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MG Car Insurance

The MG cars or Morris Garages cars are almost a century-old automobile brand born in Great Britain. Over the years, MG cars partnered up and founded subsidiaries. At present, SAIC Motors owns a huge stake in MG cars and is responsible for the car’s launch in India.

Currently, the MG cars fleet has four core models in India – the MG Hector, MG Astor, MG ZS EV, and MG Gloster and multiple sub-variants. The MG Hector was one of the first MG cars launched in India in 2017.

If you have recently purchased an MG car or are planning to purchase one, the car dealer will ask you to buy MG car insurance. In India, it is a legal mandate to have a valid car insurance policy. Driving without it is a punishable offence. Now, you may choose to buy it from the dealer, or consider other options (recommended) for better deals and better protection. You may choose Tata AIG’s MG Car insurance policies to protect your car against unforeseen eventualities and their financial consequences.

MG Car Insurance Renewal/ Buy via Tata AIG

Protect your dream car with car insurance. Car insurance is a must if you want to secure your car and make it an investment instead of a liability. Tata AIG understands the dream of many Indians of owning a car and the effort behind its purchase. This is why we aim to provide the maximum possible coverage in our car insurance policy. Whether you are buying MG Car insurance for the first time or doing an MG auto insurance renewal for any MG car, the process of buying remains simple and convenient thanks to our all-digital purchase process. Visit our website and:

  • Go to the All Products - Motor Insurance – car insurance page section. Select car insurance, and enter your car registration number. Where to look for your car registration number if you are doing this for the first time? The answer lies in your vehicle number plate or car documents. The registration number starts with the state code you reside in - MH for Maharashtra and the like.
  • Click on Get Price for a new MG insurance policy or Renew for an MG auto insurance renewal.
  • Fill out the form that appears on the screen for the respective option and enter the information requested, like your name, number, and email ID.
  • Enter further details like car variant, the insured declared value (IDV), previous claim history, and any no-claim bonuses (NCBs) applicable.
  • Demystifying what IDV and NCB are – IDV is the present market value of your car, and NCBs are no-claim bonuses/ discounts given on car insurance premiums for not making any insurance claims in the previous years.
  • Once you submit the information, you will get various MG Car insurance quotes. Choose the type of MG insurance you want - third-party, own-damage, or comprehensive.
  • You can also choose from our 12 add-ons/ riders that enhance the scope of protection to your MG Car insurance policy.
  • After submitting the necessary details, you will get the MG Car insurance cost, aka the premiums payable for a renewal or new car insurance policy.
  • Pay the amount on the screen and get a copy of the MG insurance policy in your mail inbox.

You can also use our free four-wheeler insurance calculator to calculate the premiums payable for your MG Car insurance policy.

MG Car Insurance Price – Your Premium Amount

Your MG insurance cost for a new MG auto insurance policy or an MG insurance renewal will depend on various factors that fluctuate, including -

The Insured Declared Value (IDV) of your MG car.

  • The IDV is the current market or sale value of a vehicle. So, your IDV will depend on the variant of the MG car. For instance, if you have the MG Hector variant, whose sub-variants range between ₹13,00,000 to ₹17,00,000, your IDV will be the same. However, a year or two later after purchase, the IDV will drop. The applicable IDV of the vehicle will be payable under the car insurance policy during the car insurance claim settlement.
  • The type of MG car insurance policy chosen – third party, own-damage, or comprehensive. The more features in a car insurance policy, the higher the premium prices.
  • The age and variant of the MG car.
  • The general rule is that the newer your vehicle, the higher the premiums; the older it is, the lower the premiums. Some variants are more expensive than others depending on the brand.
  • The cubic capacity (cc) of your MG car engine - the general rule is the higher the capacity, the higher the premiums.
  • Your age, your driving record, and the geographical location where you buy and drive the car. For instance, the car insurance cost can be higher in cities than in tier II and tier III towns/ cities due to prevalent factors like traffic, road infrastructure, and car maintenance costs.
  • Any NCB benefits and discounts in car insurance premiums for buying MG car insurance online.
  • Addition of safety devices like anti-theft locks, parking sensors, cameras, or modifications to the MG car like a painting, an engine change, wheel replacement, etc.

