Maruti S-Cross Insurance

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Maruti Suzuki S-Cross Insurance

Suzuki, the renowned Japanese automaker, launched the S-Cross in 2006. It came to India in the year 2015, and ever since, the company has been successfully selling this car unit via its NEXA outlets. It is a car in demand due to its outstanding features like 18.43 kmpl mileage, automatic transmission, 1462 cc engine displacement, etc. No wonder the company has successfully sold out about 1.47 lakh units all across India since its launch.

However, just like every other four-wheeler, Maruti Suzuki S-Cross can also incur damages in case of collisions or accidents that can cause massive repair costs. Considering the same, Tata AIG offers Maruti Suzuki car insurance to ease the liabilities of the buyer. The company offers four-wheeler insurance, including third-party car insurance that safeguards you from financial liabilities when a car accident causes injury to any third party or their property. Moreover, in India, according to the Motor Vehicle Act, before you place your car on the roads, it is mandatory for you to have a valid third-party insurance policy. However, third-party car insurance does not cover damages incurred to the insured four-wheeler.

You can opt for comprehensive car insurance if you desire to insure your car and have third-party liability coverage. A comprehensive car insurance policy offers you both third-party liability and protects against any financial damage to your car. Not just that, you would also get a personal accident cover that would offer coverage for any injuries caused to you in an accident.

Maruti S-Cross Insurance Renewal / New Purchase via Tata AIG

Plan on buying a car insurance policy or renewing your existing four-wheeler insurance? You can either do it online on the Tata AIG website or offline by visiting the closest Tata AIG office. Below are steps to walk you through the quick process of purchasing or renewing your Maruti S-Cross insurance policy.

  1. Visit the official website of Tata AIG, input your car registration number, and click on "Get Price" to fetch the details in case of buying new S-Cross insurance. If you are on our website for Maruti S-Cross insurance renewal, input the car registration number and click on Renew Existing Tata AIG Policy.
  2. The screen would fetch you a form asking for details that would help us offer you an adequate car insurance quote. Also, select the add-ons of your choice and the policy coverage.
  3. The next step would let you select the right Insurance Declared Value or IDV for your car from a drop-down list.
  4. If you have previously filed a claim, ensure to inform us of the steps ahead. And in case you have never filed a claim in the past, you would be eligible for the benefits of a No Claim Bonus (NCB).
  5. Next, the premium would be calculated, and the payable sum would then be displayed on the screen.
  6. To further solidify your Maruti car insurance, you can select from the twelve individual riders available to add to your car insurance policy.
  7. Finally, make the payment for the policy using any of the digital payment modes available. Once done, the other end will send a soft copy of your car insurance policy to your registered mailing address.

If you want to purchase insurance for your four-wheeler offline, you can follow these steps:

  • Locate your nearest Tata AIG office.
  • Approach the counter and express your desire to buy or renew your S-Cross insurance.
  • Our insurance expert will speak with you and discuss all our plans.
  • The expert will guide you through the process and documentation.
  • Once the process is completed, you will receive your policy papers.

Before buying insurance for your four-wheeler, you can use our car insurance calculator to get a better idea of your S-cross insurance price.

Maruti Suzuki S-Cross Insurance Price – Your Premium Amount

The payable premium amount helps you choose the affordable insurance policy that would suit your budget. Various factors determine the payable premium sum in the case of every policy. Factors that help evaluate the payable premium include the following:

  • Insured Declared Value (IDV)
  • Age of the Car
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Add-ons
  • Engine Capacity
  • Deductible
  • Claims History

However, did you know that while choosing insurance for 4-wheeler, you can calculate the exact premium amount by applying some popular approaches? Here is how you can do that.

  • Calculating the Premium via an Online Premium Calculator

You can use an online insurance premium calculator tool to calculate your insurance premium sum in a flash. You must select the policy coverage, the essential information, and add-ons. Once done, you must click on Get Price to fetch the amount. The car insurance calculator would bring you the total premium sum needed to pay for your car insurance coverage. Although there are free premium calculators available online, learning the actual method can help you determine the S-cross insurance price on your own.

