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How to Get Fancy Registration Number for Car and Bike

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 02/05/2022

For some people, their car becomes an extension of their personality. They feel very strongly about their car. These individuals leave no stone unturned and at no cost to make their car a beacon of light. One way in which people wish to make their cars stand out is by getting a VIP number for their cars.

But this fancy number RTO does not come about very easily. To get your choice number, you will need to go through a few extra steps than the application for a regular number plate. Nevertheless, the result is worth the extra work for most people as they get to show off their VIP number every time they use their car.

Just as getting a VIP number is your choice, in the same way, doing a little extra research, comparing market prices and services, and getting the right car insurance is also your choice. If you are making an effort to make your car unique and outstanding, you must also go the extra mile and get the perfect four-wheeler insurance for yourself. This car insurance will protect your car and save you money if things go wrong in the future. Tata AIG provides you with different types of four-wheeler insurance so that you can choose the one that is right for you.

If you compare car insurances available in the market today, you will see why Tata AIG enjoys the loyal support of our customers. We offer standalone third-party car insurance, standalone own-damage car insurance, and comprehensive car insurance according to your needs. Buying car insurance is easy and hassle-free, and you can also undertake the policy renewal online. The steps to get your fancy number RTO though, is a little more complicated than getting four-wheeler insurance.

Let us see how to secure one.

What is a Fancy Registration Number for Cars and Bikes?

Individuals can use a plate to attract attention to their automobile, making it stand out among the multitudes of other vehicles on the road. The Transport Department makes money off of these plates. This government department can use this revenue for different purposes. A custom plate is another technique to distinguish a person's car or motorcycle from the numerous others on the road.

How to get a VIP Number?

Getting a VIP number is simple and can be done online. First, check your RTO choice number. RTO is the Regional Transport Office. All vehicles need to be registered there before authorisation of the car number.

  1. To begin, go to the official Ministry of Road Transport and Highway (MoRTH) website and register as a public user.
  2. After you have signed up for this account, you'll have to choose your ideal fancy vehicle number.
  3. After that, you must pay a charge for account registration and the reservation of the desired fancy number RTO.
  4. Place a formal bid on your preferred number after clearing all applicable fees.
  5. You'll either have to pay the balance due if you get the desired plate or recover dues if the auction did not go in your favour, relying on the online results.
  6. If you obtained this number, you must print the allotment letter, which shows on-screen once you make the payment.

Another way to secure this number is by applying for a Parivahan fancy number. You can get your fancy number booking by following these steps.

  1. If you see a Vahan fancy number and another person sees the same number, you both must bid for it.
  2. Visit to learn more about Vahan Parivahan.
  3. Sign up using your mobile number or email address to log in or register as a new user.
  4. After logging in, go to the "user other services" tab and pick "search by number" from the menu.
  5. Decide on a number
  6. To participate in the E-Auction, go to the E-Auction tab.
  7. Select your reserved number from the drop-down menu and click the Continue to Register button.
  8. Complete the application form and click the submit button.
  9. Now, you may pay your fees and print a receipt.

The Vahan fancy number RTO auction registration begins on Sunday at 9 am and ends at midnight on Tuesday.

Availability of RTO Choice Number

Certain numbers in the range of 0001 to 9999 are normally reserved by state transportation authorities and cannot be obtained through the normal vehicle registration process. A computerised system creates a number in the normal automobile registration process, and the vehicle owner has no say in it. All VIP registration numbers are blocked in the system, and the candidate must ask for a unique number through the appropriate state's process. The transport authority normally publishes a list of available numbers online, and you can check for the availability of your chosen number by providing your vehicle and location information on the state road transportation website.

Charges for a VIP Number

The cost of registering a unique number plate varies from state to state. In Delhi, for example, the registration fee is ₹1000. So you should look into what this cost is in your state of residence.

Aside from the registration charge, car owners will have to pay a deposit to reserve a specific plate. The advance payment amount is determined by the category of the number you wish to reserve. The more prominent the number you choose, the pricier it is. Remember that the amount you pay in advance is not always the final payment. Following your reservation, a bidding war takes place between you and other people who want the same plate as you.


Thus, if you take pride in your car and are enthusiastic about showcasing it by making it different from the rest, you should opt for an RTO choice number. The entire process could leave you in high spirits, especially if you win the bid. When the auction is over, do not forget to get your four-wheeler insurance. Remember, your car is all the more valuable and stands out after adding this plate and needs added protection.

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