How to Find VIN, Engine Number, and Chassis Number of Your Car?

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Buying a car is an exciting experience, and people spend a lot of time considering the make, model, colour, mileage, engine capacity, and other features of a car.

However, amidst all the frenzy of buying a car, how would you identify if the new or used car the dealer is selling you is a recent one or an old stock? The car’s Engine Number, Chassis Number, and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) are unique numbers which provide you with several details about the vehicle.

Moreover, these elements shed light on the manufacturing and registration details of a car and are, therefore, critical during its purchase or sale. They also play a critical role when you buy online car insurance and if you want to locate the four-wheeler insurance particulars of your car. Therefore, knowing about these vehicle numbers along with other information is essential.

It may be a challenge to locate these numbers on the car if you do not know exactly where to find them. Hence, here are the details on how you can locate these identifiers on the car and how they are helpful.

VIN Number, Engine Number, and Chassis Number Meaning

Here is a brief explanation of what the vehicle chassis number, VIN number, and engine number in the car mean:

Car VIN Number: The Vehicle Identification Number of a car is a 17-character alphanumeric code, which allows you to access critical information about the car, such as its history, ownership record, accidental history, and legal status. The VIN helps you check the car’s authenticity and history before purchasing it.

Here is what the digits of a VIN chassis number mean:

First Digit: Details of the car’s place of manufacture.

Second and Third Digit: Details of the car manufacturer.

Fourth to Eighth Digits: Details of the car’s brand, engine type, engine capacity, and fuel type.

Ninth Digit: Car manufacturer’s security code.

Tenth Digit: Manufacturing year of the car.

Eleventh Digit: Manufacturing plant of the particular car model.

Remaining Six Digits: Unique serial number of the car, also known as the chassis number.

Car Chassis Number: The car chassis number is the last six digits of the VIN number. People often confuse the VIN as the chassis number, but the entire VIN number cannot be considered as the chassis number.

Let us see a chassis number example. Suppose a car has a VIN number as MA3EYD32S007004AN. Then its chassis number will be 7004AN. You can find the chassis number from the VIN number, but the opposite is not possible.

Car Engine Number: A car’s engine number is a unique number etched on its engine. The engine number is different from the VIN and is also used for a car’s identification.

How to Find the Car’s VIN Chassis Number?

A car’s VIN number is its unique identification number used by the authorities to register it. This number is allotted by the car manufacturer and distinguishes the car from other models and makes.

You can find this crucial number in a number of ways:

Car Registration Certificate (RC): When a car dealer sells a car, he gets it registered at the local Regional Transport Office (RTO). The RTO officer mentions the VIN number on the car’s registration certificate. You will get the vehicle registration certificate with the VIN mentioned on it.

Car insurance document: Since every motorised vehicle must be insured, you will have to get your car insured at the time of purchase. The car insurance document will contain its VIN number.

When you buy or renew your car insurance policy with Tata AIG, an e-copy of the policy document is sent to your registered email ID once the buying/ renewal process is complete. You can check the VIN number on your car insurance policy document.

The door: The car chassis number is printed on the vehicle’s driver-side door. You can find it printed on a metal strip on the car’s B-pillar. You can see the chassis number when you open the car’s driver-side door.

The hood: The VIN is also printed under the car’s hood, next to the engine.

The dashboard: You may also find the car’s VIN number on the driver’s side dashboard of your car. However, not all car manufacturers mention the VIN at this place, and you can check your car to see if it is present on the dashboard.

The boot: A car’s chassis number is also present under the spare wheel in the boot. You can easily find it when you lift the spare wheel in the boot.

The rear wheel and the front grill: Some car manufacturers provide the car’s VIN number above its rear wheel and under the front grill. However, not all manufacturers provide the number at these places. Moreover, it is challenging to locate the number above the rear wheel.

The car dealership: If you are unable to locate the VIN at any of the places mentioned above, you can contact the car dealer from whom you purchased the vehicle. The dealer will be able to trace and identify the car’s VIN for you.

How to Find the Engine Number in a Car?

Similar to the VIN, your car’s engine number is also used for vehicle identification purposes. However, it is a unique number and is different from the VIN. You can find the car engine number in several ways:

The car’s engine: Your car’s engine number is printed on the engine’s body. The engine number is neatly printed on a metal sticker on the engine casing. The number is printed in such a way that it is clearly visible, and you see it when you open the car’s hood.

The car’s registration certificate: A car’s registration certificate is an essential document that contains critical information about the vehicle. Along with the VIN chassis number, you can also find the car’s engine number printed on the RC.