  • Calculating Own Damage Insurance Premiums

You can deduce the premium for an own-damage insurance policy using the following formula: [Insured Declared Value * Premium Tariff as determined by the Insurer] + Add-ons – [Discounts like NCB]

  • Calculating the IDV of Your Vehicle

You can calculate the IDV or Insured Declared Value of your four-wheeler by following the method below: [List price of the car manufacturer – depreciation deduction] + [Cost of vehicle accessories which are not a part of list price – depreciation deduction of accessories]

  • Calculating the Third-Party Car Insurance Premium

As per the 2022-2023 financial year, Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India has notified the applicable premium rates on the Motor Third Party Liability Insurance for private cars. The premium rates effective from June 1st, 2022, are listed below:

Add-ons for Maruti Suzuki S-Cross Insurance by Tata AIG

To further enhance your car insurance, you can add on covers that offer additional benefits to the policy. Tata AIG brings you 12 different add-on choices to pick from.

  • No Claim Bonus Protection
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Repair of Glass Fibre and Plastic Parts
  • Daily Allowance
  • Emergency Transport and Hotel Expenses
  • Key Replacement
  • Engine Secure
  • Tyre Secure
  • Consumables Expenses
  • Loss of Personal Belongings
  • Return to Invoice
  • Zero Depreciation

While choosing an add-on coverage, keep in mind that it can increase your Maruti S-Cross insurance price. Carefully assess your needs before opting for additional coverage.

Things Covered and Not Covered Under Maruti Suzuki S-Cross Insurance

What is covered in our Maruti S-Cross insurance? What is not covered in our Maruti S-Cross insurance?
The comprehensive car insurance allows you reimbursement of the total market value of your car or the Insured Declared Value (IDV) in case your vehicle is stolen or the complete irreparable damage cost incurred due to an accident. Damage incurred while driving without a valid licence and under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
The standalone own damage insurance coverage or comprehensive car insurance coverage offers you financial protection against all the damages incurred due to natural disasters, including snowfall, earthquakes, cyclones, frost, floods, rainfall, etc. Injuries caused to your Maruti S-Cross while outside the geographical area or India.
The comprehensive insurance policy or the own-damage insurance cover offers protection against the damages incurred due to man-made calamities, including riots, strikes, terrorist attacks, and other malicious man-caused disasters. They also provide financial coverage for damages incurred due to fire resulting from explosions, lightning, self-ignition, etc. Costs of general maintenance and wear and tear of your Maruti S-Cross due to regular usage.
You can cause significant to minor damages due to the extent of an accident. The standalone own damage insurance cover and the comprehensive insurance policy take care of the financial liabilities of the required repairs of the incurred damages to your car. Damages caused due to the negligent driving and maintenance of the driver.
You can sometimes require moving your car from one place to another via road, rail, water, or air. Tata AIG offers coverage for the damage incurred to your vehicle during transit via our comprehensive insurance coverage. Using your private Maruti S-Cross for commercial usage.
Third-party liability coverage under comprehensive car insurance and third-party insurance policies. Instances covered under the third-party damage coverage include the demise of the third-party, bodily injury to the third party and damages caused to the third-party four-wheeler. Injuries caused due to car testing, car racing, etc.
The comprehensive car insurance policy offers ₹15 lakhs personal accident coverage to the owner-drivers. The policy reimburses the medical expenditures for damages caused to the owner-driver resulting from an accident. If the owner-driver faces demise incurred by accident, the noted beneficiary would be paid the predetermined sum. Damages caused due to a nuclear peril or war-like scenarios.
A list of 13 four-wheeler insurance add-ons to pick up along with our comprehensive car insurance policy. You can add these to your car insurance policy and boost your car insurance Damages incurred under specific add-ons when they are excluded from your policy.

Why is it important to have Tata AIG for your Maruti Suzuki S-Cross Car Insurance Online?

Having a responsible insurer by your side when you fall into problems is a worthy investment. While investing in a four-wheeler that is about to hit the road frequently, it is your responsibility to keep it safe. What is of much more importance is to pick the right insurer that would make the whole process as seamless as possible. If you plan to insure your Maruti Suzuki S-Cross, listed below is why you should consider Tata AIG as your insurer:

  • 20 Years of Devotion

Having twenty years of serving its customers, Tata AIG promises transparency, commitment, and integrity to every one of its customers with every car insurance policy purchased.

