Easy ways to save fuel while driving

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Here are some tips to help you extract those extra kilometres from the fuel in your car and save some money and time as well!

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Easy ways to save fuel while driving

If you opened the newspaper today, there must have been at least one article about the rising oil prices. While the international geopolitics has a lot to do with it, everybody is doing their part to solve the problem.

The automobile industry is doing its bit and coming up with more energy efficient engines while the petroleum industry is upping its refining game. However, when it falls on us, the end consumer, what can we do?

Here are some tips to help you extract those extra kilometres from the fuel in your car and save some money and time as well!

  1. Stick to the speed limit: Mileage can vary significantly between cars based on the gearing, engine, weight and drag, but after 60 mph it generally declines quite significantly. Hence, slowing down will improve your fuel economy considerably, and make your driving smoother. There is a reason speed limits exist, and it is not just ‘limited’ to safety concern for individuals. Speed limits are calculated after considering the volume of traffic on the road, the condition of the roads and the kind of journey being undertaken.

  2. Accelerate gently: In India, it is not only sensible but also practical to accelerate gently. You can increase your fuel efficiency by as much as 10% if you accelerate your vehicle at a slower rate. Not only is it good for the overall integrity of your vehicle, it is also more considerate to the commuters around you. It will also ensure a lower risk of an accident.

  3. Brake easy: Braking suddenly is never good for your vehicle and not for your fuel intake either. Your vehicle must recover its lost momentum, and that takes fuel again. Its better (and easier) to observe the traffic and predict it rather than simply braking and accelerating the vehicle at the last moment.

  4. Say no to idle engine: It is advisable to switch your engine off when your vehicle stops at a traffic light. There is no point in running the engine mid-traffic (which in India can be of a considerable duration). By simply observing the traffic ahead, it is easy to predict when your line will be moving and thus, you can restart the car accordingly.

  5. Service Your Vehicle Regularly: With use over time, every vehicle can go through routine wear and tear. To keep your car in check and help restore the vehicle to optimum running condition, it is necessary that the vehicle must be regularly serviced for engine tune up, air filter cleaning, oil check, etc. Consider getting a comprehensive car insurance, as this itself would guarantee regular engine checks, which will alert you about any possible issues your vehicle has or might have.

  6. Check Tyre Pressure: Make sure you check the tyre pressure regularly. This is very important to ensure better fuel efficiency. Tyres generally lose air naturally at a rate of up to 2 PSI every month. Ensuring that the pressure in your tyres is topped up not only prolongs the life of the tread, but also improves fuel efficiency as there is less rolling resistance with the road.

  7. Lower Weight, More Mileage: Weight is a major factor in how much fuel would be used. The lower the weight of the car, the more mileage you will get. Hence, the car must be clean and minimally loaded (except when going on trips or moving). On average, an extra 50 kg of weight in the car will increase fuel consumption by 1-2%. Therefore, it’s best to carry only the essential things you need.

  8. Close the Windows: Keeping the car aerodynamic greatly reduces its fuel intake. This is especially true when the vehicle is travelling at higher than normal speeds, which usually happens on highways and the like. During these long journeys, consider closing all windows and sunroofs to reduce the drag on the vehicle, thus ensuring better fuel efficiency.

You simply can’t control the fuel prices, but you can surely use these tips to save as much fuel as you can. Practice safe driving and do not forget to get the right car and travel insurance. TATA AIG offers a wide range of insurance covers to choose from. So, go ahead and enjoy your ride. Drive safe!

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