Add-ons for MG Auto Insurance/ MG Car Insurance by Tata AIG

All the MG car variants are big on their safety features. Most variants have the ABS + EBD + Brake, Assist, Driver & Co-Driver Seat Belts, Electronic Stability Program (ESP), ISO FIX Child Anchors, and others. While the MG cars promise safety, they don’t guarantee complete protection against accidents, thefts, and other unforeseen eventualities. No car does. To deal with unpredictability and the financial burden that comes with it, it takes a car insurance policy. And while car insurance can provide that security, add-ons/ riders can go steps ahead and provide more well-rounded coverage. Choose from Tata AIG’s 12 all-round add-on riders for a more holistic MG insurance cover:

  • Return to Invoice cover – It reimburses you for the MG car's depreciation paying the original purchase cost, registration expenses, and tax payments of the vehicle.
  • Zero Depreciation cover – It reimburses you for depreciation of the MG car’s parts by paying the original value of your car (this feature is not available with third-party insurance).
  • No-Claim Bonus Protection cover – It allows you to make a car insurance claim for your MG car in a year without affecting your previous NCB discounts (this feature is not available with third-party car insurance.)
  • Repair of Glass, Fibre and Plastic Parts rider - It funds the repair of glass, fibre, and plastic parts of your MG car after damage for one time.
  • Engine Secure rider – It pays for repairing/ replacing the MG car engine due to damage, except for general wear and tear.
  • Daily Allowance cover – It gives you daily cash for commuting while your MG car is in repair.
  • Roadside Assistance cover – It provides 24x7 mechanic services for prompt breakdown assistance of your MG car in a remote location away from your residence.
  • Key Replacement rider – It pays for replacing lost car keys if your keys or MG car get stolen.
  • Tyre Secure – It covers 100% of the cost of repair/ replacement of damaged tyres or tyre tubes in the MG car after an accident.
  • Consumables Expense cover – It covers the cost of your MG car parts like the gearbox oil, engine oil, and other pre-specified items lost/ damaged due to an accident.
  • Loss of Personal Belongings cover – It bears the cost of pre-specified personal belongings damaged in an accident.
  • Emergency Transport and Hotel Expense cover – It pays for your hotel and travel expenses if you need immediate stay or money to travel back home or to the nearest destination after an accident.

Things Covered and Not Covered under Tata AIG’s MG Car Insurance Online

If you decide to buy an MG car and are searching for car insurance options, consider Tata AIG, one of India’s leading insurance companies as a viable choice. With us, you can rest assured we do everything in our capacity to help you take a well-researched and informed decision. Before finalizing the car insurance policy, we encourage you to look through our policy document to understand the extent of coverage we offer. This concise table shows exactly what our comprehensive MG car insurance policy covers and does not cover:

What our MG car insurance covers What our MG car insurance does not cover
Third-party damage caused to third parties, their vehicle, and their property in accidents involving your insured car. Damage caused to the car while being used for commercial purposes
Theft of your car or damage beyond repair. In such cases, you will receive the IDV (current sale value) of the insured car. It is also called Total Loss. Damage caused to your insured vehicle due to its use for reliability checks like racing, crash-testing, and speed testing.
Damage caused to the car due to natural calamities like floods, snowfall, lightning, rainfall, earthquakes, and more. Damage caused to the insured car while it was used outside the geographical zones of India (defined in the policy document).
Damage caused to the car due to manmade disasters and acts of human malice like fire, riots, strikes, self-ignition, terrorist attacks, etc. Damage caused by nuclear situations, war, civil unrest, or other warlike operations that threaten the country’s peace.
Damage to the car through travel in waterways, airways, railways, and roadways. Expenses incurred towards the general maintenance and repair of the insured car.
Health insurance up to ₹15 lakhs against injuries, disability, and death arising from an accident involving the insured car. Damages caused to the insured car while it was being driven without a valid license or driving under the influence of intoxication from alcohol/ drugs.

Why Should You Trust Tata AIG for Your MG Insurance?

In today’s time, there isn’t a dearth of insurance providers. So why should you consider us? Because we honour the promise and its motto of ‘Trusted Naam, Fantastic Kaam’ by fulfilling the changing needs of its customers over the years can seem like a tall claim.