  • Impressive Claim Settlement Ratio

Tata AIG boasts a soaring high 98% settlement claim ratio for the 2020-2021 financial year. It guarantees an assured and seamless claim process for its customers.

  • Customer Centric Approach

Tata AIG features a massive family of 5 crore happy customers. It offers a vast network of over 5400 garages where our customers can avail of quality services for their four-wheelers.

  • Performance-Driven

To ensure you a seamless four-wheeler insurance experience, Tata AIG has more than 650 claim experts across the country.

Overview – Maruti Suzuki S-Cross Car Model

Maruti Suzuki S Cross has been lately redefined by its manufacturers. Maruti Suzuki serves a purpose similar to various other cars with its elementary design. It was designed keeping the society's upper-class segment in mind. The cost of the Maruti Suzuki S Cross variants ranges from between ₹8.86 lakhs to 11.49 lakhs. It is a sophisticated-looking car that heated the market due to its quality interiors.

Maruti Suzuki S Cross is a spacious five-seater car with a diesel engine. The drivers of this car are to enjoy smooth rides with a 5-speed gearbox. Maruti Suzuki lately decided to enhance its features. This beast features a manual transmission delivering a 25.1 kmpl mileage. The interiors of the Maruti Suzuki S Cross offer a premium feel with its cruise control, 7-inch infotainment system, leather upholstery, rear-seat split in 60:40 ratio, etc. It conveniently connects with all Android systems. The four variants of the Maruti Suzuki S-cross come in the names Sigma, Zeta, Delta, and Alpha. Another additional and notable update in the Maruti Suzuki S-Cross is a supremely finished cabin with a comfortable door armrest made in fine leather. All in all, Maruti Suzuki S-Cross is a bold and beautiful four-wheeler suitable for a middle-class family.

Maruti Suzuki S-Cross Variants and Price

Maruti Suzuki S-Cross has seven impressive variants. Listed below are the variants and their prices.

Maruti S-Cross Variants Ex-showroom Price (in New Delhi, may vary across cities)
Sigma ₹9.65 Lakhs
Delta ₹10.98 Lakhs
Zeta ₹11.19 Lakhs
Delta AT ₹12.73 Lakhs
Zeta AT ₹12.93 Lakhs
Alpha ₹13.14 Lakhs
Alpha AT ₹14.51 Lakhs

Unique Selling Points – Maruti Suzuki S-Cross Features

The key features of the Maruti Suzuki S-Cross are as follows:

  • Power Steering
  • Anti Lock Braking System
  • Air Conditioner
  • Power Windows Front
  • Fog Lights - Front
  • Passenger Airbag
  • Driver Airbag
  • Automatic Climate Control
  • Alloy Wheels

Rivals of Maruti Suzuki S-Cross

Listed below are the rivals' four-wheelers of the Maruti Suzuki S-Cross:

  1. Ford EcoSport
  2. Tata Nexon
  3. Honda WR-V
  4. Renault Duster
  5. Hyundai Creta


All the car prices and other information listed above pertain to a specific city and vehicle model. Since this information is subject to change, it is advisable to check the latest information before purchasing a vehicle or an insurance policy.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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Can I renew my Maruti Suzuki car insurance online?

Can I renew my Maruti Suzuki car insurance online?


If you have missed your Maruti Suzuki car insurance renewal, you can easily renew it online by following simple steps. The online website would require some information from you to do the same. You would need to input your car registration number, policy number, the count of claims made, and images of the insured car. Once done, the insurer will be able to evaluate the premium sum for your vehicle. If you complete the process within 90 days of the expiration of the previous policy, the insurer may be able to transfer the NCB to the new policy.

Can I buy Maruti Suzuki S-Cross insurance online?


Absolutely! You can buy a Maruti Suzuki S-Cross insurance online within a few minutes. All you need to do is visit the Tata AIG website, enter your car registration number and follow the steps to purchase an insurance policy.

Can I add or remove any add-ons from my existing S-Cross insurance policy?


Yes! You can add or remove the add-ons from your existing S-Cross insurance policy as per availability and requirement. If you add on any add-on, the premium you pay will increase; if you remove an add-on, the premium will decrease.

Does comprehensive insurance offer coverage for third-party injuries?


Yes, comprehensive insurance offers coverage for third-party injuries.