Maruti Eeco Insurance

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Maruti Eeco Insurance

Maruti has been producing best-selling passenger and utility cars in India for more than two decades. Maruti Eeco is an eight-seater multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) that was launched in 2010. This spacious family car has garnered enough popularity since its launch, justifying its tagline – “Happiness Family Size”. Apart from family use, this car can also double up as a goods-carrying van for business use.

You can own this vehicle by spending somewhere around Rs. 4 to 5 lakhs. However, when you own a vehicle in India, you’re also required to procure a four-wheeler insurance policy for it. So, if you are looking to buy or renew your Maruti Eeco Insurance policy, you need not look beyond Tata AIG. Our car insurance plans are affordable, flexible, and highly customizable.

Although it is mandatory to have only a third-party policy to drive a car in India, we recommend getting a comprehensive car insurance policy from Tata AIG. Our comprehensive four-wheeler insurance plan will provide 360-degree protection to your vehicle, covering not only the mandatory third-party liabilities but also the damages sustained by it during a mishap or road accident. Besides, we also provide a Personal Accident (PA) cover for the owner-driver of the insured vehicle.

Maruti Eeco Car Insurance Renewal

You can buy or renew your Maruti Eeco insurance policy from Tata AIG in a convenient and hassle-free manner. You can either visit our nearest office with the required documents or you can apply for Maruti insurance renewal or purchase online by following the steps mentioned below:

Step 1 – Visit the Car Insurance Page on our website. Then, enter your car’s registration number and click on the “Renew” tab to renew your existing car insurance policy or the “Get Price” tab to buy a new policy

Step 2 – Fill out an online form to get the quote for your insurance of a four-wheeler. Make sure that you mention all details accurately

Step 3 – Choose an appropriate Insured Declared Value (IDV) for your car. Also, specify if you have claimed on your car insurance policy in the past year or not. If you haven’t made any claim, you will be rewarded with a No Claim Bonus (NCB)

Step 4 – The premium payable for your Maruti car insurance will be displayed on your screen. If you’re happy with the price, you can go ahead and make the payment. You can also choose from our 12 unique car insurance riders to augment your base policy

Step 5 – Pay the premium amount for your Maruti Eeco insurance policy using any of the available online payment methods. Upon successful payment, we will send a soft copy of your car insurance policy to your registered e-mail address and WhatsApp number

Maruti Eeco Car Insurance Price – Your Premium Amount

Car insurance premiums depend on several factors, including the make and model of the car, type of insurance, engine capacity, IDV, age, and location. If you want to buy only a third-party car insurance policy, these factors do not matter as third-party motor insurance rates are decided by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI).

However, if you opt for a comprehensive car insurance policy with complete protection, the insurer will consider these factors while determining your car insurance premiums. You can know your Maruti Eeco insurance price by using our online car insurance calculator. Once you’re satisfied with the price, you can go ahead and make the payment to buy your policy or renew your policy online.

Add-ons for Maruti Eeco Car Insurance by Tata AIG

Although a comprehensive car insurance policy covers most of the damages sustained by the insured car, there are some limitations. For example, it doesn’t cover any damage to the car’s engine, tires, and accessories. To include these items in the scope of coverage of your car insurance policy, you can opt for car insurance riders.

These riders can be attached to your base policy at a nominal addition to your car insurance premium. With Tata AIG, you can choose from 12 unique riders to enhance the coverage of your car insurance policy. These include:

  • No Claim Bonus Protection
  • Zero Depreciation Cover
  • Roadside Assistance Cover
  • Repair of Glass, Fibre, and Plastic Parts
  • Daily Allowance Cover
  • Emergency Transport & Hotel Expense Cover
  • Key Replacement
  • Engine Secure
  • Tyre Secure
  • Consumables Expense
  • Loss of Personal Belongings
  • Return to Invoice Cover

Things Covered and Not Covered Under Maruti Eeco Insurance

Things Covered under Tata AIG’s Maruti Car Insurance Things Not Covered under Tata AIG’s Maruti Car Insurance
Loss or damage to your car due to a covered natural or man-made calamity, such as fire, theft, collision, riot, vandalism, road accident, flood, earthquake, lightning, storm, etc. Damages caused to your car if the driver was driving under the influence of alcohol or any other banned substance
Total loss of your car in the case of theft Any consequential loss, wear and tear, and mechanical or electrical breakdown
Third-party liabilities arising due to an accident involving your car. These include physical damages and bodily injuries Loss or damage caused to the car while it was being driven outside the geographical boundaries of India
A personal accidental cover of up to Rs. 15 lakhs for the owner-driver of your car Damages sustained by a car while it was being used for racing, speed tests, reliability trials, etc.
Damages caused due to your car during transit through roads, railways, airways, or waterways Damages caused to your car due to a nuclear peril, war, or warlike operations

Why is it important to have Tata AIG for your Maruti Eeco Car Insurance Online?

As per the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, a valid four-wheeler insurance policy is mandatory to drive a car in India. With Tata AIG’s comprehensive car insurance policy, you can not only fulfill this statutory requirement but also protect your car from any unforeseen loss or damage.

