can enjoy stress-free policy purchase and renewal along with numerous other benefits.

To know why Tata AIG is a great choice for buying four-wheeler insurance for your Lexus, read the detailed guide on the processes, benefits, and other aspects that make it worth it.

Purchase/ Renew Lexus Car Insurance with Tata AIG

Process of Buying Lexus Insurance Online

Go to the official website of Tata AIG.

Click on the “All Products” drop-down menu from the top bar.

Select “Car Insurance” under the Motor Insurance drop-down options.

Add the Lexus car registration number in the space provided.

Click on the “Get Price” option.

Enter the required personal information and vehicle details as requested on the screen.

Choose the policy coverage you require for your Lexus.

Select any add-ons you would like to combine with your policy.

Once you complete the selection of policy and add-ons, click on “Get Quote” to proceed.

You will now receive an instant policy premium quote on your screen, where you can check if the premium amount calculated is satisfactory.

If you are ready to go ahead, pay the premium mentioned on the screen using one of the many digital payment options available.

Once the payment is confirmed, you will receive the car insurance document for your Lexus in your inbox as an email.

Process of Lexus Car Insurance Renewal

Go to the official website of Tata AIG.

Select “Car” on the home page to begin Lexus car insurance renewal.

Enter your Lexus registration number.

Click on “Renew”.

Enter the required details on the renewal form regarding your previous policy, like expiration date, claims submitted and their details, etc.

Once done, review the policy details and add or remove any add-ons as required to get the final policy renewal quote.

After reviewing, pay the Lexus insurance cost required for renewal.

You will then receive your renewed car insurance policy for your Lexus in your email inbox.

Lexus Car Insurance Cost / Price

The Lexus car insurance cost depends on multiple factors.

However, we at Tata AIG understand the need for affordable and effective car insurance plans to meet everyone’s needs.

To aid an easy decision-making process, we provide users with an online car insurance calculator to compare car insurance plans online in a few quick steps.

The three types of car insurance policies we provide include the following.

Third-Party Car Insurance

Third-party car insurance plans are standard policies that cover against loss or damage caused to any third party by the insured Lexus car.

Here, the Lexus insurance cost is determined based on the cubic capacity of your vehicle’s engine, and the IRDAI assesses this value annually to change the premium value if required.

Standalone Own-Damage Car Insurance

Standalone, own-damage car insurance policies are curated to extend protection for your insured vehicle in case of an accident or other incidents like natural calamities that cause damage to the vehicle. You can also combine different add-ons with this plan to increase the coverage under this policy.

The premium for this category of car insurance is based on the age of the car, the geographical location of the vehicle, add-ons, and the Insured Declared Value (IDV). Use an online tool, if available, to determine the closest estimate of IDV for your Lexus car.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive Lexus car insurance is another policy category that provides extensive protection to your vehicle in case of loss or damage due to natural disasters and accidents. You can also increase the coverage by combining different add-ons available with us for this policy.

To calculate the premium for this insurance category, factors that are taken into consideration include the vehicle’s age, make or model of the vehicle, registration location, add-ons, driving record of the vehicle, claim history, and IDV.

Points to Remember:

Third-party car insurance is mandatory as per the Motor Vehicles Act. No car can be taken on the road without this insurance policy to avoid hefty fines and penalties and, in some cases, suspension of driver’s license.

Another law to abide by is to always travel with active insurance. If a driver is found with an expired insurance policy, heavy fines will be levied. Therefore, it is important to renew your car insurance on time. Tata AIG provides 90 days for Lexus car insurance renewal after the policy expiration date for renewal.

Add-Ons for Lexus Car Insurance India by Tata AIG

To provide everyone with the flexibility of increasing the coverage of their own damage and comprehensive car insurance policies, we provide 12 different add-on options. You can choose as many as you need based on your vehicle protection requirements.

The cost of these add-ons increases the base Lexus insurance cost, making the premium value higher. The 12 add-ons include the following.

No Claim Bonus Cover

Daily Allowance

Roadside Assistance

Emergency Transport and Hotel Expenses

Engine Security Cover

Repair of Plastic, Rubber parts, Glass and Fibre

Key Replacement Cover

Consumables Cover

Zero Depreciation Cover

Tyre Cover

Return to Invoice

Loss of Personal Belongings

Inclusions and Exclusions for Lexus Motor Insurance by Tata AIG

Lexus Insurance Inclusions

Natural Disasters  With comprehensive or own-damage car insurance policies, you receive financial support to cover repair and damage expenses in case of natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, rainfall, etc. 
Man-Made or Fire Incidents With comprehensive or own-damage car insurance policies, you receive financial support to cover repair and damage expenses in case of man-made accidents like terrorist attacks, riots, etc. Additionally, you also get cover for fire or explosion-driven car damage.
Theft Under a comprehensive car insurance plan, you will be reimbursed for your car as per IDV in case your car is stolen or incurs damage beyond repair.
Personal Accident (owner/driver) Under a comprehensive car insurance plan, you can get cover for ₹15 lakhs in case of a personal accident. This is helpful in case of major injuries, disability, or severe damage incurred by the car owner/driver due to an accident.
Transit Damage While transporting your car from one place to another, if the car is damaged in transit, you get protection from the insurer under comprehensive car insurance.
Accidental Damages With a comprehensive or own damage car insurance plan, you get cover for repairs for any damage incurred due to an accident. 
Third-Party Liabilties  All damage or loss incurred by a third party due to your insured vehicle is covered under our comprehensive and third-party car insurance plans.

