How to Find VIN, Engine Number, and Chassis Number of Your Car?

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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of buying a new car: perhaps the brand, model, and make of your dream car. Whilst the aforementioned details are significant markers of a car, there are some other equally, if not more, significant markers that are often overlooked; these include the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), Engine Number, and Chassis Number of your car.

If your car were a movie, its VIN, Engine Number, and Chassis Number would be the supporting artists, narrating its story without being in the limelight. These elements shed light on the manufacturing and registration details of a car and are, therefore, critical during its purchase or sale. They also play a critical role when you buy online car insurance and if you want to locate the motor insurance particulars of your car. However, it may be difficult to locate the aforementioned elements on your car.

Here Is How You Can Ascertain Your Car's VIN, Chassis Number, and Engine Number

The Chassis, Engine, and VIN number of your car can be determined in the following manner.

  • The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or Chassis Number of your car

Your car's VIN number is a unique code assigned to it by its manufacturer. This unique identifier is a 17-digit alphanumeric code that reveals important information about the vehicle, including its year of manufacture, country of manufacture, make, engine type, etc. The VIN of your car is also referred to as its Chassis Number and serves as the identity certificate of a car.

During the process of the registration of your car, you are required to mention the car's VIN number. You can locate your car's VIN on one of the following car parts:

  • The dashboard on the driver's side;
  • Under the hood of the car near the engine;
  • Beneath the spare wheel in the car's boot;
  • Under the front grille of the car;
  • The driver's side door.

It is worth noting here that different car manufacturing companies opt for different parts of the car to imprint the VIN or chassis number upon. Aside from locating your car's VIN number on its body, you can also find it on the car's registration certificate and car insurance policy. The insurance policy for your car contains the particulars of the vehicle's VIN or chassis number.

You can utilise your car's VIN number to track it in case it gets stolen by including it in your Theft First Information Report (FIR). The local police department can share the aforementioned number with car dealerships and the traffic police to track the potential resale of the car or its passage along traffic checkpoints.

Each number of your car's VIN signifies an important detail about the vehicle, some of which have been listed below.

  • The first digit of the VIN: the country where the car has been manufactured;

  • The second and third digits of the VIN: the particulars of the car's manufacturer;

  • The fourth digit of the VIN: the category of the vehicle, namely car, bike, etc.;

  • The tenth digit of the VIN: the year in which the car was manufactured;

  • The last six digits of the VIN: the unique serial number of the car.

  • The Engine Number of your car

The engine number of your car is usually printed on the outer covering of the vehicle's engine. When you open the hood of the car, the engine number can be seen on the engine casing. Most car manufacturing companies ensure that the engine number in your car is placed in such a manner that it is easy to find and note. In addition to the engine's casing, your car's engine number can be found in the following manner:

  • The registration certificate of your car: Whilst completing the registration of your car, the relevant Regional Transport Office (RTO) makes a note of its engine number and includes it in the car's registration certificate. Therefore, you can easily peruse your car's engine number by checking its registration certificate.
  • The insurance policy for your car: Another simple way to ascertain your car's engine number is by checking your car's insurance policy. The aforementioned policy document comprises, amongst other important details, the engine number of your car.
  • The car's owner's manual: Do you remember the owner's manual you must have received whilst purchasing your car? Most car manufacturing companies print the car's engine number on the owner's manual for the buyer's ready reference. Therefore, one easy way of checking your car's engine number is to peruse its owner's manual.
  • Contact your car dealership: You can also check your car's engine number by placing a request with the car dealership from which you had purchased the car. Car dealerships have extensive records of all the vehicles sold by them, including the engine number of the vehicle.
  • The official website of VAHAN: In addition to the methods mentioned above, you can ascertain important details about your car on the official website of VAHAN, which is India's national-level vehicle registry. All you have to do is visit the aforementioned website and create an account. Then you must go to the 'Know Your Vehicle Details' page to check your vehicle's comprehensive details, including its manufacturing, registration, purchase, and insurance particulars.

However, keeping the privacy of vehicle owner's in mind, the VAHAN database has been designed in such a way that only a vehicle's owner can check its complete details, whereas a third party can only check some basic details. It is worth noting here that a third party may need to access the details of a vehicle owned by someone else in the event of an accident.

To sum it up

There are multiple ways to check your car's chassis, engine, and VIN number. You can check these details on your car's body or through its registration certificate and car insurance policy. You can also ascertain these details on the official website of VAHAN.

Remember to always have a valid insurance policy for your car for a safe driving experience and car ownership. You can purchase a Tata AIG car insurance policy here.

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