Below are a few reasons to choose Tata AIG for Maruti Eeco insurance:

1. Quick and easy purchase/renewal

At Tata AIG, we work hard to preserve your time and energy. That is why we allow you to purchase or renew your Maruti Suzuki insurance policy through a quick and hassle-free online process

2. High settlement ratio

Ensuring customer satisfaction is our topmost priority. Our claim settlement ratio of 98% is a testimony to our values and policies

3. Large network of garages

With more than 7500 network garages across India, we ensure that your car gets repaired and delivered as promptly as possible. You can take your car to any of our partner garages and avail of the cashless repair facility.

4. Highly customizable

Our car insurance plans and highly flexible. They come with several unique features that are customizable as per your precise requirements. You can also save up to 75% by buying your policy online from us

5. Best customer support

At Tata AIG, we take pride in upholding the priorities of more than 5 crore happy customers. Our 650 claim experts across India are ready to help you at every stage of your claim settlement. You can get in touch with us by dialing our toll-free number 1800-266-7780 or writing to us at

Overview – Maruti Eeco Car Model

Maruti Eeco is an affordable multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) that was launched in 2010. This car is a combination of convenience and utility and is known for its affordable price tag, powerful engine, and high fuel efficiency. This minivan can double us as a family car as well as a goods-carrying vehicle for commercial purposes. Considering its price and features, many users believe Maruti Eeco to be the best MPV in India.

It has all the basic features that you will need in a family car, including an in-built music system, digital instrument console, air conditioner, airbags, reverse parking sensors, and child locks. When we talk about its specifications, Maruti EECO comes equipped with an 1196-cc four-cylinder engine that can deliver a maximum power of 54 kW with 98 Nm torque. You can drive this car on petrol or CNG as it comes with a company-fitted hybrid engine. Since its launch, Maruti has sold more than 6.5 lakh units of this MPV, which enjoys a whopping 87% market share in its segment.

Currently, the Maruti Eeco is available in four variants and six color options in 5-seater and 7-seater models. Its ex-showroom price in India starts from Rs. 4.63 lakhs onwards.

Maruti Eeco Variants and Price

As mentioned, the Maruti Eeco is currently available in India in four variants and six color options. These variants differ from each other in terms of features, accessories, seating capacity, fuel consumption, and of course, prices. The table below depicts all four variants of Maruti Eeco and their ex-showroom prices in India:

Variant Ex-showroom Price
5 STR STD (O) ₹ 4.63 lakhs
7 STR STD (O) ₹ 4.92 lakhs
5 STR AC (O) ₹ 4.99 lakhs
5 STR AC (O) CNG ₹ 5.94 lakhs

Unique Selling Points – Maruti Eeco Features

Maruti has encapsulated comfort and utility into one through its Maruti Eeco. What makes it a captivating buy is its affordable price tag compared to its uses. No matter if you’re looking for an affordable 7-seater car to travel with your family or a van to deliver or transport your business goods, Maruti Eeco should be your first choice.

Here are some unique features of this car that make it a smart buy:

  • A powerful 1200-cc engine to deliver efficient performance while driving on highways and during long trips
  • All all-inclusive family car with air conditioner, fabric upholstery seats, and anti-theft system
  • A large fuel tank than can store up to 40 liters of petrol and 65 kilograms of CNG
  • A boot space of 275 liters so that you can carry luggage without any hassles during long journeys with your family
  • Airbags, child locks, reverse parking sensor, and speed alert system make it a highly safe car
  • Available in 5-seater and 7-seater variants in both petrol and CNG options

Rivals of Maruti Eeco

The Maruti Eeco belongs to the affordable MPV category and as such, there is no rival to this car in India. No other car in India is available in this range that can double up as a family car and a goods-carrying van. However, you can consider some costlier MPVs and utility vehicles as rivals of this car. They may include:

  • Renault Triber
  • Mahindra Supro
  • Tata Venture
  • Datsun Go Plus

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

1. How to claim Maruti Eeco car insurance?

1. How to claim Maruti Eeco car insurance?


Below are the steps in which you can file a claim on your Maruti Eeco insurance policy:

Step 1 - Visit the Claims page on our website, enter your registered mobile number, and click on “Confirm” Step 2 – Fill up the claim form by entering your car’s registration number, policy number, and other details Step 3 – Wait for our surveyor to assess the damages Step 4 – Take your car to a nearby network garage for cashless repair

2. How to renew Maruti Eeco car insurance?


You can renew your Maruti Eeco car insurance policy online with us. All you need to do is visit the car insurance renewal page on our website, enter your car’s registration number, and click on ‘Renew’. Then, you need to fill out an online car insurance renewal form and pay the premium through a digital payment facility.

3. What is the price of the Maruti Eeco?


The Maruti Eeco is available in four variants in India and their ex-showroom prices range between Rs. 4.63 lakhs to Rs. 5.94 lakhs. Actual on-road prices may vary depending on your city.

4. What are the available variants of Maruti Eeco?


Maruti Eeco is available in four variants in India:

  • 5 STR STD
  • 7 STR STD
  • 5 STR AC
  • 5 STR AC CNG

5. What is the mileage of Maruti Eeco?


The ARAI mileage of Maruti Eeco is 17.28 kilometers per liter for the petrol engine. For CNG, it is 20.88 Kilometer per Kilogram. The actual mileage may vary as per your driving style and traffic conditions.