** Lexus Insurance Exclusions**

General Wear and Tear  Any expenses for the repair of parts of the car due to regular wear and tear are not included in any insurance plan.  Additionally, general maintenance of the car is also not covered by any plan. 
Irresponsible Driving  If the driver meets with an accident after the consumption of alcohol or any other illegal substance, any damage incurred by the vehicle is not covered. Moreover, if the driver voluntarily participates in car racing or other harmful activities, the repair cost is not covered under any car insurance. 
Law Breaks If a driver causes any accident and he is found without a valid driver’s licence, the cost of repairs will not be covered as it is against the law to drive without a DL. 
Add-on Cover without Purchase Requesting for cover of damage or repair under any add-on without purchasing one is not permitted and thus will not be compensated for.
Commercial Use  Using a personal car for commercial use is against the law. Therefore, if your car meets with an accident or requires repair due to commercial usage, it will not be covered under any policy.

Why Choose Tata AIG Lexus Car Insurance

Protecting your Lexus car with the right car insurance is crucial to ensure no unexpected financial burden causes emotional and financial stress for the owners. However, along with choosing the right policy, picking the right insurance provider is necessary.

Here are some reasons why you should buy Tata AIG Lexus car insurance.

We are highly reputed in the insurance industry and trusted by over 5 crores of customers.

We offer our customers a claim settlement ratio of 98% as we believe in simplifying the process and addressing customer needs promptly for quick resolution and settlements.

Our customers can benefit from our extensive cashless garage network of over 7500 garages around the country to get repairs and part replacements completed without the hassle of immediate out-of-pocket expenses.

You can easily compare different car insurance plans using our online insurance calculator and buy/ renew policies online from the comfort of your home in a few quick steps.

We provide 24/7 customer support to allow everyone to resolve any query related to their car insurance, renewal, claims, premium deductions, etc.

Our comprehensive car insurance policies come with 12 different add-ons, giving you the flexibility to customise your plan as required.

All About Lexus and its Unique Selling Points

All models and makes of Lexus are predominantly one of the most elegant and performance-driven vehicles available in the market. The brand provides users with SUVs, Sedans, Coupes, and MPV options.

Here are some of the top reasons why you should choose Lexus cars.

Exceptional Craftsmanship- All cars under the Lexus brand offer luxurious features and an impeccable car design, both on the outside and inside of the vehicle. The exceptional craftsmanship is visible with the premium quality materials and engineering precision utilised for the development of the car body, promising utmost comfort with a touch of elegance.

Advanced Technology- The cutting-edge technology implemented in the design theory of the vehicle allows the customers to experience unique, innovative, in-built features of the vehicle. This includes exceptional connectivity systems along with dedicated driver assistance technologies to enhance the driving experience significantly.

High Safety- The safety system in most Lexus cars is called the Safety System+, which delivers advanced safety features for added security of the vehicle. The list of features includes dynamic radar cruise control, intelligent high beams, pre-collision systems, lane departure alert, road sign assist, etc.

Hybrid Options- With the growing awareness of sustainability in the country, Lexus now offers numerous hybrid options for cars. These cars come with a gasoline engine combined with an electric motor to enhance the fuel efficiency of the vehicle while reducing the carbon footprint on the environment. For the same reason, Lexus cars are a great option for environmentally conscious people in India.

Lexus Models and Prices

Lexus Model  Starting Price (In ₹)
NX 350h Exquisite  ₹67,35,000
NX 350h Luxury  ₹72,07,000
NX 350h F Sport ₹74,24,000
RX 350h Luxury with Lexus Premium Audio System ₹95,80,000
RX 350h Luxury with Mark Levinson Premium Surround Sound System ₹97,60,000
RX 500h F Sport + Lexus Premium Audio System ₹1,18,10,000
RX 500h F Sport + Mark Levinson Premium Surround Sound System ₹1,19,90,000
LX 500d with Ash Open Pore Sumi Black Trim ₹2,82,40,000
LX 500d with Walnut Open Pore Trim ₹2,82,40,000
LX 500d with Artwood Takanoha ₹2,83,70,000
ES 300h Exquisite  ₹63,10,000
ES 300h Luxury  ₹69,70,000
LS 500h Luxury  ₹1,95,52,000
LS 500h Ultra Luxury  ₹2,01,43,000
LS 500h Nishijin ₹2,26,79,000
LC 500h ₹2,39,20,000
LC 500h 2024 Limited Edition ₹2,50,50,000

Disclaimer: These prices were taken from Lexus India website on 4/12/2023 at 5:30 pm IST. Since prices are subject to change, we recommend checking your city’s current ex-showroom price before buying.

Top Competitors of Lexus

Competitor Starting Price (In ₹)
Kia ₹60,95,000
Audi ₹62,35,000
Volvo ₹67,50,000
BMW ₹48,90,000
Jeep  ₹62,65,000

Disclaimer: These prices were taken from Zig Wheels website on 4/12/2023 at 5:45 pm IST and consist of the base model prices which will vary based on the model choice and can therefore increase. Since prices are subject to change, we recommend checking your city’s current ex-showroom price before buying.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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Can I combine some add-ons with third-party car insurance to increase coverage?

Can I combine some add-ons with third-party car insurance to increase coverage?


At Tata AIG, no add-ons can be combined with third-party car insurance. All add-ons are only available for own damage and comprehensive car insurance plans.

Is Lexus considered a premium car?


Lexus is a premium car brand and ranks as the number 10 largest global car brand in the world. It is an elegant, luxurious, and high-performance car brand that promises a quality driving experience.

Is Lexus ES 300h manufactured in India or exported from another country?


All the variants of Lexus ES 300h are now locally produced in India, making India the 4th country to manufacture Lexus on a global scale.