Car insurance document: Along with the car’s RC, the four-wheeler insurance policy document also contains all vital information about the car. You can refer to the insurance policy document you received in your email or your registered address and find the car engine number.

The car dealership: A quick way to find out a car’s engine number is to contact the dealer from whom the car was purchased. You can make a call or plan a quick visit to the dealership office and get all information about your car, including its engine number.

The car owner’s manual: Usually, the car manufacturer prints the car’s engine number on the vehicle’s engine casing. However, a few manufacturers may provide it at some other location on the car. Refer to the owner’s manual to find out the exact place where the engine number is stamped or printed on the car.

How to Find the Car Details Online?

You can find your car’s engine number, VIN number, and chassis number online by following a few simple steps:

Visit the VAHAN NR E-Services page on the Parivahan website.

From the main menu, click the ‘Know Your Vehicle Details’ option.

If you have already registered on the website, use your registered mobile number to log in. If you are a new user, use your email ID and phone number to create an account.

Enter the vehicle information and the Captcha details.

Select the ‘Search Vehicle’ option.

Several details about your car, including its registration number, engine number, VIN number, chassis number, owner’s name, and fuel type, will appear on your screen.

Four-Wheeler Insurance: An Essential Document for Your Car

You must essentially buy car insurance for your four-wheeler, as it is a legal mandate to buy at least a third-party car insurance to drive your vehicle anywhere across the country. A car insurance policy not only protects you from legal trouble but also protects your car and yourself against various mishaps like accidents, theft, and vehicle damage due to natural and man-made calamities.

With Tata AIG, you can buy a third-party (basic policy) or comprehensive car insurance policy. You can also buy your own damage insurance coverage to add to your third-party car insurance. Additionally, you can choose from 12 insurance riders to increase the coverage scope of your own damage or comprehensive car insurance plan.

It is advisable to compare can insurance online to choose the right insurance plan that provides you with the desired coverage and is budget-friendly at the same time.


As we have seen above, a car insurance policy document contains all the vital information about your car, including its VIN, chassis number, and engine number. You need not look anywhere else and can find all vehicle-related information in your insurance policy document.


Is my car’s VIN number and chassis number the same?

No, the last 6 digits of your car’s VIN number form its chassis number. The chassis number is a part of the VIN, and both should not be confused as being the same.

What does the VIN number of a car tell?

A car’s VIN number provides several details about the vehicle, like its place of manufacture, fuel type used in the vehicle, engine type and capacity, details about the car manufacturer, etc. All this information is crucial when buying or selling a car.

I am planning to buy a second-hand car. Why is its chassis number important to me?

If you plan to buy a second-hand car, its chassis number can give you details about the vehicle’s history and legal status. All this information is vital when buying a used car.

What is the importance of a car’s VIN number?**

A car’s VIN number is used to track a vehicle in case it gets stolen. It is also essential at the time of registering a car, buying car insurance, and filing a car insurance claim.

What car parts are not specified in its VIN number?**

A car VIN number does not provide information about some aspects of the car, like its stereo, seats, sunroof, etc.

I am unable to locate my car’s VIN number on the vehicle. Can I find it online?**

Yes, you can find this information on the VAHAN NR E-Services page on the Parivahan website.

Are the chassis number and engine number the same?**

No, the chassis number is different from the engine number. While the engine number is present on the vehicle’s engine casing, the chassis number is present in several places, such as on the driver-side door, the driver-side dashboard, under the front grill, above the rear wheel, under the hood, and in the boot. You can also find the chassis number on the vehicle registration certificate and the car insurance policy document.

Where should I look for the engine number of my Kia Sonnet car on its body?

The engine number of your Kia Sonnet should be present on the engine casing. If you are unable to find it, you can check the car’s registration certificate or insurance document or contact the dealership from where you purchased the car.

Can I find my Maruti Brezza car’s manufacturing date from its VIN number?

No, the VIN number only tells the sequence in which the vehicle was manufactured and does not tell the exact manufacturing date.

Can you find the VIN with the engine number?

No, a car’s VIN number and engine number are two separate numbers. You cannot find the VIN number using the engine number.

Can I find my car’s chassis number using its vehicle number?

Yes, you can visit the Parivahan website and use your registered mobile number and vehicle number to find out your car’s chassis number and other details.

Is the VIN number confidential?

The VIN number can be used to tell detailed information about your vehicle. Therefore, it is best not to disclose your car’s VIN number on social media or other public platforms.

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