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FASTag Blacklisted: Why Does It Happen? How to Activate It?

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 08/10/2023

Every four-wheeler in India must have a FASTag from February 15, 2021, whether a private or commercial vehicle. A tag attached to the car's windshield enables electronic tolling at toll plazas across the highways. The technology uses RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) to pay for tolls using a digital wallet.

From April 1, 2021, Fastags was made mandatory for car insurance policy purchases. Driving a vehicle on a public road in India requires at least a third-party four-wheeler insurance. It is possible, however, for your FASTag to be blacklisted on some days. You cannot use the tag to pay tolls once blocked.

Keep reading to learn why Fastag is blocked and how to activate it.

What is Fastag Blacklisted?

Indian highway tolls are collected electronically using FASTag, an electronic system that facilitates cashless payment of tolls.

  • FASTag blocklist means that your FASTag issuing agency has temporarily suspended your account.

  • Among the issues addressed by FASTag are insufficient balances, non-compliance with guidelines, improper tag placement, non-payment of violation penalties, and suspected fraudulent activities.

  • To ensure smooth and uninterrupted use of the electronic toll payment system, FASTag users must understand the concept of blocklisting.

  • Users are significantly affected by the blocklisting of a FASTag. If the issue is unresolved, a FASTag cannot be used to pay for tolls.

  • To avoid being blocked, users must promptly address the issues that led to the blocklisting, including replenishing their account balance, rectifying guideline violations, correcting tag placement, clearing outstanding violation penalties, and resolving suspected fraud.

  • Taking the appropriate actions and cooperating with the issuing agency will allow FASTag users to restore their tags' functionality and enjoy seamless and efficient toll payment services.

Why is My Fastag Blocklisted?

Various factors can contribute to the temporary suspension or deactivation of your FASTag account by the agency issuing it. The users need to understand the Fastag blocklisted reasons to avoid such situations and ensure uninterrupted use of the electronic toll payment system.

Insufficient Balance

Your FASTag account can be blacklisted if you don’t maintain an adequate balance. A seamless toll payment requires regular monitoring and replenishment of your account.

Penalties for Non-payment of Violations

The issuing agency may block your FASTag account if there are outstanding toll violation penalties associated with it. Avoid blacklisting by promptly responding to violation notices and clearing exceptional dues.

Non-compliance With the Guidelines

The FASTag can be blocked if used on unauthorised vehicles or misused for purposes other than toll payments. Maintaining the functionality of your FASTag requires adhering to the terms and conditions set by the agency.

Fraudulent Activity Suspected

The FASTag account may be temporarily blocked if the issuing agency detects unauthorised or suspicious transactions. Keeping your account secure and promptly reporting any unauthorised activity can help prevent blocklisting.

A seamless experience with the electronic toll payment system is possible when FASTag users understand these reasons and take appropriate measures to avoid blocklisting situations.

Blocklisted FASTag Even with Sufficient Balance

Assume your FASTtag wallet is sufficiently stocked. At the toll plaza, it still shows as blacklisted; that may be due to a law enforcement agency blocking it. If this happens, you can contact your tag issuer (bank) and find out why. You will be informed of the exact reason for the blockage by your FASTag issuer.

How To Unblock Fastag?

You can unblock FASTag once you understand the reason behind the blocklist. When you are about to cross the toll plaza, ensure the tag is unblocked before you drive your car on the highway, as it may cause a hassle if it does not work. The toll charges are double if you pay in cash. Before you plan your highway drive, check to see if the FASTag is active and has sufficient balance.

How to Check Blacklisted Fastag or Status of Fastag?

By visiting the official FASTag portal, you can easily find out the status of your FASTag. You can find out your Fastag status by following the steps below.

  • Visit the official website

  • Select "What we do" from the drop-down menu.

  • Choose the "NETC Fastag" option from the drop-down menu.

  • To check your NETC FASTag status, click "Check Your FASTag Status".

  • Enter your motor vehicle registration number or FASTag ID, fill out the captcha code, and click the "Check Status" button.

  • You can view the tag status and whether your tag is active, inactive, or blocked on the page.

  • You can also verify the FASTag blocked status by visiting the FASTag portal of your tag issuer bank. You can check your Fastag status online by logging into the portal. Each issuer may follow a different process. Call the tag issuer's customer service if you are uncomfortable checking on the portal.

What to Do If FASTag Account is Blocked?

You can resolve the blocked FASTag by using FASTag blacklisted solutions. The issuing agency deactivates or suspends a FASTag temporarily when it blacklists it.

It is, however, possible to restore FASTag functionality by addressing the following issues:

Reach Out to the Issuing Agency

Contact the issuing agency responsible for your FASTag. You can ask them why your FASTag was blacklisted, and they can guide you through the steps needed to resolve it.

Rectify the Issue

Identify the reason for blacklisting and take the necessary steps to resolve it. You can address the insufficient balances by topping up your account or clearing outstanding FASTag violation penalties.

Provide Required Documents

Depending on the situation, the issuing agency may require that you provide certain documents or information to confirm your identity or address their concerns. You must deliver the requested records promptly to facilitate the resolution process.

Follow the Agency's Instructions

Follow the instructions of the issuing agency diligently and cooperate with them. In addition to updating your account details, correcting tag placement, and resolving any suspected fraudulent activity, they may guide you on additional steps.

Await Resolution

After completing the necessary steps, you should allow the issuing agency some time to process and resolve your blacklisting request. Follow up if needed and stay in touch with them.It is possible to regain the convenience and benefits of the electronic toll payment system if you follow these steps and maintain communication with the issuing agency.

How to Unblock Blacklisted Fastag?

Recharging a blocked FASTag as soon as possible is essential. It is recommended to call the bank's toll-free customer service number to find out why your bank blocked your account. You should respond appropriately based on the reason for the blocklisting of the NHAI FASTag, which may be an insufficient balance or a restriction imposed by a law enforcement agency.

A blocked FASTag can be avoided by ensuring adequate funds in your account so you can continue to use the electronic toll payment system uninterrupted.

Why is Fastag Mandatory for Vehicle Insurance?

FASTag is intended to make highway travel safer and smoother in India, where most road accidents occur. This is why FASTAG has been integrated with the country's vehicle insurance system.

Anyone seeking new third-party insurance will need a valid FASTag since the vehicle's FASTag ID and other data in the insurance policy will be captured. Therefore, you must provide FASTag data of your vehicle if you are buying car insurance. It may not be possible to obtain a new policy without this information. Before you buy a four-wheeler insurance policy, compare car insurance with Tata AIG.


FASTag has been introduced recently in India, helping to weed out revenue theft on highways and introducing digital and wireless technologies. The issuing agency may block Fastag for a variety of reasons. It is possible to check and resolve the issues by visiting the official website or contacting the issuer bank. Check your Fastag status and balance before driving to ensure a pleasant drive.


What is the minimum balance to avoid FASTag blocklisting?

FASTag wallets no longer require a minimum balance. Maintaining a minimum balance of ₹100 is recommended to avoid being blocked.

What happens when I have a negative Fastag balance?

Your issuer bank can recover your tag balance if you have a negative balance after crossing a toll plaza. When you recharge the FASTag, the bank can recover the security deposit.

What is the penalty for violating FASTag?

The first offence penalty for violating Fastag is ₹300, and for a repeat offence, ₹500.

Can I able to block FASTag?

Yes. You can contact the customer care of your FASTag issuer to cancel/close/deactivate your FASTag account.

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