Expired Car Insurance Renewal

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Expired Car Insurance

If you end up missing out on renewing your car insurance, you risk leaving your car unprotected while out on the road. This means damages due to mishaps or even theft! Apart from that, since insurance for a car is mandatory in India, without a valid policy, you could be looking at traffic fines.

What is Expired Car Insurance?

Also, a lapse in the car insurance policy means losing out on benefits like the No Claim Bonus that can help you reduce your premium amount in the new policy year. Therefore, getting a car policy renewal on time helps you save up on premiums and also ensures your peace of mind.

To renew your policy, you can visit the TATA AIG car insurance website to renew and also buy car insurance online.

Reasons to Renew Expired Car Insurance

As a policyholder, here are some reasons why you should renew your insurance on time:

Comprehensive cover: Your car insurance provides your car with a comprehensive cover for any damage, repair or loss. If the policy expires, you end up losing the cover, which leaves your car unsecured.

No Claim Bonus: A lapse in your car insurance policy will cause you to lose your No Claim Bonus benefits. By renewing the policy on time, you can ensure lower premiums in the upcoming policy year.

Third-party coverage: Without an insurance cover, if a road accident occurs and there is third-party damage, you will be left to pay for the expenses from your own pocket rather than the insurance policy covering it for you.

How to Renew Expired Car Insurance Online With Tata AIG?

Car policy renewal online has never been simpler. Additionally, with Tata AIG it is possible to renew lapsed/expired car insurance policy as well.

While it is advisable to renew your policy before the expiry date, there can be circumstances where you forget to renew your car insurance on time. For such misses, we offer a Grace Period of 90 days from the date of expiry. If you renew your policy within the Grace Period, you can retain all the accumulated benefits, especially the No Claim Bonus discounts.

However, if you forget to renew within the Grace Period, then you will lose the NCB discount. Additionally, your car insurance premium might go up. But you can still renew your expired/lapsed policy with Tata AIG. What’s more, you can even renew the expired policies of other provider’s with Tata AIG.

Following are the steps to renew your expired car insurance policy with Tata AIG:

Step 1 - Visit our official website for your TATA AIG car insurance renewal.

Step 2 - Fill in your car registration number. Click on ‘Renew’ to get your car insurance quotes online and renew your plan.

Step 3 - Enter the details as prompted by the screen. Choose from the list of add-ons, such as:

  • Roadside Assistance Cover
  • Engine Secure
  • Zero Depreciation Cover
  • Return to Invoice Cover
  • No Claim Bonus (NCB) protection, etc.

Step 4 - You will need to provide your car registration details, RTO office address and car company’s name and model. Also, keep at hand information about any claims made in the previous policy tenure and date of expiry of the policy.

Step 5 - After following these steps, your car insurance premium is generated.

Step 6 - Make your payment online, and your policy is renewed!

Things to Keep in Mind if Your Car Insurance Has Expired

Driving around without car insurance is not only unsettling, but it can also be illegal in some cities and states! Here are some things to keep in mind if your insurance has expired.

Avoid driving till you buy a new policy. Don’t take the risk of using your car if there is no active policy to protect it. And ensure the quick online purchase of your car insurance policy to keep your car safe. TATA AIG offers a grace period after the lapse of your online car insurance policy. However, don’t wait it out. The sooner you renew your policy after the lapse, the lesser the chances of losing out on your No Claim Bonus.

Consider buying a new car insurance policy. It is advisable to renew the old policy within the grace period to avoid losing your NCB or if you don’t want a car inspection. Arrange your car documents and keep them ready so that you can save some time and avoid stress while purchasing a new policy.

Benefits of Renewing Tata AIG Car Insurance

While several companies offer car insurances, what sets Tata AIG car insurance apart from them?

Accidental damage and theft cover: Any loss of vehicle or accidental damage is covered by our insurance policy. Our comprehensive car insurance in India comes with this inclusion and does not require you to purchase this add-on separately.

Zero depreciation cover: With our car insurance, you can enjoy complete claims without any depreciation on the value of the car. In addition to lower premiums, this feature enables you to enjoy the maximum returns from your insurance policy.

7500+ network garages: Enjoy an all-encompassing coverage for your policy with our widespread network of more than 7500 garages across the country.

Easy renewals online: Get a prompt renewal with our online renewal option. Enjoy your car protection from the comfort of your home.

Car insurance in India is mandatory by law which makes it illegal and unsafe for an uninsured car to be driven on the road. Therefore, make an effort to keep the policy renewal date in mind. TATA AIG recommends that the ideal time to renew your policy is two weeks before its expiry.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

Frequently Asked Question

What happens if I renew my car insurance after it expires?


If your car insurance has expired, you lose benefits such as the No Claim Bonus and will have to purchase a new insurance plan. If the grace period for the renewal has passed, you will no longer be able to make an insurance claim during the inactivity of the policy and lose any accumulated No Claim Bonus. You will also have to undergo a mandatory vehicle inspection for a new policy.

What should I do if my car insurance expired?


Avoid driving your vehicle if your insurance is not active. Go to your insurance provider’s website and start looking for a new plan if the grace period has also passed. Peruse the various plans available, and purchase a suitable policy.

What happens if your car insurance policy lapses?


If your car insurance lapses, you will have to get a new insurance policy. Your renewal may also get rejected if you have lost the grace period and will lose out on benefits such as the No Claim Bonus. A new plan also means a new vehicle inspection as well as a higher premium.

Is there a grace period after car insurance expires?


While the grace period varies depending upon your chosen plan, Tata AIG typically provides 90 days to renew your policy after the expiry of your previous car insurance. Though we recommend renewing your policy before it expires, you can also do it during the grace period to retain your benefits.