We have maintained our performance over the years, and here is what our customers have to say:

  • Tata is a homegrown Indian brand and a household name in India. We have decades of goodwill and industry expertise to our name.
  • We keep our customers one step ahead of our needs – just check out our high claim settlement ratio of 98% for FY 2020-2021.
  • We have a customer-first approach and prioritise a seamless user experience in all our processes – whether it is buying, renewal, or claim settlement.
  • We have a network of knowledgeable 650+ claim experts offering round-the-clock and prompt services and taking care of over 5 million customers.
  • Our network of 7,000+ garages reaches both rural and urban areas.
  • We value our customers by giving 50% discount on no-claim bonuses and up to 75% discount on car insurance premiums.
  • We offer up to 12 riders to enhance the scope of protection of your MG insurance.

Overview – MG Car Models

The MG cars or Morris Garages cars are British-made. MG cars have almost a century of experience in the automobile industry. The MG cars have four variants – the MG Hector, MG Astor, MG ZS EV, and MG Gloster. The MG Hector was one of the first MG cars launched in India in 2017. The MG brand was famous for its sports cars and mini cars. However, MG expanded to make SUVs and other models. Some of the most esteemed features of the MG cars include its internet connectivity features, its tech infotainment system, its lithium-ion powered batteries, smooth and powerful engine performance, and its plush interiors.

MG Cars Price and Variants

MG cars are available in four variants and multiple sub-variants. The variants and sub-variants have different colours, designs, transmission options, and features. The variants of the MG cars run on petrol and diesel, and the car is available both in manual and automatic transmission options. The variants include – MG Hector, MG Astor, MG ZS EV, and MG Gloster. It is available in 10+ colours – including red, blue, silver, black, grey, white, and others. The MG car price range starts from ₹10,00,000 and goes up to around ₹40,00,000. Here are the MG car variants and their ex-showroom price:

**MG Hector **

Variants Ex-Showroom Price
MG Hector Plus Style MT 7 STR ₹13.96 lakhs
MG Hector Plus Style Diesel MT 7 STR ₹15.38 lakhs
MG Hector Plus Super Hybrid MT 7 STR ₹15.46 lakhs
MG Hector Plus Super Diesel MT 7 STR ₹16.48 lakhs
MG Hector Plus Super Diesel MT ₹16.72 lakhs
MG Hector Plus Smart CVT ₹17.91 lakhs
MG Hector Plus Smart AT ₹14.56 Lakh

Unique Selling Points: MG Cars and their Features

The MG cars pack powerful features. Here are some unique selling points of the MG cars:

  • Full digital cluster and infotainment system
  • Satin chrome highlights that extend to the door handles
  • Soft-touch dashboard and leather steering wheel
  • Full LED hawk eye headlamps
  • ISOFix child anchor
  • Heated ORVM
  • ABS + EBD + Brake Assist
  • Electronic stability program
  • 35+ Hindi & English (Hinglish) voice commands understood
  • Inbuilt JioSaavn music app
  • Speed assist system and intelligent headlamp control
  • Lane departure prevention system
  • India’s first car with a personal AI assistant
  • Rear drive assist and forward collision assist
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Turbine-inspired alloy wheels (in the MG Astor)

Rivals of MG Cars

The MG line-up of cars is some of the most popular British-Chinese cars to circulate the Indian market. However, it is not free from competitor brands. The most well-known rivals of the MG cars are:

  • Tata Safari
  • Tata Harrier
  • Hyundai Alcazar
  • Kia Carens
  • Honda City Hybrid
  • Toyota Fortuner
  • Hyundai Creta
  • Toyota Innova Crysta
  • Skoda Kushaq
  • Kia Sportage
  • Jeep Compass
  • Hyundai Tucson

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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What are the mandatory documents for buying and claiming MG car insurance?

What are the mandatory documents for buying and claiming MG car insurance?


The mandatory documents needed to buy and claim an MG car insurance policy are as follows:

  • Address and ID proof
  • Registration certificate
  • Photos of the vehicle
  • Existing car insurance policy
  • Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate

Which country of origin are the MG cars from?


The MG cars stand for Morris Garages cars. Morris Garages, or MG Motors, is a UK-based company with its headquarters in London. SAIC Motors owns MG cars through its subsidiary SAIC Motor UK. SAIC Motors is a China-based company. The dual-origin make of the MG cars gives it an edge over its competitors.