15 Tips for a safe drive at night

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  • 29/06/2020

You might consider motor insurance a drain on your finances, but it can save you a lot of money in the long run.

15 Tips for a safe drive at night

Driving at night can be an absolute pleasure – traffic is thin, the sun is not beating down on you, and a cool breeze flows in from the rolled-down window. It has a sense of liberation to it, doesn’t it?

But driving at night comes with its own unique set of challenges. You need to be more careful as you will be dealing with inadequate visibility, blinding lights – and often, careless or inebriated drivers.

So here are some tips to drive safely after it’s dark.

  1. Check all the mirrors, windows, and front and rear lights of your vehicle to make sure they are clean and in perfect working condition.

  2. Check your tyres for wear and tear to reduce the chances of having a flat on the road. Fixing it yourself at night can be dangerous and you might not be able to find help.

  3. Turn on your headlights a little before dusk as this will make it easier to adjust to the dark when the sun sets.

  4. If you’re feeling tired or drowsy, it is best to pull over and rest a while. Ideally, you should take regular breaks, especially on long drives.

  5. Maintain more than usual distance between yourself and the vehicle in front of you. Low visibility makes it more difficult to stop safely in an emergency.

  6. Use high beam judiciously so it doesn’t blind others. Dim your headlights for others on the road.

  7. Keep the cabin light turned off at all times. A bright light inside the vehicle reduces visibility outside and also distracts you from the road.

  8. Avoid looking straight at any bright lights or approaching headlights as they may impair your vision for a moment.

  9. Refrain from multitasking when driving. Put your mobile away and avoid the temptation to check for messages – this is a risky distraction.

  10. Stay alert and keep an eye out for any movement or lights. It is as much about staying safe from other drivers’ mistakes as it is about not making one yourself.

  11. Not everyone on the road wears reflective gear, so keep a close watch for cyclists and pedestrians who may seemingly appear out of nowhere.

  12. It is always better to drive a bit slower at night. Speeding can be especially dangerous if visibility is limited. Slower speeds give you more time to react to emergencies while also making it easier to apply brakes safely.

  13. If you are on medication, check the labels as they clearly mention whether you are allowed to operate a motor vehicle while under their influence.

  14. Get your eyesight checked on a regular basis as low-light ambient conditions can make things worse. Try antiglare or polarised lenses if you wear glasses.

  15. Consider getting a refresher driving course in case you are uncomfortable driving at night.

While you follow these rules and make your night drives safer, why not #thinkahead, and plan for any unfortunate scenarios too? Getting motor insurance can help you financially in case of an accident. You might consider motor insurance a drain on your finances, but it can save you a lot of money in the long run. And let’s not forget, you are required to have a motor insurance by the law too, so might as well make it a compressive one.

Nobody expects to be involved in an accident, but all of us need to be prepared.

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