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What is Engine Decarbonisation?

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 02/06/2023

When one buys a car, it is one of the biggest dreams to come true. Like our bodies, we also want our cars to work and look optimally. To ensure that we are in the best shape, we opt for a healthy diet, exercise, cosmetic procedures, etc. In the same way, some procedures have to be carried out to ensure that the car is in top shape. One of the main components of the car is the engine. To ensure that the engine works optimally, you have to ensure proper maintenance, care, and timely servicing. One of the ways to help your engine do its job in the best way is through engine decarbonisation.

Engine decarbonisation is a debated procedure; however, it has been known to enhance the performance of cars. Are you wondering what car decarbonisation is and why it is important? We have all the answers that you need. But, while you ensure that your car works optimally, it is also essential to ensure that it has been secured properly. A car insurance plan is a must to ensure that your car and you are financially protected. Also, per the rules of the Motor Vehicles Act(MVA), having third-party four-wheeler insurance is compulsory.

If you are seeking an affordable car insurance plan, Tata AIG is the right choice. You can choose from different four-wheeler insurance plans - standalone third-party, comprehensive, and standalone own-damage four-wheeler insurance plans. Moreover, to choose the right plan for your needs, you can compare car insurance and then make an informed choice.

This article illustrates the decarbonising of the engine and why it is important for your car.

What is Engine Decarbonising?

The car's owner can instantly notice the changes in the car’s power or fuel economy, which is one thing they cannot accept. This is where engine decarbonising comes into the picture. Engine decarbonising, as the name itself suggests, can be either a mechanical or a chemical procedure through which the carbon that gets deposited on the pistons or the cylinder head is removed to ensure that the engine remains in a top-notch shape.

This process ensures that the working of the engine is optimal. Apart from these parts, the carbon is also scrapped off any other parts of the car engine. Thus, the decarbonisation of the car engine is an essential procedure. Now that you know what decarbonising of the engine is, let us get into the types of car engine decarbonisation.

Types of Car Engine Decarbonisation

The decarbonisation of the engine takes place in these two ways:

  • Mechanical car engine decarbonisation

In mechanical car decarbonisation, the car engine is opened by the mechanic, and they physically scrape off all the carbon deposits present on the pistons and cylinder head. If the mechanic that you choose is highly experienced and skilled, then this process will also be successful.

But, if the mechanic does not know the process, it can prove to be a huge disaster. Thus, there is a requirement for chemical car decarbonisation.

  • Chemical engine decarbonisation

The chemical engine decarbonising process makes use of terpenes and alcohol to get rid of the carbon deposits. The terpenes and alcohol are mixed with the fuel supply of the car. This leads to the carbon deposits getting dissolved and removed from the components of the engine, like pistons, crown rings, and fuel injectors. The carbon deposits are flushed out of the car via the car’s exhaust.

What Problems Do Carbon Deposits Cause?

Here are some of the top problems that are caused because of carbon deposits in the engine:

  • The engine of the car does not run smoothly due to these deposits.
  • It reduces the machinability of the car.
  • The car starts to leap repeatedly and robustly vibrates.
  • When the engine of the car is instigated, the car starts shaking or jerking.

What are the Advantages of Decarbonisation of the Engine?

Here is a list of some of the top advantages that you can get with the help of engine decarbonisation:

  • The engine of the car is cleaned out thoroughly with this process.
  • The essential components of the engine are also cleaned out.
  • The performance of the engine of your car is also enhanced.
  • The vibration and noise caused due to the engine is reduced.
  • The fuel efficiency of the car is improved and restored.

These are some of the decarbonising engine’s benefits. But there has been a huge debate about whether the cars in the market today need decarbonising. This is because most cars' engines today comply with the BS-6 regulations. Thus, the carbon emissions and deposits are lower than they were before. So, is car decarbonisation essential? This depends on the way your car is working.

If you feel the fuel efficiency or power of the car is showing signs of dropping or if the car is making excessive noise, then decarbonising the engine can play an important role. One of the ways in which you can prevent any carbon deposits is to make use of fuel additives that will help clean out the carbon deposits and will not let them accumulate over the engine components.

Essential Things to Know Before Opting for Engine Decarbonisation

There are some important things that you need to remember before you opt to get your car engine decarbonised.

Here are some of the points:

  • Engine decarbonisation of cars today(especially fuel-injected ones) does not guarantee any improvement in engine performance after car decarbonisation.
  • Similar to oil change intervals, there are also periods for engine decarbonising. You cannot decide just any day that you will go and get car decarbonisation. The first decarbonising of the car engine is recommended after the car has been driven 30,000 km. If this milestone has been breached and your car has driven more than 50,000 kilometres, this procedure is not recommended.
  • One of the reasons for that is that there is no pointer as to how much carbon has been deposited on the engine’s piston; thus, if the removal were to happen, there could be space left between the cylinder wall and the piston. This can cause knocking and compression pressure loss which can reduce the car’s performance drastically.
  • Frequent engine decarbonisation is not recommended. This is one of the reasons why decarbonising is not included in the annual or regular package for car service.
  • Before you go for engine decarbonising, ensure that you have explored all the possibilities why your engine might not be working optimally.
  • The engine decarbonisation cost is not a small amount. Thus, it is recommended that you use the right fuel, opt for oil changes at regular intervals, and use better oils so that you can prevent any carbon from getting deposited.
  • Do not expect that you will have the best-performing car after decarbonisation. After some time, your car might go back to the way it was performing earlier, as carbon deposits cannot be avoided.


Many manufacturers today do not recommend decarbonising the engine. This is because the components of the car are designed to prevent carbon from getting deposited. Also, there are very strict norms regarding emissions which reduce the deposits from taking place.

Thus, you might want to consult a professional before you opt for engine decarbonisation. Also, there might be some other reasons why your fuel efficiency is dropping, so you can contact a mechanic and seek help.

Also, while you ensure that your car remains in the best possible shape, it is also essential to protect your car with the right four-wheeler insurance plan. So, go to the Tata AIG website, compare plans, and take your pick!

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