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Types of Sunroofs in Cars

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 30/11/2023

Cars these days are coming out to be designer yet with more useful features. The sunroof is the major part one checks while buying a car. With time, the design of the sunroof in cars has been constantly evolving.

Beyond aesthetics, the sunroof adds to the comfort and convenience of those inside the car. Let us explore more about their use, types, and features in this blog post.

Use of Sunroof in Car

The following are the benefits of a Sunroof in the Car:

** Fresh Air and Ventilation**

The sunroof allows ventilation in the car. It reduces the use of air conditioners on mild and pleasant days. This makes the driving experience more natural as fresh air enhances the comfort of the cabin for long journeys and makes it less confined.

Natural Sunlight**

During bright days, the sunroof allows some natural sunlight to cover the car and the people in the car can also enjoy warmth within it. It makes a car look more spacious and illuminated.

** Aesthetics**

Beyond its functional use, it contributes to the aesthetics of vehicles well. Having a sunroof enhances the look of the car; it gives a beautiful view of the clear sky and raindrops falling above it. The sleek design of the sunroof adds a touch of luxury to the car.

** High Resale Value**

The inclusion of a sunroof seems desirable to many car buyers. It gives customisable comfort as per one’s convenience. In used car markets, these cars will have a higher demand over others. It is advantageous for owners looking to sell their cars in a shorter period.

Different Types of Sunroofs in Cars

Let us have a look at different types of sunroofs in cars:

Inbuilt Sunroof/Moonroof

Cars with built-in sunroofs are equipped with a sliding glass panel that goes within and out of the headroom. This is easily operated just with a touch of a button.

One can create a vent for fresh air while on a long tour. It is powered by an electric motor. It makes a car feel spacious and lets you feel the openness.

Solar Sunroof

Solar sunroofs are scientifically advanced. Solar panels are attached to the roof, which has photovoltaic cells. This helps generate electricity from the sunlight.

This new technology, while being eco-friendly, also helps provide power for car batteries. With the use of natural sunlight, one can also save fuel costs.

** Panoramic Sunroof**

Covers a large portion of the roof, providing an embracing view of the sky and providing a mesmerising experience during the ride. The roof is typically made of several panels with some sections in it, allowing one to take an open-air experience and providing added flexibility.

** Pop-up Sunroof**

We always think about minimising our expenses, and Pop-up sunroofs are budget-friendly and are the simplest and easiest of all. These are handled manually. Since there is no mechanism involved as such, Pop-up can be adjusted and can be installed in almost any car design.

These are generally sold as post-market products. It also provides good ventilation, allowing sufficient light and fresh air to enter the car.

** Spoiler/Tilt-And-Slide Sunroof**

It is similar to a built-in Sunroof. Here, instead of the panel sliding between the car’s roof, it goes above the roof. It tilts and slides open on the car roof. This not only enhances the aerodynamics of the vehicle but also adds a sporty aesthetic. Spoiler sunroof is also electronically operated.

** Folding/Rag-top Sunroof**

The rag-top sunroof design is also called a folding sunroof, soft-top sunroof, or Cabrio coach. Commonly used materials are leather and vinyl p.

It first became popular in Europe and US and then slowly spread globally. It can either be operated manually or electrically. The fibre roof folds down on the car's rear side when opened.

** Top-mount Sliding /Rail Mount Top-Slider Sunroof**

Rail mount slider sunroofs gained more popularity in Europe compared to other parts of the world. It is typically made from glass panels.

Just as its name suggests, it has a rail mounted on top of its car’s roof. It opens parallel to the car’s roof. The primary benefit of this type of sunroof is that there is no loss of headroom in the car with this type of sunroof.

** Targa /T-Top Sunroofs**

Targa top sunroof has removable panels that open towards the car’s sides. It keeps the metal strip long across the car’s length. In some of its versions, the panels are not removable; instead made of glass or plexiglass. It provides a good view of the sides of the car. Some iconic cars have this feature involved in it.

Types of Sunroof in a car: Summarised

Hereby summarising the different types of sunroofs, their functions, and specialities.

Sunroof Type Functionality Specialty
Inbuilt Sunroof/Moonroof Folds within the headroom of the car Less headroom, Scenic view, and natural ventilation.
Solar Sunroof Solar panels on the roof of the car Solar power converts into electricity and supports car battery
Panoramic Sunroof Glass panel covers a large part of the roof Scenic view and mesmerising experience
Pop-up Sunroof Manually operated  Budget Friendly and easy installation
Spoiler/Tilt & Slide Sunroof It opens tilted above the car roof Looks sporty, enhances aerodynamics
Folding/ Rag-Top Sunroof Fabric Sunroof folds down Fabric Sunroof, easy to use
Rail Mount Sliding Sunroof The sunroof opens parallel to the car roof More spacious look, and it leaves headroom space
Targa/T-top Sunroof Opens as the roof slides to the sides of the car Good view even on the sides, and it gives an iconic look


The sunroof, while the major part of the car's look, also keeps the vehicle airy and ventilated. All these various types of sunroofs we can find in new cars nowadays. However, as much as we are concerned with the sunroof of the car, we also need to look for its protection. Car insurance is the safest way to protect you financially from any damage to your car.

There are many types of four-wheeler insurance options offered by TATA AIG, with the facility to compare car insurance online. Moreover, you can enjoy a quick and transparent claim settlement process with us if the need arises.

Additionally, it is always recommended to check out which insurance for a 4-wheeler suits best for your vehicle before purchasing one.


Can I keep my sunroof open while driving?

Yes, you can keep the sunroof open while driving. But make sure you do not adjust the sunroof in between while you are driving. It can result in loss of control of the car.

Can we put a tint glass shade on the sunroof?

If you need maximum protection from sunlight, putting tinted glass on the sunroof is a good option. It is a very easy and straightforward process and any good car service provider in your area can do it.

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